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As neighbouring countries with two of the strongest economies in the world, there are many reasons individuals or businesses need to send money between these North American countries. Millions of money transfers travel through this payment corridor everyday, and in this guide we will explain how to send money to Canada from the USA, without paying a cent. 

Different dollars: Understanding USD/CAD

While the US and Canada are geographically side by side, with both country using their own version of the “dollar”, they have very separate economies which are very different from one another.

Each country is governed by its respective financial authorities; in America it is the Federal Reserve (Fed), and in Canada it is the Bank of Canada (BoC). The value of the Canadian dollar (CAD) and the American dollar (USD) fluctuates regularly, depending on economic and political factors.

While USD is a dominant currency widely used around the world, with over 65 countries accepting American dollars as legal tender, CAD is only used within Canada and is viewed as a commodity currency. This means the value of CAD heavily depends on the successful export of their raw materials, especially oil.

When presented as USD/CAD this currency pair represents the rate of exchange when converting USD to CAD. For example, at the time of writing, the USD/CAD rate was 1.38327, meaning $1.00 USD is worth 1.38327. If you want to know more, make sure to read our guide about sending money to Canada.


Canada, the second largest country in the world, boasts a diversified economy with a GDP upwards of $1.7 trillion (as of 2019). The majority of Canadian revenue is generated from oil, gas, energy and manufacturing, as well as a thriving tourism industry. 

The USD to CAD corridor is a well-travelled route due to the accessibility of money transfer services servicing Canada. In addition to this, CAD is one of the most popular currencies for foreign exchange trading, due to the long-standing strength of the currency and Canada’s political and economic stability. 

Here we will provide further insight into how to safely and securely move money from United States to Canada without jeopardising the hard-earned money of both sending and receiving parties. 

What information do you need to send money to someone in Canada?

When sending money to a Canadian recipient, you will need to provide the following information:

How much does it cost to send money to Canada from the USA?

Prices vary depending on the service provider you send money with. Below is a list of the 3 three most common charges related to money transfers sent from the US to Canada:

Transfer fees 

Not all companies will charge this type of fee but if they do, most transfer fees will be a fixed amount or a percentage of the amount. Get a quote before you start the money transfer process.

Exchange rates

Different providers offer different exchange rates, and added markups can be included in individual quotes, making exchange rate margins harder to spot. Therefore, comparing the rates offered by different providers is a sure fire way to guarantee the best possible value for your currency pairing. Use our comparison tool to check out the mid-market rate for USD/CAD.

Receiving fees

When sending money from the USA to Canada, be aware of the fact some banks and financial institutions will charge a receiving fee. This should be considered when assessing the overall cost of your money transfer.

Choosing the best service provider

We want to find you the ideal service to suit your money transfer needs, no matter what your priorities are, and we believe exceptional global transfer services should not have to come with a huge price-tag. The fastest provider is WorldRemit, transfers from this provider normally take less than a day. The cheapest money transfer provider we found is Wise at 0.9% Above Mid-Market Rate.

If you’re looking for the best combination of price, speed, and reliability we recommend using XE when transferring USD to CAD. 

This means that by using XE for online money transfers to Canada from United States, you are likely to save on transfer fees and benefit from fast speeds – so your recipient will get more money and have it delivered in less time.

Alternatively, if you are unable to access XE for any reason, our comparison engine has found Wise and CurrencyFair also to be very good options when sending USD – CAD.

This recommendation was updated one minute ago.

The cheapest way to send money from United States to Canada

Wise has been determined by our comparison engine to currently offer you the cheapest rates possible.

Get the Best Rate and Sign Up for Rate Alerts United States to Canada

The fastest way to send money from United States to Canada

When sending money from United States to Canada, speed is one of the biggest factors you need to consider in terms of the service offered by different money transfer providers. 

Currently, WorldRemit is the fastest way to send USD – CAD

Top 3 ways to send money to Canada from the USA for free

Using our money transfer comparison tool we identified the best money transfer specialists who can help you send money to Canada from the USA, free of charge:

# Provider Compare Providers
1 XE Compare XE
2 KeyCurrency Compare KeyCurrency
3 WorldRemit Compare WorldRemit

1. XE 

This money transfer provider tops the list by offering an USD/CAD exchange rate closest to the mid-market rate, with no transfer fees and no transfer limit. XE is one of the most reputable companies in the money transfer market and i known for being fee-free. 

Sending money to Canada using XE can be initiated instantly, with the funds deposited within 1 – 2 hours. In addition to this, customers are able to pay for the transfer via bank transfer or debit card. 

2. KeyCurrency 

The second money transfer provider we recommend for sending money to Canada from the USA for free is KeyCurrency.

As a currency specialist, KeyCurrency offers bank beating exchange rates for USD/CAD, with zero transfer fees. Using this provider, funds can be easily sent to Canada via bank transfer, delivered within 1 – 2 hours, making this remittance not only free but fast too.

If you’re still not sure, check out what other customers had to say about their services, by visiting their TrustPilot profile, where they boast a star rating of 4.8/5.

3. WorldRemit

The final money transfer provider on our list of free money transfer services for sending money to Canada from the US, is WorldRemit

As a global platform, WorldRemit is well versed in offering first class foreign exchange rates and in this case, their quote matched the mid-market rate. A flat fee of around $3.99 is typically charged for their transfer services, however, the company have a new customer incentive which makes the first 3 transfers fee-free. Testing out WorldRemit’s services (3 times) before forking out for any transfer fees. 

WorldRemit will deposit funds to your Canadian recipient within 1 – 2 hours and accepts credit and debit cards for payment.

What payment methods are available when sending money from United States to Canada?

Most money transfer providers allow you to deposit and send money using various payment methods, but not all providers offer multiple options. Typically you’ll find the most common methods are bank transfers and card payments, but some providers also accept cash and will even deliver funds straight to your recipient’s door

Sending money to Canada from United States using credit card

To avoid high fees you can opt to use an online money transfer provider such as Wise to pay for your transfer to Canada.

Sending money to Canada from United States using a debit card

With XE you can send money online to Canada using your debit card. But before making a payment, make sure you understand all the processing fees in place. 

Using a wire transfer to send money from United States to Canada

Bank and wire transfers are the most common ways of sending money Canada as they are secure, reliable, and convenient. However, they often come with the slowest delivery times in case speed is an important factor for you. You can use XE to send money using a bank or wire transfer at a great rate as long as you’re happy for your transfer to take 1-2 days. 

If you want to make an international transfer using wire transfer, you will need to know the SWIFT/BIC code of your recipient in Canada. If you’re unsure what it is, check out our SWIFT calculator to figure out the correct SWIFT code in Canada.

When sending money to Canada from United States using bank account transfer you are paying for the outgoing fees, flat fees, currency exchange rate markup, and sometimes an additional incoming transfer fee. 

On the other hand, you usually only pay a sender fee and a small exchange rate markup when using online money transfer services such as XE, Wise and CurrencyFair.

Considerations for a USD – CAD Currency Transfer

Before sending money to Canada from United States, you should consider the following:

  1. The amount you want to transfer: It is likely that the more money you send to Canada the more value you will get and more CAD the recipient will receive. This is because any flat fee charged ends up as a smaller percentage of your transfer amount, and also because many providers allow you to negotiate a better exchange rate margin if sending large amounts.
  2. The USD – CAD exchange rate margin: Money transfer providers charge a small percentage on top of the mid-market exchange rates in order to generate revenue. Current mid market rate is 1.38327 and the lowest exchange rate margin is currently offered by XE at 0.9% above the mid market rate.
  3. Hidden fees & charges: Before sending money to Canada, make sure the provider you are using doesn’t charge any hidden fees. Our reviews of the top ranked providers XE, Wise and CurrencyFair will give insight here.

How to send money from United States to Canada at the best rate?

This one’s easy. Simply use our comparison table above to find the best provider to send USD to CAD. After that it’s just a process of making your transfer via the following steps:

  1. Click “Visit Site” inside our comparison table
  2. Register for an account if required
  3. Input how much you are willing to send
  4. Fund your transfer
  5. Receive & save an email confirming your transfer

How to receive transfers from USD to CAD in Canada?

Your recipient has a few methods available to receive your money in Canada. These will vary between providers, but it is possible to find services that will:

If your recipient is going to collect or have the money delivered to them in Canada, then they will usually need the following:

How much money can be transferred from United States to Canada?

The amount of CAD you can receive from United States will largely depend on the money transfer service you are using. There are providers that specialise in smaller remittance payments, and providers who specialise in larger transfers. 

You should also check if there are any government regulations pertaining to the amount of CAD that can be received in Canada or sent from United States before making your transfer.

Bottom line

There are plenty of money transfer providers who can assist with sending money to Canada from the USA for free, you just need to shop around for the best deal. As well as the three money transfer providers listed above, we would also recommend using TorFX, as two highly rated specialist companies offering fantastic exchange rates with minimal transfer fees. Check out our reviews of the biggest and best international money transfer companies here.

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