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Best Online Banks in the UK 2022

Online banks have grown hugely in popularity over the last few years, offering a range of features and benefits more suited to the digital age. They have been living up to their moniker of ‘challenger banks’ by providing real competition on the banking scene, giving traditional institutions a run for their money and customers.

Updated: 18/11/2022
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With relatively low fees, easy and convenient access and innovative features and functionality, online banks have changed the banking landscape for good. But there are lots to choose from, each offering different benefits and drawbacks to consider depending on what you need the account for.

We’ve gone through the best of them to bring you our definitive list of the best online banks in 2022, so you can find the perfect account that matches your requirements.

What are the best online banks in the UK?

Here’s our list of the best online banks in the UK in 2022 – scroll down to read our review for each bank so you know which is the best for you.

Best forAppOur verdictLearn more
OverallStarlingA range of cool features, types of accounts, and easy-to-use app makes Starling our best overall online bankLearn more about Starling
Multi-currency accountWiseSupporting multiple currencies offering international bank details, Wise offers the best multi-currency accountLearn more about Wise
Saving and budgetingMonzoWith fantastic budgeting features and access to a range of savings accounts, Monzo bank is best for budgetersLearn more about Monzo
FreelancersStarling businessWith integrated accounting apps like Xero and QuickBooks and multiple useful features, Starling’s business account is our pickLearn more about Starling business
Overseas studentsMoneseMonese accounts are easy to open, with a range of features and interest paid on savings, making them great for overseas studentsLearn more about Monese
Teens and kidsGoHenrySavings goals, weekly allowance transfers and pocket money tasks make GoHenry great for teaching kids and teens about moneyLearn more about GoHenry
Joint bankingStarlingOffering their great benefits and features on joint accounts, Starling gets our pick for anyone thinking about joint bankingLearn more about Starling
Ethical bankingTriodosInvesting money in charities, human rights activism and climate change causes, we recommend Triodos for ethical bankersLearn more about Triodos
Loans and mortgagesAtomWinner of the ‘Best Online Lender’ award, Atom bank’s range of loans and mortgage options make them a winnerLearn more about Atom

Best overall online bank: Starling 

Our pick for the best overall online bank in the UK in 2022 is Starling. A ‘Best British Bank’ winner for four consecutive years, they were founded in 2014 by Anna Boden and have gone from strength to strength ever since. 

Starling launched the UK’s first ever mobile-only current account in 2017, and they offer a range of features and benefits that makes them the best all-round online bank account. Being digital only, Starling does not have a physical branch.

PlatformApp and web browser 
Fees and chargesNone for personal and joint accounts, £2 a month for additional accounts.
£2 a month for Starling Kite Card and corresponding Kite Goal, and a £2 a month for Connected Cards subscription and corresponding Connected Card Goal. 
Key featuresInstant notifications: You’ll be notified when money leaves or enters your account
Automatic round-up: Transactions can be rounded up and the extra money automatically saved
Categorised spending: See what you’re spending money on and improve your budgeting
Other Starling customers: Send money to other people nearby with Starling accounts
Card lock: Lock or freeze your card if it’s stolen or lost
Types of accountsPersonal
Starling Kite – kids account
Teen account
Business account
Sole trader account
Multi-currency business account 
Transfer fees£20 per CHAPS payment
International transfers0.4% + £5.50 for international SWIFT transfers 
CurrenciesPound Sterling
Authorised and regulatedFCA
OverdraftFee either 15%, 25% or 35% EAR (variable) depending on different factors 

Why does MoneyTransfers.com like Starling?

We’ve chosen Starling as our best all-rounder online bank account as they offer the most complete online banking experience. With a variety of account types available, including personal, joint, business, kids, and teens to name a few, they provide a well-rounded banking service across the board.

There are no monthly fees, or fees for withdrawals and transactions abroad, they’re compatible with most major mobile wallets, and you’ll be able to manage all your finances from their app.

The Starling app is currently rated 4.6 on the Google Play store (90k+ reviews) and 4.9 on the App Store (360k+ reviews), and they have a rating of 4.4 (Excellent) on Trustpilot. This shows that Starling are clearly popular with their customers, and their app functions well and is easy for people to use.

Starling: Pros and Cons

Categorised spending
Interest paid on account balances
Compatible with Google Pay, Apple Pay and more
£2 a month charge for additional accounts
Lost cards overseas can cost £60 to replace
Interest payable on Euro account balances over €50,000

How to get started with Starling

If you’re planning on opening an account with Starling, you’ll need the following:

  • A smartphone
  • A valid photo ID, such as a passport or driving licence 

The process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. If you want to switch current accounts to Starling you can do so seamlessly with the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

Summary: Why should you choose Starling

Starling is renowned for being one of the best digital banks in the UK, offering a range of services and earning excellent customer ratings and reviews. What sets them apart from the competition is that they offer full current account functionality with multiple extra features, including interest paid on your balance, an overdraft, and spaces to save and budget money. 

They also offer third-party deals for insurance, credit scores, mortgages, pensions, savings, investments and more. This makes them the most well-rounded and functional online bank account and our number one choice for everyday banking. 

Best for multi-currency transfers: Wise

While Wise technically aren’t a bank, they’re still our pick by a distance for the best online multi-currency account. They’re globally renowned for providing affordable international money transfers, and their borderless account means you can spend abroad without any hidden fees.

Launched in 2011, their primary focus has been the remittance game, and after rebranding in 2021 they’ve evolved into a multi-faceted global finance service offering ‘the world’s most international account’. 

PlatformApp and web browser 
Fees and charges1.75% for ATM fees over £200 a month plus 50p per withdrawal before 3/1/23
1% fee on ATM or cash withdrawals, including money orders, travellers cheques and foreign exchange, over £200 a month from 3/1/23
2% on account funding transactions from 3/1/23, £7 for the Wise debit card with no subscription fees
$4.14 fixed fee for receiving wire payments in US dollars
Key featuresSpending abroad: You can use your card in 175 countries, and spend with Apple and Google Pay, and withdraw money anywhere
Local payments: You can receive payments like a local in 10 currencies, meaning you can get your own UK account number, Euro IBAN, US routing number and more
Multiple currencies: You’ll be able to convert and hold money and stocks in 53 currencies, and send money to 80 countries 
Card freeze: You can lock and unlock your card when required, and get instant notifications for all transactions
Types of accountsWise offers one multi-currency current account
LanguagesAvailable in over 15 languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Romanian, Polish, Japanese and more
Transfer feesFees from 0.41% to send money, but it varies by currency.
International transfersAllowed to 80 countries
CurrenciesHold money in over 50, get paid like a local in 10 currencies
Authorised and regulatedFCA, FSCS £85,000

Why does MoneyTransfers.com like Wise?

MoneyTransfers.com recommends Wise’s multi-currency account as they offer a lot of flexibility and multiple ways to handle money in different currencies. With the ability to be paid like a local in 10 currencies, including GBP, USD, EUR, NZD, AUD, CAD and more, Wise’s current account is truly international

You’ll also be able to hold and convert money in over 50 currencies, more than competitors like Currencyfair, and this service is available to individuals as well as businesses, unlike many other multi-currency account providers. Additionally, with a Wise multi-currency account you will be able to send money to over 80 countries from your account.

Wise: Pros and Cons

Paid like a local in 10 currencies
Low and transparent fees
Mid-market rate for currency transfers
No overdrafts or loans
Cash and cheque payments aren’t supported
Cash machine withdrawals come with limits

How to get started with Wise

It takes minutes to register for a Wise multi-currency account. You’ll need your phone to download the app, your email address (or a Google, Facebook or Apple account), and a government ID to verify your identity – then you’ll be able to add money using your bank account, credit or debit card.

Summary: Why should you choose Wise

Wise is our pick for multi-currency accounts as they offer a range of currencies to be paid in and hold money in – and their already available network of international transfers means you’ll be able to make payments abroad to multiple destinations. 

Additionally, Wise have some of the lowest fees for international transfers on the market, and are fully transparent with everything they charge for using their services. There are no monthly fees or set up charges at all – making their multi-currency account incredibly handy and easy to use. 

Best for budgeting and savings accounts: Monzo 

MoneyTransfers.com’s pick for the best online bank account for budgeters and savers is Monzo. One of the most popular digital or challenger banks in the UK, they offer the biggest and most comprehensive network of savings accounts and features.

Founded in 2015 by former Starling Bank employees, they offer a range of modern banking features, while they also allow international money transfers – and they charge very few fees. Their base account is free to use, but Monzo also offers two premium accounts with exclusive features.

PlatformApp and web browser 
Fees and charges3% fee for cash withdrawals over £250 in 30 days in the UK and EEA
£5 for UK card replacements except in cases of fraud, theft, faulty cards or expiry
£5 a month for Monzo Plus and £15 a month for Monzo Premium
Key featuresSpending notifications: Real time alerts on how you send and receive money
Savings pots: Set money aside separately for savings goals, and round up transactions to save effortlessly – and earn interest too
Overseas: Free spending and cash withdrawals up to a certain amount overseas
Card lock: Freeze your card if it’s lost or stolen
Types of accountsCurrent account
Plus account
Premium account
Joint account
16-17 account
Business account 
Transfer feesNone
International transfersSupported by Wise
CurrenciesPounds sterling
Authorised and regulatedFCA and FSCS – £85,000
OverdraftFee either 19%, 29% or 39% depending on various factors. Limit up to £2,000

Why does MoneyTransfers.com like Monzo?

We’ve chosen Monzo as our best online bank for savers and budgeters as they offer the best features that let you manage your spending and earn on what you put aside. They give you a lot of flexibility with how you want to save and what goals you want to set.

The Monzo Savings Marketplace means you can choose partnered savings accounts with different UK banks to offer fantastic interest rates on savings – often over 1%, better than most other challenger banks. However this is only available with 

However these may come with withdrawal limits and minimum deposits so be sure to check before opening an account. Additionally, Monzo also offers a savings pots feature, similar to Starling’s spaces, but with Monzo these pots can be linked to your savings accounts.

Monzo: Pros and Cons

Innovative savings features and accounts
High interest rates on savings
Low fees across the board
Subscription fees for the best rates
Limits to free cash withdrawals
Only supports Pounds sterling

How to get started with Monzo

To get your account started with Monzo, you’ll need to download and open the Monzo app on your phone, and you will need to have a form of photo ID, such as a passport or driving licence. You’ll also be required to give an address where they can send your new card.

It takes 10 minutes to sign up, and you’ll need to verify your identity with a selfie video, as well as answering basic questions about what you do for a living and how you’ll use your Monzo account.

Summary: Why should you choose Monzo

If you’re a keen saver and budgeter, Monzo is likely the best pick for you as they offer the best range of savings features and accounts. With Monzo you’ll get interest rates on your savings as you’ll be able to choose from partnered accounts with a range of UK banks.

Additionally, Monzo’s savings pots and round up features make it easy to manage your budget and put money aside effortlessly. They’re a hugely popular bank with thousands of customers rating them extremely highly, and we recommend them if you want to put your focus into maximising your savings.

Best for freelancers: Starling Business

As Starling offers the best overall online bank account, it’s no surprise that we’ve also picked them as our recommendation for the best overall business account for sole traders and freelancers. They were the first mobile-only bank to launch a business account back in 2018.

Fees and chargesNo fees for a basic business account, but Paid Services availableDepositing through Post Office Counter Service: either £3 or 0.7% of the amount deposited, whichever is higherWithdrawing cash through the Post Office Counter Service: £0.50 per withdrawalReplacement debit card in the UK: £5Replacement debit card lost overseas: £60
Key featuresIntegration with Xero, QuickBooks, FreeAgents and moreAutomated business spending categoriesReceipt captureSaving spacesCompatible with Apple, Google, Samsung and Garmin PayPayment notificationsCash deposits at Post OfficeIn-app cheque deposits 
Types of accountsStandard business bank accountEuro business bank accountUS dollar business bank accountBusiness Toolkit 
Transfer fees£20 for CHAPS payments
International transfersNo hidden fees, and market exchange rate
CurrenciesGBP, and EUR and USD for extra fees
Authorised and regulatedFCA and FSCS £85,000

Why does MoneyTransfers.com like Starling for business?

We’ve chosen Starling’s business account as our favourite as it offers the most well-rounded approach to business banking with a huge range of features available at no cost. Its extra service packages, including the Business Toolkit, give you access to extra features including handling Euros or Dollars, invoices, receipts and tax reports.

Starling: Pros and Cons

Free to send and receive GBP
Integration with payment software like Xero and Quickbooks
In-app cheque deposits
Charges a fee for EUR and USD
Fixed fees for international transfers

How to get started with a Starling business account

To open a Starling Business account you’ll need to download the app and provide the following:

  • ID, such as a passport or driving licence
  • Proof of address, such as a bank statement, utility bill, or council tax bill
  • You may also need to confirm the nature of your business using a signed agreement or contract, proof of industry membership or lease agreement

Summary: Why should you choose a Starling business account

Starling is our pick for freelancers as their business bank accounts are designed specifically for freelancers and sole traders. The free account offers the most features out of all their competitors, while the paid accounts add a range of extras to help you manage your business’s finances.

Best for overseas students: Monese

Our pick for overseas students, whether you’re from overseas and studying in the UK or a UK local planning to study abroad, is Monese. They’ve been providing basic banking facilities since 2015, offering a streamlined and modern approach to personal finance.

They don’t offer all the benefits of a traditional bank but they do come with some advantages that can be particularly beneficial for overseas students. All managed through an app on your smartphone, a Monese account is good for bank transfers, international transfers, direct debits, standing orders and more.

Fees and charges£7.95 monthly fee for credit builder credit card
2% fee for spending in foreign currencies with a starter account, free with classic and premium
£1.5 fee for cash withdrawals with a starter account, £500 free monthly with a classic account and £1,500 with a premium account
3.5% fee for cash top-ups at the Post Office and PayPoint locations with a classic account, £400 free monthly with a classic account and £1,000 with a premium account
Key featuresEasy to open account – you only need ID
Free Monese to Monese money transfers
Link bank accounts with Open Banking technology
Budgeting tools with Spending Overview and instant notifications for spending
Savings pots and round up on spending to make saving effortless
Earn interest on savings with Raisin
Types of accountsInstant account
Joint account
Business account
LanguagesMultiple languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Czech, Bulharian and more
Transfer fees2.5% (plus 1% on weekends) for international transfers with a starter account. From 0.5% with a classic account and free with a premium account.
International transfersSend money to over 30 countries
CurrenciesGBP, EUR and RON
Authorised and regulatedNot regulated by the FCA
OverdraftNo overdrafts

Why does MoneyTransfers.com like Monese?

Monese is MoneyTransfers.com’s pick for overseas students because opening an account is quick, easy and doesn’t require documents that you might not immediately have to hand. You’ll just need an ID, no proof of address or a credit history.

You’ll also be able to deposit money directly into your account at the Post Office or a PayPoint, and students get access to a free Classic account for 12 months. However after this you will have to pay a monthly fee to keep enjoying these features, as there are some limitations on a standard Starter account.

They offer many of the same features as other mainstream online banks, including savings pots, budgeting features, and an easy-to-use app with everything in one place. Monese accounts are also good for spending money abroad, and they’re available to everyone within the European Economic Area.

Monese: Pros and Cons

Easy to sign up, you only need ID
Offers international money transfers with good rates
Joint accounts and business accounts available
No overdrafts or loans
Conversion fees can be quite high for other currencies
Extra charges for sending money abroad on weekends

How to get started with Monese

To open a Monese account, you’ll just need to download the app, sign up with your email address and phone number, and have your ID to hand. You’ll need to record a short selfie video to verify your identity.

Summary: Why should you choose Monese

If you’re an overseas student it can be hard to qualify for bank accounts in the UK, and the process can often take a while. With Monese it takes minutes, and you’ll get access to a range of useful banking features.

Being available to all individuals in the EEA, it’s an excellent choice for recent arrivals in the UK – and equally useful for UK students studying in the EEA. 

Best for teens and kids: GoHenry

GoHenry isn’t quite the same as opening a high street bank account for your kids, and those differences are what make GoHenry stand out. The app launched in 2012, and offers a free one-month trial for UK users.

Offering a way to view and manage your child’s spending and teach them positive financial habits from as early as six years old, GoHenry is our pick for online bank accounts for children and teenagers.

PlatformApp and web browser 
Fees and charges£2.99 per child, and 50p per account top-up after one free top-up a month
Key featuresSet up weekly allowance transfers
Set tasks for children to earn extra pocket money
Set and track savings goals
Spending notifications for all children
Spending controls and limits
Block and unblock bank cards
Types of accountsParent account/app
Child account/app
Junior Stocks and Shares ISA
Transfer feesFree and instant money transfers 
International transfersNone
Authorised and regulatedFCA, but not FSCS and no £85,000 protection 

Why does MoneyTransfers.com like GoHenry?

MoneyTransfers.com recommends GoHenry as the best online banking app for kids and teenagers as it offers an educational banking experience for kids aged 6 to 18. They offer a range of useful features for parents to view and manage their child’s spending, allowing them to build positive financial habits.

Parents are notified every time the child uses their card, they can add spending limits and set up rewards and tasks for children to earn pocket money. It’s a great way to give children financial independence so they can learn about budgeting from an early age.

The app is easy to use and intuitive – it’s rated 4.6 out of 5 starts on the App Store and 3.6 on the Play Store.

GoHenry: Pros and Cons

The card comes with spending restrictions so cannot be used in betting shops, pubs, off-licences and certain websites
You can set up pocket money rewards for doing chores
Spending limits and notifications make it easier to manage your child’s finances and teach them responsibility
Comparatively expensive fees for having an account
Only one free top-up a month to add funds to the child’s account
No interest paid on any balance

How to get started with GoHenry

To get started with GoHenry you just need to download the free app or visit the website, click ‘sign up’ and give your details. Your children’s cards should arrive within 5-7 working days. 

Then just log into the app to activate your parent account and the cards – it will require a £5 minimum deposit. The card contactless feature won’t work until the first chip and PIN payment has been made.

Summary: Why should you choose GoHenry

GoHenry is an innovative way to teach your child about money, and give them a degree of responsibility and independence. The banking app comes with a lot of useful features designed to help you monitor and manage your child’s finances.

It can be more expensive than some other alternatives, but what sets them apart is their sheer range of features that teach financial literacy to kids – something not offered by high-street banks.

Best for joint accounts: Starling

Our choice for the best joint bank account in the UK might come as no surprise – they offer the best overall bank account and the best business account for freelancers, and Starling also gets our pick for the best joint bank account.

You’ll get to enjoy most of the benefits of Starling in a joint account, and you’ll be able to set up an account in minutes – though keep in mind that for a joint account you’ll both need to open an individual account first. 

PlatformApp and web browser 
Fees and chargesNone for personal and joint accounts, £2 a month for additional accounts.
Key featuresInstant notifications: You’ll both be notified when money leaves or enters your account 
Automatic round-up: Transactions can be rounded up and the extra money automatically saved
Categorised spending: See what you’re spending money on and improve your budgeting
Other Starling customers: Send money to other people nearby with Starling accounts
Card lock: Lock or freeze your card if it’s stolen or lost
Expenses: Pool your rent and bills so your household expenses are all in one place
Transfer fees£20 per CHAPS payment
International transfers0.4% + £5.50 for international SWIFT transfers 
CurrenciesPound Sterling
Authorised and regulatedFCA and FSCS
OverdraftNo overdraft on joint account

Why does MoneyTransfers.com like Starling joint accounts?

We’ve picked Starling as our best online joint bank account as you’ll get most of the benefits of using a Starling account for both account holders. This means you’ll get access to a wide array of smart banking features all on a single app, like spend notifications and spaces for saving.

You’ll also get the main benefits of a joint account, in that you’ll both be able to manage household finances and pay bills from one account.

Starling: Pros and Cons

Some of the best digital banking features of all the apps
Sign up in minutes
No overseas transaction fees
No cashback or rewards
No arranged overdraft, and 15% EAR charges on unarranged overdraft

How to get started with a Starling joint account

If you’re planning on opening an account with Starling, you’ll need the following:

  • A smartphone
  • A valid photo ID, such as a passport or driving licence 

The process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes – remember to open a joint account you’ll both need to have individual Starling accounts.

Summary: Why should you choose a Starling joint account

Already one of the most popular online banks in the UK, Starling’s joint account offering gives customers access to most of the same benefits. With excellent customer reviews and ratings, a huge range of features, and extra financial products like loans and credit scores from third parties, they’re the best choice for online joint bank accounts.

Best for ethical banking: Triodos

One of the most ethical and sustainable banks in the UK and worldwide, Triodos takes our crown for the best online bank for ethical banking. An ethical bank is generally seen as one that uses customers’ money to invest in positive and worthwhile causes, such as charities, climate change, or human rights activism. The mission of Triodos is to ‘make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change’ – they won ‘Best Savings Provider’ at the 2021 British Bank Awards, and came second in the ‘Best Ethical Financial Provider’ category. 

Based in the Netherlands and founded in 1980, they offer current accounts and savings accounts as well as ISAs, investments, business lending and more. The sectors they finance include the environment, culture and social projects.

PlatformApp and web browser 
Fees and charges£3 a month fee for having an account. 2.5% charge for foreign currency cash withdrawal.
Key featuresEco-friendly bank card
Text message alerts
Online and mobile banking
Chequebook available on request
Types of accountsCurrent account
Savings account
Business accounts 
LanguagesEnglish, Dutch, Spanish, French, German
Transfer feesCHAPS payments within the UK charged £20, payments outside the UK charged at £25.
International transfersAllowed
CurrenciesPound Sterling and Euro
Authorised and regulatedFCA and PRA, FSCS £85,000
OverdraftYes, up to £2,000

Why does MoneyTransfers.com like Triodos?

When it comes to ethical banking, it’s hard not to like Triodos. They invest in a diverse range of areas and projects, including health, humans rights, and the environment. They also don’t invest in companies related to alcohol, gambling, tobacco, arms, and industries that involve human rights abuses, as well as fossil fuels, mining, arctic drilling, fracking and more.

Triodos also invests its profits back into local communities, investing billions of pounds into people- and planet-first projects. Their monthly fee is £3, but it means they don’t charge high overdraft fees to ‘keep their accounts free’ like many major banks.

Triodos: Pros and Cons

Ethical investments and projects
Fully fledged bank with FSCS protection
Limited extra features like cashback
£3 monthly fee to have an account
No debit or credit card for business and charity accounts

How to get started with Triodos

You can apply for a Triodos current account through the mobile app – it takes less than 15 minutes. You’ll just need to provide a government issued ID document and details like your name and address. You’ll also need to take a short selfie video to verify your identity.

Summary: Why should you choose Tridos

If a bank’s ethical commitments and practices are important to you, then Triodos are our recommendation – they offer a range of online banking services, and are open and transparent in what they invest in. 

If you open a current account with Triodos you’ll have peace of mind that your money is being invested in projects that support people and the planet. While the don’t offer the widest array of banking features, they’re still a solid choice and will offer most of the main capabilities of a standard current account.

Best for savings, loans and mortgages: Atom

MoneyTransfers.com’s pick for the best online bank offering loans and mortgages is Atom Bank. They won the ‘Best Online Lender’ award at the What Mortgage Awards, and provide mortgages, loans and savings accounts – however they don’t offer current accounts. Atom’s savings accounts offer competitive rates and a high maximum savings balance of £200,000.

Launched in 2016, they’ve emerged as a popular challenger bank, an alternative option to high street banks, with a reputation for no-nonsense lending. 

PlatformApp and web browser 
Fees and charges£10 charge for CHAPS transfers when electronically transferring mortgage funds plus a range of other mortgage related charges, including product and valuation fees, late fees and change of mortgage fees
Key featuresHub that lets you check on your accounts, gives you life information and relevant news
Portal that lets you view your profile and see any documents 
Direct help and support centre with live chat
Types of accountsInstant saver
Fixed saver
Mortgages Business loans
Transfer feesNone
International transfersNone
CurrenciesPound Sterling
Authorised and regulatedFCA, PRA, FSCS £85,000

Why does MoneyTransfers.com like Atom?

Atom Bank offers a good range of options for savings, loans and mortgages, with competitive interest rates and an easy to use app. They will also provide encouragement for building your savings in the app, and show you how much you could get back in returns.

You won’t need a minimum account deposit for instant savers accounts, but you’ll need a £50 minimum deposit for fixed savers. They offer 24/7 customer support, although they are only available for UK residents.

Atom: Pros and Cons

Specialises in lending, mortgages and saving
Useful app to track your payments
Competitive savings interest rates
No current accounts available
No personal loans and credit cards
You will need a good credit score

How to get started with Atom

To join Atom Bank, you just need to download their app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Register your details and set up your biometrics, wait for them to conduct ID checks, connect your current account and you’ll be ready to go.

Summary: Why should you choose Atom

We recommend Atom Bank as an online bank suited for those seeking loans and mortgages as well as flexible savings. They offer customers competitive rates on both savings and mortgages, and a wide array of choices for both getting on the property ladder and starting a business.

Their app is straightforward and easy to use, and while they don’t offer traditional banking services like a current account, it’s still a solid option for people looking for savings and mortgages.

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