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You could be looking to find out how to send money to the USA for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’re an expat living abroad and want to send money back home to support your family. Or maybe you’re a foreign business working with freelancers and contractors in the US. Whatever your reasons, being informed about your options before deciding how to send money to USA is the best way to make sure you’re getting a fair and secure deal every time you transfer your money. Here, we’ll be looking at the fastest, cheapest, and best way to send money to the USA from anywhere around the world.

Updated: 25/10/2022
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Sending Money To The USA: Summary

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How To Send Money To The USA

When it comes to deciding on how to send money to the USA, it is more convenient than ever with the rise of specialist money transfer services capable of supporting international transfers from hundreds of countries. Follow these steps to send money to the USA:

Step 1: Compare providers to find the best service for you

Our comparison table for sending money to the USA looks at transfer fees, exchange rates, payment methods, transfer times and more for your specific needs. Use this to find a provider that not only supports transfers between the two currencies you need but also provides the best all-round deal for your transfer.

Step 2: Register with your chosen provider

Most providers will be completely free to sign up to, simply requiring your name, address and contact information. In most cases, you’ll also need to upload a picture of a valid photo ID to verify your identity.

Step 3: Start your transfer

Set up your transfer by providing your recipient’s information (name, contact details, and bank account information if you are selecting this payout method), the sum you are sending, and your payment details. You should be given an estimate of how long your transfer will take to reach your recipient.

You’ll also want to ensure the transfer is set up to correctly transfer money from your sending country to US dollars.

Cheapest way to send money to the United States

Ways To Send and Receive Money In The USA

There are multiple ways to easily send and receive money in the USA but these will largely depend on the provider you decide to use. Below you will find everything you need to know about sending and receiving money.

Sending Money To The USA
Receiving Money In The USA

Ways to Send Money to the United States

There are several options when sending money to your family, relatives, and friends in the U.S.

Bank Transfers

The US dollar is one of the most frequently used currencies worldwide, so it’s a fairly safe bet to assume that most major banks and money transfer providers will support a transfer to this currency.

It’s worth noting that transfers using your bank can often involve expensive fees for both the sender and the recipient – with many banks charging anywhere between $30 to $50 per transaction. Check out our guide to transferring money between bank accounts for more information.

Online Money Transfers

Money transfer companies are widely considered one of the most cost-effective methods of transferring money internationally. When sending money with a specialist transfer provider, you’ll typically be able to find lower transfer fees, more competitive exchange rates, a variety of payment options, and a choice of ways for your recipient to receive your funds, from cash pickups to direct bank deposits.

In terms of the US specifically, being such a popular country for global remittances, you should find that most transfer providers facilitate sending and receiving money from this country.

A number of money transfer companies even have their headquarters in the U.S., such as Western Union, Xoom, and Ria Money Transfer.

What’s Needed to Send Money to the United States?

The exact details you’ll need to send money to the USA largely depends on the provider you use. However, in most cases you’ll need to supply:

  • A photo ID such as your passport or driving license
  • Your bank details or card details depending on how you are paying for your transfer
  • Your recipient’s name as it appears on their I.D.
  • Your recipient’s bank details if sending a transfer to their bank account

Some banks in the U.S. may require specific information and declaration of the funds transferred. Ensure you find out from the recipient in advance to avoid giving incorrect information.

Best Ways To Send Money To The United States

The best way to send money to the USA will largely depend on the way you want to pay for your transfer, as well as the country you are sending money from. That’s why it’s important to check you are using a provider that supports both locations and both currencies before starting your transfer.

Some of the best ways to send money to the US include:

Bank transfer

Bank transfers are a relatively cheap and convenient way to send money internationally when you are using a money transfer provider. It’s worth noting that while bank transfers may have lower fees, they can sometimes have longer transfer times.

Debit card

Sending money via your debit card is a quick and easy way to transfer money, drawing your funds directly from your bank account. This is usually a cheaper alternative compared to paying by credit card. 

Credit card

Paying for a money transfer by credit card means you don’t need to have the funds for your transfer in your account on the day the transfer can be made – although there or both pros and cons to this method of sending money.

Money Orders & International Cheques

Both fairly outdated ways of sending money, the United States Postal Service currently accepts money orders from 28 countries. Meanwhile, most U.S. banks accept international cheques but this method does have its limits and usually has long transfer times.

Case Study: what's the best way to send from the UK to the US?

As a short case study, let’s look at the best way to send money to the USA from the UK and Canada. If you were sending £500 from the UK to the US, you have a number of options. Let’s take a look at World Remit, who offer an exchange rate of 1 GBP = 1.24449 USD, a fee of £2.99, and a transfer time of minutes. Your recipient would receive $622.25 in total. In contrast, XE Money Transfer offers an exchange rate of 1 GBP = 1.24756 USD, no fees, but a transfer time of 1 – 2 hours. Your recipient would receive $623.78.*

So, while XE Money Transfer may involve less fees overall, you would have a longer transfer time – it’s worth weighing up whether speed or cost is important to you.

In comparison, sending with a bank such as Barclays or HSBC would typically leave your recipient with between $20 – $30 less.

Fastest Ways To Send Money To The United States

The fastest way to send money to the USA from abroad really depends on the more specific details of your money transfer, factors including where you are sending funds from, what payment method you select, and how much you are sending will impact speed. Using the comparison form at the top of this page, you can view the estimated transfer time for every operator that supports transfers between your country and the US – this will typically take anywhere from minutes to a couple of working days.

Sending money to a US bank account should take a matter of minutes with Xoom. Most major currencies only take a few minutes, while others will still take less than an hour. This is because Xoom specializes in speed, as the name suggests while operating in more than 70 countries. Further, many other money transfer companies have mobile app options.

Xoom easily and simplistically allows you to send money online to a debit card in a matter of minutes. Just keep in mind that if Xoom has a drawback, it would be the price. It is far from the cheapest option available to you.

To find out more, check out our simple guide on the fastest ways to send money abroad.

Cheapest Ways To Send Money To The United States

Equally, the cheapest way to send money to the USA depends on the following factors:

  • What payment method you select
  • How your recipient will receive the funds
  • The sum you are sending
  • The fee structure of the MTO you choose

To find out more, we’ve written a guide to help you find the cheapest ways to send money abroad.

Save money by knowing what fees to look out for

Sending funds internationally anywhere will incur two main charges: a transfer fee, which can be fixed or a percentage-based fee, and the margin added onto the mid-market exchange rate. In almost every case, you’ll find that the cheapest way to send money to the United States is by using a money transfer service such as WorldRemit, XE, or Azimo.

How Long Will a Money Transfer To The United States Take?

A money transfer to the United States could take anywhere between 1 – 4 working days, depending on the sending country. This can depend on the provider or bank you are using to send your transfer, time zone differences, the day you initiate your transfer (for example, sending at the weekend or on a bank holiday), or even the payment method you select. Check out our guide for the fastest way to send money abroad.

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*exchange rates and fees accurate at the time of writing – these are subject to change.

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