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Jonathan is the founder and editor of Having previously worked in the FX trading industry and observing the ways money is exchanged to create wealth for traders, Jonathan gained a passion for how currency is exchanged. Using this knowledge he discovered a need for transparency and education to help people save money on their online transfer, leading to the creation of

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If you are an overseas American and want to send money home, you need to be clear on the procedures and requirements. Some of them include various ways to send money to the United States, the information to provide when sending and receiving, the advantages of online money transfer services, and specific things to consider when sending. This guide will delve into those areas and more.


Sending money to Spain is easy, and there are plenty of options available. Knowing which money transfer services give you the best deal will save you time and money. Transfer rates can vary widely depending on the provider you use, read our guide to find out the best ways to send money to or from Spain.

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