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Top 10 Latin America Expat Blogs

The countries that make up Latin America are a natural choice for would-be expats. With low costs of living, pleasant climates, and diverse landscapes, expats of all backgrounds are guaranteed to find a way of life that suits them - but where to even begin?

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With so many diverse countries with rich and varied cultures, it can be difficult to decide exactly where to start your travels, and even harder to decide where to settle down. Sometimes, the best way to get started is to follow the wisdom of those who have come before you. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide to the top ten Latin American expat blogs.

The following blogs are all centred around life as an expat in Latin America. From more general travel guides to personal insights into what life might be like living in a foreign country, use these blogs to keep inspired for your own adventure!

Tourist 2 Townie |

Tourist 2 Townie was created by Gareth Leonard, a marketing director turned world traveler with a passion for slow and meaningful travel. Gareth embarked on a one-way journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009 and has been making his way through South America ever since. With plenty of great guides and insights into long-term travel, this website is a fantastic resource and source of inspiration for other would-be expats.


One of the most visited countries on the South American travel route, Colombia attracts a great deal of US expats who venture to popular destinations Cartagena, Medellin and Bogota. Packed full of beautiful national parks and stunning beaches, this country has plenty of dreamy scenery as well as a rich history of culture. After reading these blogs it’s not hard to see why so many Americans head to Colombia and some even decide to set up camp there permanently.

Medellin Living |

Dave left his home in Virginia, USA, in 2007 for a trip around the world - and 20 countries later, he finally found his home as an expat in Medellín, Colombia in early 2009. Medellín, has become an increasingly popular destination with expats and digital nomads over the past few years. Dave’s blog is packed full of great insights into living as a foreigner in Colombia, with helpful tips about staying safe and making the most of your time in this beautiful and vibrant country.

Open Minded Traveler |

Open Minded Traveler is a blog created by Erin Donaldson, who moved from the USA to Colombia. Erin shares her experiences as a foreign resident, coffee lover, and travel addict - her blog features travel insights and some fantastic stories to inspire other adventurous female expats looking for quality experiences in Colombia.

Banana Skin Flip Flops |

Banana Skin Flip Flops is a blog run by Victoria Kellaway, a British writer now living in Bogotá, Colombia. Victoria’s blog is packed full of insightful and helpful personal essays and travel tips about Bogotá and life as an expat in Colombia in general.


Home to rainbow mountains, the Amazon jungle and the stunning capital city of Lima, these blogs present several reasons to visit Peru besides the legendary Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. We highly recommend reading through the many nuggets of tourist advice and take note of all the local guides available on both blogs.

How to Peru |

How to Peru is a fantastic one-stop resource for planning a trip to Peru - whether you’re planning for a short holiday or to settle in for life as an expat! The website features sections on places to visit in Peru, guides and information for travellers, activities and hidden gems to check out, and more.

Wawas in Peru |

Wawas in Peru was created by Amy Brown, who moved to Peru over 10 years ago seeking adventure. Now, she lives in Lima, Peru with her husband and their two children and writes all about life as an expat in this diverse country. The blog covers topics such as being a parent in a foreign country, cross-cultural relationships, and more general guides about getting by as an expat living in Peru.

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These 3 travel blogs offer first-hand insight into life as an expat in Mexico; from practical advice and tips to real-life experiences, both good and bad. There are countless destinations to take a tour of, infinite delicacies to eat and plenty of history to get your teeth into. Each of these bloggers provide invaluable intel about what to expect as a foreigner living or travelling in Mexico.

Lawson Yucatan |

Lawson Yucatan is a blog created by William Lawson, sharing his own take on life in the Yucatan. As William puts it, he shares the good, the bad, and the ugly, and with over 15 years worth of writing featured on the blog, there’s plenty to learn from his own experiences as an expat abroad.

What Am I Still Doing In Cancun |

What Am I Still Doing In Cancun was founded by a 40-something American expat (no name given!) who now lives in Cancun with her son. The blog features plenty of personal stories and insights into life as a foreigner in Cancun, with updates ranging in topics from a trip to the dentist and life under a pandemic in a foreign country.

Retire in Lake Chapala |

Michaela moved to Ajijic from London, Ontario and started her life’s passion to help other people by becoming a Master Pilates Instructor. Her and Ricardo run Retire in Lake Chapala to provide a guide for anyone looking to start a new life in Mexico. As well as being Realtors, the pair’s website includes some great resources for finding good quality healthcare facilities, insurance, legal services, or even just finding a good spot for dinner in your local area.

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Puerto Rico

This charming Caribbean island is popular for its exotic landscape of idyllic waterfalls, epic mountains and tropical rainforest. This travel writer is an expert in navigating South American countries, identifying the hotspots along the way, making her blog the ideal go-to-guide for expats headed to Puerto Rico.

Jen There Done That |

Jen There Done That is a website dedicated to helping others adopt a slow travel approach through Latin America. After moving to Puerto Rico in 2016, Jen and her family are exploring everything the Caribbean has to offer - and sharing the fun and interesting things to do with her readers along the way. The blog features travel tips, general life skills, activities, and more for a great insight into life as an expat in this corner of the world.

Choosing the best Latin American Expat Blogs

To select our top ten Latin American expat blogs, we used a set criteria of looking for relevant websites that are regularly updated, with great writing and good quality photos. Using these blogs can be a great way to gain an insight into what life might be like as an expat in Latin America, and provide some useful information on what you need to know before you go.

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