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20 Essential Budgeting Blogs To Get You Through The Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living crisis shows no sign of waning, and more people than ever are being forced to cut back on their spending. But saving money isn’t a matter of spending less.

Reading blogs written by experienced budgeting experts can give you new insights, invaluable tips and greater confidence. That’s why MoneyTransfers.com has created this list of the 20 most essential budgeting blogs.

Ruth Soukup is a very impressive woman: a New York Times best-selling author; a successful business founder; and the owner of an exceptional budgeting blog called Living Well, Spending Less.

Ruth covers both practical advice and insights into the psychology of spending. Readers are offered a holistic view of budgeting, where savings tips are just one part of a larger picture that includes fitness, family and mental health.  

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Erin Chase is the “$5 Dinner Mom”, an unparalleled evangelist for food budgeting. Under significant financial pressure, she began using coupons in 2008 and discovered that she loved the challenge of making great food on a budget.

The blog is an extension of that passion: Erin offers a huge range of recipes and tips to simultaneously save on your food budget and eat more delicious food. With food prices rising rapidly, her blog is a godsend for anyone who fears their diet will suffer in the coming months. 

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The Busy Budgeter is a blog all about disorganisation. It’s run by a woman named Rosemarie – a budget guru and extremely insightful blogger. 

The blog offers a range of budgeting resources, including guidance on how to plan your spending, money saving tips and free printables. But it also includes some great budget recipes, home organisation tips and money making advice – helping the reader truly take control of their life and finances.

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The Prudent Penny Pincher has spent the last six years dishing out invaluable advice on how to save money in everyday life. That ranges from budget recipes and DIY hacks to sharing actionable tips on being more frugal.

The blog discusses a range of topics, but they all revolve around the question of budgeting: how can you save more? Whether you’re doing crafts with your kids or preparing for Christmas, this blog will help you do it more efficiently.

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As the name suggests, The Frugal Family is a budgeting blog centred around family. Specifically, the family of a prolific blogger named Cass who combines budgeting advice with insights into family life – and how family activities can be done more cheaply.

The Frugal Family’s style is best illustrated by an ongoing series of articles called ”Frugal Things We Did This Week” that use fresh personal anecdotes to illustrate the power of small saving tips. It’s ideal for anyone budgeting for an entire family – and a genuine inspiration. 

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Allison Baggerly is a prolific budgeting blogger with a clear philosophy: saving is not about missing out; it’s about aligning your spending with your goals. This idea informs the majority of her content, which focuses on budgeting advice for women – be they single mothers or teenage girls.

There is plenty of generalised advice, too; anyone who just wants to learn how to make more money or develop a better budget will find a lot to like. But the content stands out most for the way it speaks to specifically female challenges – and how women can save money.

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Despite its name, Skint Dad is actually a joint venture from husband and wife team Ricky and Naomi Willis. For 9 years they have produced high-quality, trustworthy content designed to help readers educate themselves about finance and make their budget go further.

Their content covers a broad range of topics – from investment app comparisons to money making tips. But it stands out for its coverage of scams and spending errors. Readers will learn how to overturn bad spending habits and avoid prevalent scams.

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There’s a reason Fiona Hawkes’ budgeting blog – Savvy In Somerset – has garnered the attention of nationwide media and won a handful of awards: because her advice is not just good but extremely specific.

The content zeros in on niche areas and offers really clear, actionable advice. Want to know how to save money at a specific supermarket? Or spend less at a specific location? Savvy In Somerset is ideal for niche advice – as well as plenty of more general budgeting tips.

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Becky, the founder of Family Budgeting, blogs about both parenting and budgeting. What makes her content great is the way she bridges the gap between the two, making her blog a great find for any parent who finds themselves frustrated with budgeting advice aimed at people with fewer responsibilities.

The blog covers topics as wide ranging as budgeting for funerals and cat ownership; car insurance tips; and explanations of blockchain. But that range is its power: readers will not only get the budgeting advice they’re after, but some more thought provoking content, too.

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Shannon Clark is a professional financial coach, but her free blog distils lots of the wisdom she dishes out to her clients. 

Her content is designed to provide practical advice about debt, taxes and budgeting. But it also has an emotional element: she talks a lot about family (specifically the role of mothers) and helps combat the guilt, stress and shame so many people feel around money. 

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Andy Webb has been featured in some of the UK’s most prestigious publications. But his budgeting blog – Be Clever With Your Cash – is totally free, and full of essential financial insights.

There is regular content on topics like credit, saving and financial trends; there are also regular comments on the news and Q&As with Andy’s readership. The resulting combination makes for an exceptional budgeting blog that will keep you up to date with the latest money saving opportunities and develop your general money knowledge.

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Melissa is an Australian budgeting blogger who extols the virtues of ‘frugal living’ – basically avoiding overspending and enjoying the benefits of doing so.

The blog explores a variety of areas where we could all be a little more frugal, from entertainment to food. Readers will learn just how many ways there are to save, and be inspired to be mindful of their spending behaviour.

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Dianna Baros is The Budget Babe – a budgeting blog who has written about women’s fashion since 2007. Her budgeting content helps women find stylish outfits that look more expensive than they are – all from specific brands.

She takes a specific premium item and shows readers where they can get an extremely similar – if not identical piece elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. It’s ideal for fashion-lovers on a budget.

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Bee Money Savvy is an award-winning budgeting blog that helps you budget better by spending less. The content covers a wide range of topics, from cheap flights to money management apps. 

Readers will receive help reducing their costs and increasing their income – a winning combination in tough economic times.

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Be The Budget is the joint blog of Zach and Katie, a married couple who learned the importance of budgeting the hard way. Having got themselves into hefty debt, they worked their way out – and began blogging about what they learned.

Their content is great for anyone who is also prone to overspend or rack up debt. They write about the habits that cost you in the long term, how to budget for unexpected expenses and generally how to stay financially secure.

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Broke Girl In The City is Marie Ellis’ extremely popular blog. It is filled with the lessons Marie learned from going into debt – and coming out the other side.

Her content includes both topic comments on the news and more general advice on budgeting better. For those living in the UK – especially London – the blog will be particularly useful, as it tackles very specific local trends and saving opportunities.

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Living Richly On a Budget is all about the connection between food and budgeting. Founder Fanny helps readers save money by cooking more – and eating better food at the same time.

While her content expands beyond this niche, exploring more general budgeting and lifestyle tips, this is the area she thrives in: helping her readers plan their meals, save on ingredients and generally save money on food.

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Thrifty Lesley is all about helping people eat on a budget. But it’s not a simple list of cheap recipes – founder Lesley provides wonderfully actionable meal plans that not only help you save money – they ensure you have control and visibility over your spending.

All of this is buttressed by a great collection of tips, tricks and ideas for saving money in other areas, such as  on toiletries and gifts.

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Savvy Dad is a blog written from the perspective of a father, imparting budgeting and money saving advice for families in the UK. His content ranges from specific practical guidance to general money saving tips.

Readers will particularly benefit from a range of reviews and comparison articles that help them avoid wasting their money and choose the best products and services.

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Spending Hacker is a blog dedicated to finding you the best deals possible. Tailored specifically to an Australian audience, the content helps readers save money and improve their budgets by being conscious of how they spend.

The approach clearly works: Spending Hacker has been featured in a number of national publications and built a devoted fan base over the years.

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Final Thoughts

There are as many ways to budget as there are people. But each of the blogs we’ve discussed offers something really valuable to readers. We hope they help you make sense of your budget and help you cope better in these extremely tough times.

Choosing the best budgeting blogs:

Budgeting is a hot topic, and there were a lot of contenders to include in this article. We opted to cut the list down to the very best 20, based on the following criteria: 

  • Experience: Is this person a credible source of knowledge? We only want to share the very best advice with our readers.
  • Relevance: Does the blog talk about issues our audience would deem relevant? We want to help our readers make the most of their time.
  • Variety: Does the blog offer something different? We want our readers to have access to a range of methods and styles of advice.
  • Frequency: How often does the blogger post? We want to ensure our readers have access to regular, up to date content.

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