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Bayerische Landesbank (Bayernlb) International Transfers & Exchange Rates
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Published On:
November, 22 2022
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March, 20 2023

Bayerische Landesbank (Bayernlb) International Transfers & Exchange Rates

Bayerische Landesbank is a Munich-based bank that is publicly regulated. The free state of Bavaria owns 75% of the bank and the other 25% is owned by Sparkassenverband Bayern.

About Bayerische Landesbank

The bank was founded in 1972 and it offers a range of financial services, which includes foreign business, investment, industrial and private.

Bayerische Landesbank Exchange Rates and Transfer Fees

Exchange Rates

You can view the Bayerische Landesbank exchange rates on this page. At the top of the list you’ll find the major currencies, which are USD, CAD, GBP and CHF. Under the major currencies you’ll have the entire list in A-Z format. There is a limit for how much you can exchange at a time, which is the last column of the table.

Transfer Fees

The transfer fees for EUR transactions are low – 0.2EUR for a paperless transfer and 1EUR for an instant payment transfer. However, the fee increases to 15EUR when you want to complete a transfer in a different currency to EUR. Also, cheque payments cost 10EUR and SEPA transfers are 4 EUR. Using a 3rd party service would cut down on these costs considerably.

Furthermore, you need to pay 0.2EUR for incoming transfers in EUR and a fee of 8EUR for receiving money in other currencies.

Additional Costs

The monthly cost for account management of current accounts is 15EUR, but there is no fee to open. Also, you will need to pay for postage if you wish to receive paper-based financial statements. You can view the entire list of costs on this page – you’ll notice most operations require a fee.

How Do Bayerische Landesbank Transfer Fees Compare to Using a Money Transfer Provider?

The transfer fees at Bayerische Landesbank are steep compared to the majority of 3rd party services. The 8EUR fee when sending money via a different currency will add up fast. Using another service the fee is non-existent or much lower.

Additionally, with 3rd party services, typically there is no fee for receiving money and that’s not the case with Bayerische Landesbank.

Bayerische Landesbank Pros and Cons


One of the most trusted banks in Germany
Offer a wide range of transfer types including SEPA direct debits and SEPA instant transfers
Branches located around the world including Germany, London, Paris, New York and Shanghai
228bn EUR in total assets
100,000 EUR protected amount for customers


Must pay fees for incoming transfers
8EUR fee when sending money in a currency other than EUR
Limited number of branches

Bayerische Landesbank Swift Codes

How to Open an Account and Transfer Money With Bayerische Landesbank?

You cannot open an account manually using the website. You will need to get in touch with Jana Herandi who is in charge of EUR account services on +49 89 2171 21835, or visit a local branch. When you arrive at the branch be ready with the right documentation such as photo ID and proof of address.

Transferring Money

When sending money within Germany and the EU you may only need the recipient’s name and the IBAN number of their bank account. When sending money internationally across the EU border, you’ll need the SWIFT code and address of the recipient's bank.

Can I Use Bayerische Landesbank for International Bank Transfers?

It’s possible to complete money transfers using the mobile app and desktop. Make sure that you have the recipient’s name, IBAN, SWIFT and bank address.

When receiving money to your Bayerische Landesbank account you need to provide the SWIFT code, which is BYLADEMMXXX and the address: BAYERISCHE LANDESBANK, MUENCHEN, BRIENNER STRASSE 18, MUENCHEN, Germany.

Additional Information

  • The bank specializes in EUR payments

  • One of the biggest and most experienced clearing services

  • Utilizes the benefits of the S-Finanzgruppe network

  • Offers various services for corporate clients such as investments


Bayerische Landesbank is not your typical high street bank, because it has limited branches and deals for new customers. However, it’s a great choice if you wish to send money in EUR within Europe and internationally.

To cut down on big fees that Bayerische Landesbank charges, you can use to find the best service for you. These options are ideal for reducing fees for transfers that involve currency conversions.

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