Find & Compare The Best Way To Send Money To The USA

Sending money to the USA is generally easy, depending on your choice of service. The USA is the home of many of the most popular money transfer and remittance companies in the world. Many of the US-based companies are much better when servicing American banks.

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Current Exchange Rates For The USA

The American Dollar (USD) is a widely used international currency. The USD is quite strong and has been for quite some time. You should expect a higher exchange rate when sending money to the USA. One Euro today is worth $1.1093 USD, and the average exchange rate over the past 90 days was 1.1229 USD to one Euro.

There is currently no reason to believe that the USD will change dramatically anytime soon. You could reasonably expect marginal fluctuations throughout the financial year of 2019.

What’s The Fastest Way To Send Money To The USA?

The fastest way to transfer money to US from abroad is through Xoom. Sending money to a US bank account should take a matter of minutes with Xoom. Most major currencies only take a few minutes, while others will still take less than an hour. This is because Xoom specializes in speed, as the name suggests while operating in more than 70 countries.

Xoom easily and simplistically allows you to send money online to a debit card in a matter of minutes. Just keep in mind that if Xoom has a drawback, it would be the price. It is far from the cheapest option available to you.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Transfer Money To The USA?

The top spot for the cheapest way to transfer funds to the USA will have to be split between TrasferWise and OFX. We would recommend TransferWise because of their user-friendly interfaces and their lack of foreign exchange rate markups.

TransferWise works to balance cost with convenience, and they have succeeded well enough in doing so. Just keep in mind that the fees are charged on a per-dollar basis. This is generally a very small percentage, and it still ends up being much cheaper than the competition.

What’s The Easiest Way To Send Money Online?

PayPal is the easiest way to transfer money. PayPal has several shortcomings as a money transfer service, but ease of use isn’t one of them. PayPal is extremely popular, due in large part to how simple it is to use. PayPal also has very high transfer maximums, adding more convenience should you need to transfer large sums of money.

Keep in mind that while PayPal is great in many ways, they charge 2.9% of the amount sent on top of a $0.30 fee. There are many cheaper options available.

What’s The Overall Best Way To Send Money To The USA?

The overall best way to transfer funds to the USA is Venmo. While we haven't mentioned them thus far, Venmo has the highest rated apps for Android and IOS of any money transfer app. When you link a bank account or debit card, it is completely free to send or receive money.

Venmo also offers intuitive user interfaces that make it fun and easy to use. These same user interfaces also make it easier to track previous transactions.

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