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Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Wells Fargo is one of the top 4 banks in the United States. The bank’s mobile services are used by 32.6 million customers so we want to learn more about how it functions as well as its best and worst features. In addition to this, we will recommend whether or not to use it for sending and receiving overseas money transfers. 

Updated: 07/10/2021
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About Wells Fargo Mobile App 

Wells Fargo is a global banking group with a market value of $181.6 billion USD. According to data from June 2021 the Wells Fargo customer base currently stands at an estimated 69 million people. The bank continues to improve its digital offerings, optimising the Wells Fargo Mobile app to keep up with the growing demand of digital financial services. 

The bank’s mobile app is different from its internet banking platform in a number of ways, namely its specially developed design, which is compatible with all recent versions of Android and iOS devices. The helpful built-in features include biometric authentication by way of facial and fingerprint recognition, location services and mobile check deposit: whereby the device’s camera is used to capture the front and back of the check, depositing it remotely via the app.

Through multiple layers of ironclad safeguarding – such as 128-bit encryption protecting sensitive data and two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access – Wells Fargo vows; “security is our priority.”

A list of the following services available through the Wells Fargo Mobile app:

  • Pay bills and set up direct deposits
  • Send domestic transfers to people you know and trust using Zelle®
  • Send international transfers to more than 100 countries in over 70 currencies
  • View account balances and search transaction history
  • Activate, freeze and replace credit/debit cards
  • Search for ATM locations
  • Enable push notifications and alerts
  • Digital wallet services

How do I get the Wells Fargo Mobile App?

Custom-made for iOS and Android devices, users can download the Wells Fargo Mobile app for free from the App Store and Google Play Store: available in all 35 countries that Wells Fargo operates in across North America, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Latin America. 

Wells Fargo customers based in the USA can be sent a link to download the app to their mobile device: iOS users text IPH to 93557; for Android, text AND to 93557

Can I make international transfers with the Wells Fargo Mobile App?

Yes, foreign currency exchange and international transfers are just one of many services offered by the bank, with remittances to over 100 countries in more than 70 different foreign currencies available.

How does the Wells Fargo Mobile App perform? 

Compatible with Android, iPhones and iPads, the Wells Fargo Mobile app is private, secure and simple to use. The layout and format of the app is in keeping with the website, with features clearly displayed and instant access to account information.

The main concern flagged by users are issues with the fingerprint login function. However, as with any mobile application, glitches and bugs may occasionally occur, depending on the device used. Generally speaking, users of the Wells Fargo Mobile app are very satisfied with its performance. 

How to Send Money with the Wells Fargo Mobile App

Step 1. Download the app and sign in
Step 2. Enter your recipient’s details
Step 3. Enter the amount you wish to send
Step 4. Review and send the wire transfer

How long does it take to send money with the Wells Fargo Mobile App?

If submitted by 14:00 PM  Pacific Time, transfers will be sent the same working day: transfers submitted after this cut-off time will be processed the next business day. Bear in mind national holidays and weekends will interfere with delivery speed. 

Can you add money directly to the Wells Fargo Mobile App?

As a mobile banking app, this is not necessary, as users will have full access to funds held in their Wells Fargo bank account(s). 

Ratings and Feedback for Wells Fargo Mobile App

The online rating given to this mobile app is 4.8 out of 5 stars on both the Google Play Store and App Store. These near-perfect scores indicate the app lives up to its word, is reliable and trustworthy. Negative ratings generally refer to the mobile deposits feature and personal preferences related to the design of the app’s user interface.


The Wells Fargo Mobile app is reliable and useful for a number of reasons. Customers having access to all their bank accounts at the touch of a button, with the option to send money overseas using the same application, is extremely convenient and dependable. The app also offers extensive location coverage, and many different currencies available, making it a flexible payment portal. 

However, for those of our readers who are still debating whether or not to use their bank to transfer money internationally, we would definitely recommend checking out other mobile apps such as the ones offered by global remittance companies like Wise and WorldRemit

This is because specialist service providers can offer lower transfer fees, competitive exchange rates and more varied delivery options. Use our comparison tool today to find out what alternative solutions are available to you. 

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