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On average you can save over 90% when comparing money transfer providers.

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With so many providers, pick one that is trusted by both users and experts.

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Some transfers take days, others minutes, compare to find out your options.

How We Compare


The cost of a currency transfer is a hugely important factor that helps you decide whether you want to send your money with a particular provider. We work out all the fees from start to finish to provide you with the complete picture.


No-one likes waiting around for their money to arrive, especially when it’s for something important. When transferring large sums of money it can take weeks to arrive with particular providers, we ensure you know which ones they are.


Sending large sums of money to a company you’ve never heard of requires trust. We look for major trust signals as a minimum such as regulation to ensure your money is safe, then go above that and look at the providers online reputation.

Additional Benefits

Each money transfer provider is different and they provide varying levels of perks for being with them, from free transfers to discounts on other services. Find out what you can get by comparing today.

Currencies Available

Not every money transfer service provides a full range of currencies to give you the choice of what to transfer. We prefer providers that offer more currencies for you to transfer.

Payment Options

While almost every provider offers transfers via bank transfer is it the most convenient way to transfer money online? We look for a wide range of payment options when comparing listed providers.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I use to send my money abroad?
Unfortunately, no. But don't worry, we exist solely to make sure you get the best money transfer experience possible. Using our service won't cost you anything and will help you make the best decision possible when picking a provider to transfer money abroad. Our aim is to make sure you can transfer money quickly, simply and in the most cost-effective way.
Why can’t I just use my bank to transfer money abroad?
The honest answer; you can. But traditional banks aren’t set up very well to handle international payments and money transfers. This is why many other service providers exist, who are specialists in transferring money abroad. Usually, banks take much longer, cost a lot more and are generally more complex to use. This is why we always recommend using a specific money transfer provider to send your money abroad.
How can I send money abroad?
There are many ways to do this, but the best option really depends on your specific needs. Are you looking to transfer quickly? Or do you care mainly about how much of your hard earned cash actually ends up being sent over to its destination. We compare money transfer providers for your specific needs, to make sure you can send money abroad as efficiently as possible, all whilst saving you money.