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Yasmin Purnell is a Content Writer and Editor for MoneyTransfers.com. Having over 5 years’ experience writing across a range of industries including finance, insurance, and travel, Yasmin joined the team with a mission to make international money transfers and everything they encompass accessible to all.

Latest articles by Yasmin Purnell

Over a Third of US Adults Planning to Spend More on Christmas Gifts This Year

A recent survey released by MoneyTransfers.com in conjunction with OnePoll has revealed that despite consumer prices increasing 9.1% over the year, shockingly, over a third of American adults surveyed are still planning on spending more on Christmas gifts than they did last year. Jonathan Merry, CEO of MoneyTransfers.com, comments: Despite the cost of living being […]

Yasmin Purnell | 2 minutes | Monday, 21st November

World Cup 2022: Migrant Workers Need to Work 113 Years to Earn Equivalent of 1 Month’s Earnings for Players

The average migrant worker building stadiums for the World Cup in Qatar 2022 would need to work for 113 years in order to earn what a premier league football player makes in one month, MoneyTransfers.com has calculated*. Premier league players make an average of £240,000 ($280,000) per month. The highest paid-player, David De Gea, makes […]

Yasmin Purnell | 2 minutes | Friday, 18th November

US Video Streaming Subscribers Could Save Up To $800 A Year

MoneyTransfers.com has revealed the extortionate amounts video streaming subscribers could be shelling out every month – with savings up to $800 to be made a year.The global video streaming market is expected to grow to a value of $330.5 billion in 2030, with the quality of video streaming and quantity on offer to viewers only […]

Yasmin Purnell | 2 minutes | Tuesday, 15th November

How Does the UK Compare to Taxes Around the World?

The UK’s latest Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is set to announce tax increases of £20bn this coming Thursday, amidst an expected £35bn cut in spending to tackle the major economic uncertainties plaguing the country. With the exact details still unknown, millions are left fearing just how high taxes will go. Here, MoneyTransfers.com has compared tax rates […]

Yasmin Purnell | 2 minutes | Monday, 14th November

101 Migrant Workers Estimated to Have Died per Qatar World Cup 2022 Match

With a total of 64 games to be played during the World Cup in Qatar, MoneyTransfers.com has calculated that this equates to an average of 101 migrant deaths per match – a high cost in addition to the record-breaking $220 billion poured into the event. This figure is assuming that the death toll for migrant […]

Yasmin Purnell | 2 minutes | Tuesday, 8th November

Brits Could Save Up to £3k By Ditching Booze – Covering The Cost of Energy Bills

Brits consuming an average of two alcohol drinks per day could save almost £3,000 a year simply by giving up alcohol, MoneyTransfers.com has revealed. For those consuming the NHS recommendation of no more than 14 units per week, savings up to £2,168 could still be made. “As Sober October draws to a close, many Brits […]

Yasmin Purnell | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 19th October

Best-Value Holiday Destinations for Brits Amidst 60% Cost Increase

Data commissioned by MoneyTransfers.com in conjunction with Atlantic Money found that Brits have to spend up to 60% more abroad than they did a year ago. The rate of inflation year-on-year has increased in every single country out of 22 reviewed – including Spain (up 10.5%), USA (up 8.3%), and Turkey (up 80.2%).  Rising inflation […]

Yasmin Purnell | 2 minutes | Friday, 14th October

54% of UK Adults Face Increase Anxiety Due to Rising Cost of Living

It’s no surprise that the escalating cost of living crisis is having a huge impact on millions of families in the UK. With incomes rising nowhere as quickly as mortgage rates, fuel costs, energy bills, and other daily essentials, many families are being forced to make the choice between basic necessities just to get by. […]

Yasmin Purnell | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 5th October

Apple Pay and Alipay Overtake Two Major Credit Card Giants

Across the globe, digital payments are rapidly catching up to the credit card giants that have held a monopoly over payment processes for years. In fact, according to MoneyTransfers.com, Apple Pay is already the second biggest payment provider in the world. MoneyTransfers.com has looked into data revealing that two digital payment providers; Apple Pay and […]

Yasmin Purnell | 2 minutes | Friday, 30th September

12 Most Popular Digital Nomad Cities Compared by Cost of Living

In 2022 more people than ever are embracing the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world. There are approximately 15.5 million digital nomads in the US alone – the global figure is thought to be upwards of 35 million. Earlier this year, Airbnb released their top 10 destinations for British nomads, featuring five […]

Yasmin Purnell | 2 minutes | Tuesday, 27th September