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See how international money transfer companies compare in head to head comparisons.


Zelle Vs Google Pay
About Zelle and Google Pay It is worth mentioning early on in this comparison that both companies offer limited global coverage: Zelle only supports domestic transfers in the US, while Google Pay international transfers are restricted to India and Singapore only, although there is mention of future plans for expansion. Which brand has lower transfer […]
Zelle Vs Cash App
About Zelle and Cash App Both brands primarily focus on domestic money transfers, or in Cash App’s case, transfers between UK and US customers only. Which brand has lower transfer fees? ✅ Verdict: This first round ends in a tie Overall, both services offer free money transfers which means there is no obvious winner in […]
Monese vs Revolut
About Monese and Revolut Monese and Revolut are two UK-based challenger banks born and bred in London’s financial district. Both companies aim to develop digital financial services that transform traditional methods of banking, to suit the needs of modern day consumers.  Revolut was also founded in 2015, as another mobile-operated challenger bank. The brainchild of […]
Monzo vs Wise
Both Monzo and Wise are UK-based financial services dedicated to breaking the mould in their respective fields, by providing innovative solutions for consumers around the world.  In 2018, Monzo teamed up with Wise to provide low-cost, easy to use international money transfers to their customers. We want to find out not only which brand is […]
Monese vs Monzo
Digital challenger banks are changing the face of international bank transfers as we know it, and Monese and Monzo are at the forefront of this revolution. We will be looking at how both companies approach cross-border payments, by reviewing the fees, exchange rates, speed, global coverage and online reputation of each.
Starling vs Revolut
In this comparison we will be weighing up the similarities and differences between these two UK-based challenger banks. Both companies provide fully licensed banking services, which we will run through, but we are mainly interested in the finer details of their international money transfer services.
N26 vs Monzo
Challenger banks, also known as neobanks, are a type of banks that are shaking up the status quo by operating exclusively online or without the traditional expectations of long-established large national banks. They are set up to compete with the bigger banks, by providing more accessible and convenient online alternatives to traditional banking services. Both […]
Zelle vs PayPal
 In a bid to find out which brand is the better option for sending international money transfers, we will be exploring each area of Zelle and PayPal’s financial services.  Which brand has lower fees? Here we will take a closer look at the fees incurred by users of Zelle and PayPal’s money transfer services. ✅ […]
Venmo vs Cash App
Due to their positioning in the financial services market, Venmo and Cash App are often pitted against one another as rival peer-to-peer mobile payment platforms. Both have been competing for their market share in the US, and Cash App also launched UK services in 2018. In this comparison we will weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of each company, as we identify which one offers the best fees, exchange rates and transfer speeds.
Venmo vs PayPal
Venmo and PayPal are two of the most popular peer-to-peer payment apps in the US. Both are primarily used for sending and receiving money online, as well as settling payments with authorised vendors and merchants. In this comparison we will consider Venmo and PayPal’s similarities and differences, as we deep dive into the functionality and features of both money transfer services.
Monzo vs Starling
These two challenger banks both hail from London and are often pitted against one another as they share many similarities, as well as one overarching objective: to shake up the banking experience for individuals and businesses alike. However, when looking at their international money transfer services, there are some major differences between the two. In this comparison we will weigh up these differences, by taking a closer look at the way both banks handle global remittances.
Revolut vs Monzo
Despite their differences, Revolut and Monzo attract a similar crowd: technology-savvy customers who are searching for the same high standards upheld by long-standing high street banks, but presented digitally via mobile applications and online platforms. We will now compare how each brand performs in the most important areas covered by any financial service provider. Which […]
Wise vs Revolut
What are the key differences between Wise and Revolut? Which brand has lower fees? We will be focusing predominantly on the fees incurred during the international money transfer process, including the cost of currency conversions, service charges and exchange rates to look at how Wise vs Revolut compares. ✅ Verdict: And the winner of this […]
Zelle vs Venmo
Gone are the days of paying friends back in cash. It has never been more secure to exchange money with your friends and family, thanks to the introduction of peer-to-peer payment apps.
PayPal vs Payoneer
Which brand has lower fees? ✅ Verdict: There are too many variables to make a judgement call Both providers have too many variables attached to their fees to draw a direct comparison of Paypal vs Payoneer, as the amount you are charged can change depending on how much you are sending, the transaction type, and […]
MoneyGram vs PayPal
Which brand has lower fees? ✅ Verdict: There are too many variables to draw a clear comparison The two companies have very different fee structures that are largely dependent on the individual circumstances of your transfer, so it’s difficult to draw a direct Moneygram vs Paypal comparison. In addition, the exchange rate margin each company adds […]
Western Union vs PayPal
Which brand has lower fees? ✅Verdict: There are too many variables Between PayPal vs Western Union, Western Union places too many variables on their fee structures to draw a direct comparison. In addition, both companies add a markup on the exchange rate when you transfer your money with them, which can significantly impact the amount […]
Moneygram vs Western Union
Which brand has lower fees? ✅ Verdict: It averages out to be a tie While MoneyGram has more favourable fees when we look specifically at credit card payments, between Western Union vs MoneyGram, the two operators’ fee structure balances out when we look at the overall picture. Western Union has cheaper fees for debit cards […]
Wise vs PayPal
When you're looking for the best way to send money abroad, it can be difficult to work out exactly what money transfer provider is best for you. Wise and PayPal are both leaders in the money transfers space, but can PayPal's less specialized currency conversion service match Wise? In this head-to-head comparison, we'll compare both operators' fees, exchange rates, transfer times, and more to help you decide if either of these companies is right for you.
Xoom vs Western Union
Western Union vs Xoom: Which brand has lower fees? ✅Verdict: Xoom’s fees are slightly more favourable Between Xoom vs Western Union, Xoom has slightly more favourable fees in this comparison, and this can be applied in a number of examples. However, which service is better is really dependent on the type of transfer you are […]
Ria Money Transfer vs Xoom
Which brand has lower fees? ✅ Verdict: Xoom’s payment options mean better fees Between Xoom vs Ria, Xoom provides the option to pay by credit or debit card or by bank transfer for either a bank deposit for either a cash pickup or bank deposit – all of which affect the fees you will be […]
Remitly vs Western Union
Which brand has lower fees? ✅ Verdict: It’s a tie Comparing Remitly vs Western Union, the fees applied by both of these providers are extremely variable depending on a number of factors, so it’s difficult to say which one is ‘better’ when judging solely on fees. Moreover, as both providers add a markup on the […]
Wise vs Western Union
Which brand has lower fees? ✅ Verdict: Fees are variable, but Wise takes the edge Between Wise vs Western Union, the exact fees you can expect to pay will vary depending on a number of factors, it’s difficult to label one provider or the other as the most affordable overall – however, from the examples […]
Wise vs Xoom
Quick Summary: Xoom or Wise? Which brand has lower fees? ✅ Verdict: Xoom has better fees, but charges more on the exchange rate If we were to judge Wise vs Xoom purely based on their fees, you could certainly argue that Xoom has better rates. However, it’s imperative to keep in mind that while Wise […]
Remitly vs Xoom
A quick overview of Remitly and Xoom Remitly is a Seattle-based money transfer company founded in 2011 and currently valued at more than $1.5 billion. Through its innovative money transfer technology, Remitly allows users to send remittances from 17 countries to 57 destinations globally. Over 3 million customers use the service to transfer money directly […]
Remitly vs Wise
Quick overview of Remitly and Wise Remitly is a cross-border remittance provider founded in 2011 and headquartered in the Greater Seattle Area in the United States. So far, the company has over 3 million customers, and facilitates transfers from 17 countries to over 50 other nations around the world. Depending on the destination, Remitly recipients […]
Azimo vs Wise
Quick overview of Azimo and Wise Founded in the UK in 2012, Azimo currently serves over 1.5 million customers and supports sending to more than 195 countries in over 80 different currencies. Transfers are strictly online and are delivered anywhere from instant to 3 days. While you can make a transfer with as little as […]
OFX vs Wise
How does OFX compare to Wise? Wise is a UK based international money transfer service provider that uses mid-market rates to process transfers. It provides an excellent platform for both small and large transfers subject to upper transfer limits. Currently the limits are GBP 1 million, USD 1 million and EUR 1.2 million. Previously known […]
XE vs Wise
How does XE compare to Wise? XE and Wise are some of the biggest brands in the industry with operations extending beyond their countries of incorporation to lots of regions and territories. Choosing between the two can be a little difficult without having the facts right. Check out our analysis below to learn more about how XE vs […]
WorldRemit vs Wise
How WorldRemit compares to Wise? WorldRemit is a leading online money transfer company incorporated on 22 December 2009 in the United Kingdom. It plays a key role in facilitating the transfer of billions of dollars that expatriates and immigrant workers send home to their families. With a customer base of more than 4 million, WorldRemit […]
Wise vs Payoneer
This comparison of Wise and Payoneer will weigh up core features like payment options, trust, security, exchange rates, transfer fees, mobile apps and customer feedback. We will also suggest alternative money transfer service if either option falls short in a specific category.
InstaReM vs Wise
How does InstaReM compare to Wise? InstaReM and Wise are ranked among the top cross-border money transfer providers in the industry. Both offer exchange rates with zero margins, meaning your transfer is processed at the mid-market rate. In this review, we’re considering factors such as transfer speeds, fees, sending and disbursing network coverages, transfer and […]

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