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Alior Bank International Transfers & Exchange Rates
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Published On:
November, 22 2022
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March, 17 2023

Alior Bank International Transfers & Exchange Rates

Alior Bank and its currency exchange partner, Kantor Walutowy, provide several international money transfer options for personal and business customers. In this review, we will take a closer look at the fees and rates associated with this Polish banks international services, comparing the options to other competitor money transfer providers.

About Alior Bank

Alior Bank SA commercial bank is domiciled in Poland. It’s a leading bank in the country, leveraging traditional banking principles and new innovative approaches to cater to customer needs.

The bank boasts four million customers, serving them across three key segments: business, individual, and treasury accounts. Alior Bank international transfers are available across the individual and business segments.

The bank is listed on the Warsaw stock exchange with estimated assets worth $20 billion. Individuals hold most of the shares, although PZU S.A Group owns a sizable chunk (31.9%).

Can I Use Alior Bank for International Bank Transfers?

Yes, it is possible to arrange international bank transfers through Alior Bank’s digital currency exchange office, Kantor Walutowy. Money transfers sent using this service are protected by the Bankowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny (BFG), a Polish governing body which ensures funds accumulated in banks are covered by the EU's Deposit Guarantee System.

Alior Bank Exchange Rates and Fees

It’s possible to send and receive money internationally through Alior Bank. This is done through a business unit called Kantor Walutowy. The exchange rate and fees are a permanent fixture in most clients' minds. Let’s review how Alior Bank fairs in this aspect.

Exchange Rate

Alior Bank exchange rate is expressed on the Kantor Walutowy online platform. The platform has an inbuilt currency exchange feature

Alior Bank’s website provides live updates for the major currency pairs globally. However, these rates are termed ‘illustrative.’ Customers will likely see a different rate when you visit the branch or use the app.

The platform shows the buy and sell rate for 27 currency pairs involving the Poland Zloty(PLN). Expect the bank rates to have a margin of between 0.6% to 1.2% above the mid-market rate.

The exchange rate for Alior Bank doesn’t compare favorably to other international money transfer services. For instance, XE provides total transparency to its exchange rate using a live mid-market rate.

Transfer Fees

Alior Bank international wire transfer fees vary depending on three modes and cost options. Fees range from 0$ to $25.6. Here’s a breakdown of the charges.

  • Alior Bank European transfer is free.

When costs are covered by the transfer beneficiary or split between the sender and recipient, the transfer costs apply as follows.

  • Normal, express, and urgent transactions below the counter: Free

  • Normal transactions cost above the counter: $6.4

  • Urgent transactions cost above the counter: $9.6

  • Express Transfers in EUR to a European Economic Area(EAA) country above the counter: $6.82

  • Other express transfers in EUR to the EAA above the counter: $10.66

Here are the transfer fees when the sender bears all the transfer cost.

  • Normal transfers cost: $21.3

  • Urgent transfers cost: $24.52

  • Express transfers cost: $25.52.

Note that a counter is a set limit that reduces every time a customer sends a transfer. It also considers the amount.

Additional Costs

Using the Kantor Walutowy is free for incoming money transfers. The are no additional costs for international money transfers. It’s, however, prudent to note that in-branch services may attract a higher fee.

How Do Alior Bank Transfer Fees Compare to Using a Money Transfer Provider?

While Alior Bank’s transfer fees can amount to a hefty sum, depending on the unique circumstances of your international payment, they are not the most expensive international bank transfer fees on record. Many traditional banks charge a profit margin of 5 - 7% for international money services, meaning specialist international money transfer providers always come out on top in terms of value for money.

Send Money toAlior Bank CostMoney Transfer Provider Cost
the United States$21.3$3.41

Alior Bank Pros and Cons

We have compiled a list of the pros and cons associated with Alior Bank’s international money transfers service Kantor Walutowy, so they can be compared to other payment providers:


Funds exchanged by Kantor Walutowy can be sent to any other Kantor Walutowy account holder in the country or abroad, for free
Money transfers can be arranged for cash pick-up at participating Alior Bank branches
Foreign currency Alior Bank accounts offer customers multi-currency cards which allows payments to 160 currencies, without incurring the cost of conversion
Alior’s in-branch money transfer activities can be done across 221 branches and over 600 partner branches
Free money transfer for normal transactions across EEA countries


Kantor Walutowy international bank transfers support 23 currencies; a lot less than most international money transfer providers
Alior Bank and Kantor Walutowy bank-to-bank transfers are instant but international payments typically take 2 working days: Express payments are available at an additional cost
Alior Bank exchange rates have a higher commission making the transaction more expensive
Alior Bank transfer fees are more expensive, especially for urgent transfers
Alior Bank has cut-off times after which transfers cannot be done

How to Open an Account and Transfer Money With Alior Bank

You can open an account by visiting a branch or through the online platform (Kantor Walutowy). Here’s the standard process for opening an individual account.

Opening an Account

  • Visit a branch or register an account online. The bank will need your details(proof of ID, address, contact information, source of income)

  • After approving your details, the bank opens an account

  • For online customers, the bank can send a courier with the required documents to fill.

  • After documents certification, the bank approves your account.

Transferring Money Internationally With Alior Bank

Ever wondered how to transfer internationally with Alior Bank? Apart from visiting the bank branch, you use the Kantor Walutowy online platform. Here are the guidelines to use.

  • Step 1: Log in to the app using your email or unique identity.

  • Step 2: Go to “international transfer”

  • Step 3: Enter the transfer details.

  • Step 4: Sanction the transfer.

What Customer Support Options Are Available?

There’s a decent number of methods Alior Bank customers can get support. The best option is the telephone helpline. Here are the details.

Support TypeY/NDetails
Telephone SupportY19 502
Chat SupportNN/A
In-Branch SupportY221 branches available

Alternatives to Alior Bank

The Poles have plenty of alternatives when it comes to transferring money internationally. These options are much cheaper and faster. Choose from the following.

Money Transfer ProviderBest ForSend Money
TorFXLarge TransfersSend Money with TorFX
XEQuick PaymentsSend Money with XE
WiseCustomer SatisfactionSend Money with Wise
Currencies DirectCheapest RateSend Money with Currencies Direct


We believe Alior Bank and Kantor Walutowy international bank transfer services best serve their existing customer base. The bank is a safe and secure option for those who already hold an active account with either of these financial institutions. For anyone outside of this remit, who may be sending money to and from Poland or other parts of Europe, we would recommend considering different options by utilising our comparison engine, to find the best deal for your transfer. If you are based within Europe, why not check out the following articles: The Cheapest Way to Send Money to Europe and A Guide to SEPA Transfers.

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