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Current Exchange Rates For Poland

As of the time this was written, the exchange rate for the Polish Zloty (PLN) is 3.8690 PLN per American Dollar (USD). The PLN reached a 90-day high of 4.0154 PLN per USD, with a low of 3.7780 PLN per USD. The average exchange rate over the last 90 days was 3.9130 PLN per USD.

The PLN has held an average volatility of 0.58% against the USD for the last 90 days. The PLN has remained relatively stable after slowly accruing significant value in April and May of 2018. While the Polish Zloty is not among the most stable currencies, you can reasonably expect only minor fluctuations going forward, barring unforeseen circumstances.

What’s The Fastest Way To Send Money To Poland?

The fastest ways to transfer money to Poland are the fast services of Ria Money Transfer and Xoom. Because Ria Money Transfer is cheaper for Poland, we will recommend looking into them. Either way, with Xoom or Ria Money Transfer, you can expect your money to reach its Polish destination in a matter of minutes.

Ria Money Transfer is very fast when it comes to sending money online. Barring strange circumstances, it should take less than an hour to send funds to Poland. Keep in mind that Ria Money Transfer offers slightly less than average pricing. If you are willing to wait you can spend significantly less to transfer money to Poland in 1-2 days with TransferWise or OFX.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Send Money To Poland?

The cheapest way to transfer funds to PLN is through OFX if you are in the US. They don’t charge any upfront fees for transactions from the US. Their hidden currency conversion fees are significantly smaller when compared to the competition. In the end, if the price is your main concern, you won’t find better rates than those offered by OFX

In most other cases, TransferWise is the cheapest option. TransferWise is fairly consistent with their lower prices, and Poland is no exception for them. With TransferWise, you can always expect a flat upfront fee. The fee may seem slightly high at first, but this is completely offset by their absence of hidden currency conversion costs. They are pretty fast and easy to use, too. Transactions take 1-2 days to be completed, and sending money takes 3 very short steps.

What’s The Easiest Way To Send Money To Poland?

The easiest ways to transfer funds to POL (Poland) are through either PayPal or TransferWise. Both services make it very easy to send money online to Poland. Because it is both a cheaper and faster option, we would recommend TransferWise over PayPal.

With TransferWise, all you need to do is tap the amount of money being sent and the destination. After that, you pay TransferWise for the transaction and the money reaches the destination in a day or two.

What’s The Overall Best Way To Send Money To Poland?

The overall best way to send money online to Poland is through TransferWise. They offer a good, generic service that happens to have very good rates for Poland as well. When you consider its cost, speed, and ease of use, TransferWise is the best option for sending money online. TrnsferWise is also the best option for sending money to China, Mexico and Pakistan.