Commercial Policy exists to take the cost and difficulty out of sending money across the globe. We have a responsibility to provide value to our users and make their lives easier. We offer our comparison service and our expertly crafted content at no cost.

Our users receives over 800,000 visitors a month from across the world. Our content is published and translated into seven languages, and our traffic predominantly comes from America, Europe and Asia.

We have a large and engaged audience of users who are interested in moving their money around. Some are in the early research stages, learning about remittance terminology, how the market works, and discovering pitfalls to avoid. Others are actively seeking to find a money transfer provider, and are interested in who has the best rates, lowest fees, fastest transfers and best overall customer experience.

We aim to bring all the important information to our users, no matter what stage they're at.

Commission models

We have different affiliate commission models at, including CPA, CPL, CPC and flat fee.

Advertising options available

If you want to advertise with, we’ll work together to help promote your brand. We offer the following types of advertisements:

  • Banners

  • Native content

  • Reviews

  • Listings

Advertising disclosure

Our tables are organised based on a combination of factors that includes the score given in their review and the value when using them to make a transfer. Some but not all of our tables have sponsored positions at the top.

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Artiom Pucinskij
Artiom Pucinskij
Artiom is a marketing graduate from the University of Portsmouth, Artiom’s primary experience is in SEO but he has a broad knowledge of all facets of digital marketing. He optimises the organic experience on with the content team, manages and creates unique marketing tactics, and generally supports the overall growth of the website.