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Yasmin Purnell is a Content Writer and Editor for MoneyTransfers.com. Having over 5 years’ experience writing across a range of industries including finance, insurance, and travel, Yasmin joined the team with a mission to make international money transfers and everything they encompass accessible to all.

Latest articles by Yasmin Purnell

Iceland Tops the List of the Most LGBTQ-Friendly Countries

Pride month always brings about an outpouring of support for the LGBTQ from governments, corporations, and individuals every year—but how tolerant are countries towards this community in reality? The Equality Index measures LGBTQ rights, laws, public attitudes, hate crimes, and more to create this index which reveals the least and most LGBTQ-friendly countries in the […]

Yasmin Purnell | 7 minutes | Wednesday, 6th July

How Much Does TikTok Pay vs YouTube?

As one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world, making content on TikTok has quickly become a job in its own right – and a potentially lucrative one at that. Compared to many social media titans, the app is just getting started – so how does earning potential on TikTok compare with […]

Yasmin Purnell | 7 minutes | Wednesday, 29th June

How a Coming Recession Could Increase Divorce Rates – In The Future

A cost of living crisis and economic recession may seem like it would put enough strain on a marriage to break it up.  However, various studies have suggested divorce rates may actually decline during a period of recession.  MoneyTransfers.com examined divorce rates in the UK and US from 2005 to 2011 and found that the […]

Yasmin Purnell | 7 minutes | Monday, 27th June

Gen Z Leads the Charge in Making Clothing the Most Purchased Second-Hand Item

The global market value for second-hand selling is set to skyrocket in the coming years as sustainability becomes a core focus. MoneyTransfers.com has deep-dived into country-specific data to reveal that clothing is the number one category for items sold second-hand worldwide, and how Gen Z is leading the charge for this shift in consumer behaviour. […]

Yasmin Purnell | 7 minutes | Monday, 20th June

Revealed: Brits hunt for fixed-rate mortgages as interest rates rise

Brits have shown increased interest in fixed-rate mortgages since the Bank of England began rising interest rates in mid-December, research by MoneyTransfers.com found.  The search term ‘fixed rate mortgage’ has risen by 33% in the year to date, versus a 5.6% increase for the term ‘tracker mortgage’. The term ‘interest only mortgage’, which has consistently […]

Yasmin Purnell | 7 minutes | Thursday, 16th June

US Workers Need to Work 13 Minutes Longer To Afford a Big Mac in 2022 vs 10 Years Ago

In the past 10 years, inflation has had a significant impact on the cost of everyday purchases – even including the beloved fast-food industry. MoneyTransfers.com has taken the top 10 most expensive countries to buy a Big Mac in and calculated how long the average worker on national minimum wage would need to work to […]

Yasmin Purnell | 7 minutes | Wednesday, 15th June

Revealed: Where to find the most AI jobs in the US

Jobs related to artificial intelligence (AI) account for a growing share of the US labour market – but the number of positions available varies greatly depending on where in the country you look. Unsurprisingly, California is home to by far the most jobs in AI; more than double the number in the next-biggest hub, Texas. […]

Yasmin Purnell | 7 minutes | Wednesday, 8th June

CEOs Take In 63x More Than Employees As Pay Gaps Skyrocket Post-Pandemic

One consequence of the pandemic was that pay ratios between CEOs and their employees began to fall, but new research has indicated that these ratios are once again rising to new highs. MoneyTransfers.com has unpacked the data from new research and found a strong correlation between the industries with the lowest CEO/employee pay-ratios and the highest […]

Yasmin Purnell | 7 minutes | Tuesday, 7th June

53 Best Student Discounts in the UK

Thankfully, the many student deals on offer do make spending that bit more manageable. Here, we’ve rounded up over 50 of the best student discounts in 2022 available to students in the UK.  Who qualifies for a student discount? If you are over the age of 16 and are in part-time or full-time further education, […]

Yasmin Purnell | 7 minutes | Wednesday, 1st June

Revealed: Studies Show a Direct Correlation Between Imperial Measurement Users and ‘Leave’ Votes for Brexit

As Boris “Get Brexit Done” Johnson pledges to re-introduce the imperial system in what he says is a way to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, MoneyTransfers.com has compared data to reveal that the move is directly aimed at getting Brexit voters back on his side following the “Partygate” fall out earlier this year. Young people […]

Yasmin Purnell | 7 minutes | Tuesday, 31st May