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Global Link International Money Transfers Review

Global Link is a British travel agency that offers international money transfer services. The company has 10 years of experience sending money primarily from the UK to South Asia.

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About Global Link

Global Link is certified and regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority and HM Revenue and Customs Excise UK. So, while they’re a travel agency in name, they are just as certified as any other financial institution. They offer bank transfers and cash pickup transfers to and from a selection of countries.

Let’s have a closer look at what Global Link offers for those seeking international money transfers.

Global Link Exchange rates and fees

Like other money transfer providers, Global Link charges some fees. They also exchange currencies at below the mid-market rate, which they make a profit on. These mid-market rate markups are called exchange rate margins.

Let’s look at the numbers.

Exchange rate

At a glance, Global Link’s exchange rate is not much lower than the mid-market rate. They use several money transfer services to complete their transfers, so there is more variation than usual. Let’s look at a couple of examples taken at the time of writing.

  • The mid-market rate for GBP 1 to PKR was 219.63. With Global Link, GBP 1 would be exchanged for PKR 217.00. This is 1.21% less than the mid-market exchange rate.
  • The mid-market rate for GBP 1 to BTK was 118.01. With Global Link, GBP 1 would be exchanged for BTK 117.25. This is 0.65% less than the mid-market rate.

These transfer rates vary as expected, but they are both good rates. The rate for sending money to Bangladesh is very good, and you won’t find many money transfer providers who would do better. The rate for sending money to Pakistan is around average in the money transfer industry.

Transfer fees

Global Link charges transparent, flat fees for money transfers. The transfer fee is based on a sliding scale and the payment method you choose. Your exact fee will range from GBP 3 to 14.

Additional costs

There are no additional costs charged by Global Link. However, in the rare case that a bank rejects your transfer, you may need to pay another fee.

How do Global Link transfer fees compare to using a money transfer provider?

Overall, the rates Global Link charges are below average. Most money transfer providers will charge slightly higher fees. They would also normally charge higher exchange rates than the ones that Global Link offers. 

Global Link pros and cons

Good rates when you factor in both the exchange rate margin and transfer fees.
Good for any transfer size. Transfer fees vary according to the amount of money you send. Most alternatives to Global Link charge higher fees, which are normally flat. But Global Link appears fairer because their fees start low and grow according to the size of your transfer. However, the proportional cost of the transfer still goes far lower the more money you send.
Fast transfers are available for just a small increase to your transfer fee. For example, sending BTK 89,999 to Bangladesh will cost GBP 10 for a normal bank deposit (1 to 5 business days). If you want that same transfer to only take a few minutes, you would just pay GBP 13 instead.
Limited transfer options. You can only send money through bank transfers and cash pickups. You can also only send money to a handful of South Asian countries. This isn’t a huge problem if this is all you’re looking for, but most money transfer services are more flexible.
No online transfers. You must arrange the money transfer with a Global Link agent at one of their locations.

Answers to key questions about Global Link

Can I open a Global Link account in any country?

You do not open an account with Global Link. They operate as a travel agency, so online accounts aren’t necessary.

You must call or walk into your closest Global Link agent location to make a transfer. There are about 150 agents in the UK, with most located in London.

Does Global Link have an app?

No, they do not have an app.

Are there transfer limits?

There are no solid transfer limits. However, Global Link states that they reserve the right to request proof of address and income if you request abnormally large transfers. You don’t need to provide as much for small transfers.

How long do transfers take with Global Link?

Normal transfers take between 1 and 5 business days. Exact times vary depending on the banks and countries. According to Global Link, they offer a “next day” service for bank transfers.

Instant transfers cost slightly more, but their transfer times are much faster. Most of them take under 30 minutes.

What customer support options are available?

  • Phone
  • Emai
  • In-person service

Can I use a Global Link card when travelling abroad?

Global Link does not offer a debit card.

How to open an account and transfer money with Global Link

Unlike most other money transfer providers, Global Link does not allow you to open an account. This is normally how older transfer companies like Western Union work. Global Link seems to be built on a similar model.

Transferring money

  1. Go to a Global Link agent location
  2. Provide one picture ID
    1. UK Driver’s License
    2. UK passport
    3. Foreign passport with valid visa
    4. An alternative UK government-issued identity card (call in advance to see if it’s applicable)
  3. Fill out the Global Link money transfer form
    1. Recipient’s full name
    2. Bank details if you want a bank transfer
  4. Review your transfer’s details before submitting the form
  5. Pay Global Link and wait for the money to reach the destination

If you’re sending money for a cash pickup, make sure your recipient takes their government ID. A country national ID will work.

Additional Information

Customer service details for users of Global Link

Phone: 01535 958548

Address: 64 Victoria Road, Keighley, BD211JB

Can I use Global Link for international bank transfers?

Yes, international bank transfers are one of two accepted transfer methods.


Global Link provides very transparent and specialized service. If you want to send money to South Asia, you can expect competitive rates. What’s best is that for a very small fee, you can push your transfer well ahead, and it will only take a few minutes.

Global Link offers a unique money transfer solution, but a very affordable one. It is worth a look if you are trying to send money to South Asia.

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