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13th January 2022
Dollar index under pressure even as US inflation surges
17th December 2021
US dollar holds steady after key central bank decisions
14th December 2021
What will happen to the pound if interest rates rise?
19th November 2021
Euro slips to multi-month low as ECB divergence with Fed widens
6th October 2021
US dollar index rallies as inflation and default risks rise
14th July 2021
ECB makes major move towards digital euro launch
3rd June 2021
Turkish lira slumps to a record low as odds of rate cuts rise
29th March 2021
British pound rallied against key currency peers in the first quarter
23rd February 2021
British pound rises to the highest level in nearly 3 years
9th February 2021
US dollar slides against key currencies ahead of potential stimulus
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