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28th September 2022
S&P 500 and Dow at Lowest Levels in 2 Years
27th September 2022
USD/JPY Forecast After the Strong Consumer Confidence Data
27th September 2022
EUR/USD Forecast: Intense Pressure as EU Energy Crisis Escalates
26th September 2022
US Dollar Index (DXY) Relentless Rally Gains Momentum. What Next?
23rd September 2022
GBP/USD Forecast: Sterling Crashes as Markets Point to Parity
22nd September 2022
EUR/CHF Sets Stage for More Downturn After Hawkish SNB
21st September 2022
USD/CHF On Edge Ahead of Fed and SNB Rate Decisions
21st September 2022
USD/TRY Forecast Ahead of the CBRT Interest Rate Decision
20th September 2022
GBP/CAD Forecast Ahead of the BoE Rate Decision
20th September 2022
USD/ZAR Forecast Ahead of SARB and Fed Rate Decision
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