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16th January 2021
Remittances from the US to Mexico surged in 2020 amid pandemic
15th January 2021
Tanzania’s Nala to launch its money transfer service in the UK
12th January 2021
UK fintech startups Curve and Checkout raise millions in new funding
11th January 2021
MT Global handed a £23.8 million fine for breaking AML laws
6th January 2021
MoneyGram reports strong holiday cross-border transaction growth
3rd January 2021
Money transfer fintech companies set to flourish in 2021
30th December 2020
Paysend flourishes in the US as it adds 150,000 customers in 4 months
29th December 2020
SEC files lawsuit against Ripple
22nd December 2020
MoneyGram supports controversial money transfer compliance law
21st December 2020
Remittances from the US to rise after the second stimulus check deal
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