Jonathan Merry

Jonathan Merry

Jonathan is the founder and editor of Jonathan is highly experienced in the currency transfer market, having previously worked in the FX trading industry, alongside being an avid traveller. Using his knowledge he identified a need for transparency and further education to help people save money on their money transfers, leading to the creation of

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Can I send money with

No. is a comparison website aiming to match you with the best money transfer providers for your needs when transferring money online.

Jonathan Merry | 0 minutes | Monday, 11th July

My favourite company is not listed, why is that?

Contact us and let us know! If you’ve been using another company to send money online that we haven’t listed yet, contact us at and let us know. We will make sure to review your suggestion.

Jonathan Merry | 0 minutes | Monday, 11th July

Why do different companies offer different rates?

Simply put, they have different business models. There are many different online providers and each will have a different business model creating a variance in fees.

Jonathan Merry | 0 minutes | Monday, 11th July

Send Money Instantly

Are instant money transfers really instant? There are money transfer companies that let you transfer money from one country to another instantly, but usually, ‘instant transfers’ refer to an operation executed in minutes. While many companies offer ways to send money online instantly, it does not mean all their transactions will be instant. It means […]

Jonathan Merry | 0 minutes | Wednesday, 1st June

Guide to International Money Orders

What is an international money order? A money order is a piece of paper, similar to a cheque, which is used as a method to make payments overseas. It is a safe alternative to cash and even personal cheques. On the money order, it is specified who will receive the money, and both the payer […]

Jonathan Merry | 0 minutes | Tuesday, 31st May

Cheapest Way to Send Money

If you’ve ever transferred money internationally before, you’ll know the frustration of having to navigate expensive fees and unfair exchange rates just to send your own money to someone else – this can be apparent even when looking for the cheapest way to send money through a mobile app or PayPal account. In this guide, […]

Jonathan Merry | 0 minutes | Tuesday, 31st May

Best money transfer apps

Online banking via an app on your phone may be the norm nowadays, but when it comes to sending money between two people across borders, third-party money transfer apps really excel. Whether you’re looking to send money back home as an expat or transferring money for international payment, money transfer apps have the ability to […]

Jonathan Merry | 0 minutes | Monday, 30th May

Transferring Large Amounts Abroad

How to transfer large sums of money internationally? To transfer a large sum of money internationally, you’ll need to find a currency broker or bank that can handle this request for you. Your two main options are: Using a high-street bank which can facilitate large transfers between two bank accounts. Using a specialist money transfer […]

Jonathan Merry | 0 minutes | Tuesday, 24th May