Editorial Policy

At, we want to help people find the best deals available when sending money overseas. To make that as straightforward as possible, our aim is to help users navigate the world of finance and money transfers using our detailed insight and guidance.

This page sets out the values and principles we uphold at when we publish content, to ensure our users have the most accurate information available to make the most informed decisions. Learn more about on our ‘about us’ page.

Our editorial values & principles always aims to provide accurate, straightforward and unbiased information about finance and remittance. We do this by following our core values that have stayed with us since the very beginning:

  • Accuracy: We ensure the information we provide is accurate and up-to-date, thoroughly researched, and reviewed by our fact checkers

  • Inclusivity: We don’t use complicated jargon, we just provide simple and straightforward guidance that serves everyone regardless of age, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical and mental ability and religion

  • Sincerity: We are committed to only publishing unbiased, transparent content that puts our customers first so they can make informed decisions

Code of ethics

We have high ethical and moral standards at; all journalists, writers and editors uphold the four principle foundations of ethical journalism as laid out by the Society of Professional Journalists:

  • Seek the truth and report it

  • Minimize harm

  • Act independently

  • Be accountable and transparent

We also adhere to the Code of Ethics set out by the Association for Business Journalists. is not intended to provide financial advice of any kind, and is not designed to be a substitute for a licensed attorney, accountant, financial advisor or any other certified professional - all content is for informational purposes only.

Editorial and publishing process

Our team of expert writers and editors produce and manage the content on, and are constantly evaluating all articles, guides and reviews to ensure information stays accurate and relevant. Any out-of-date information is reviewed and updated, or if necessary rewritten or removed.

We only use trusted and reliable sources for our content, and we verify them at every step of the editorial and publishing process.

We never make recommendations for you to buy or sell anything - we only provide information in the shape of analysis, news, guides and reviews. This is with the aim of helping our users make well-informed decisions with their money.

We should explain that we have our high quality writers and editors, who does what, and what processes we follow.

Review process

All our provider reviews are transparent, honest and unbiased, as well as being thoroughly researched and fact-checked. The types of reviews we publish are:

  • Money transfer provider reviews with star ratings determined by our thorough and detailed scoring methodology developed by industry experts

  • Provider comparisons with no star ratings that provide an honest side-by-side look at different money transfer providers based on speed, price, locations and more

  • Money transfer app reviews with no star ratings, that offer an in-depth look at different apps - carefully researched and edited by our team

  • Bank and challenger bank reviews with no star ratings, that give a detailed summary of different banks and the accounts they offer

Quality standards

All content published on adheres to our extremely high quality standards; to ensure this, we place high focus on every part of the publishing process.


We ensure everything we write is thoroughly researched before publishing so we can provide the most accurate information.


Our writers are experts in their field, with plenty of experience and industry knowledge that helps them provide key insights.


All content is edited to the highest grammatical standards, ensuring everything on is simple, straightforward and easy to understand.


The fact-checking stage is integral to our publishing process, and helps us keep all the information in our guides, articles and reviews is on the money.


Content is published on-site and the date-of-update is always changed to reflect this, so you know our articles and guides are full of the latest information.

Monitor and review

We monitor and review all pages to stay on top of inaccurate information or errors and seek to correct them immediately.

Assessing our contributors

At we have a network of expert writers that contribute content to our website. We interview all writers and ensure their work goes through the stringent process outlined above.

However, all our writers’ opinions are their own, and do not reflect the views held by and its shareholders. If any content is published that falls short of our high editorial standards, we will ensure it is removed or edited immediately - and will reassess our relationship with the writer responsible.

Advertising disclosure

Our tables are organised based on a combination of factors that includes the score given in their review and the value when using them to make a transfer. Some but not all of our tables have sponsored positions at the top.

All advertising and sponsored content on is clearly distinguishable from editorial content or identified as an ‘Advertisement’ or ‘Sponsored’. This or a similar designation indicates the content is provided by or on behalf of a sponsor. This is also true for all native ads and paid content.

All editorial content on is not influenced by advertisement unless it is sponsored, in which case it will clearly be demarcated and identified with ‘Advertisement’, ‘Sponsored’ or a similar designation.

In some cases editorial content may contain links to partners for which receives an affiliate commission. The placement of these links is not influenced by payment and editorial reserves the right to change, modify or remove at any time to provide our users with the best experience.

Find our commercial policy, privacy policy and risk disclaimer. See our terms and conditions here.

How makes money

We generate revenue through partnerships with selected money transfer providers listed on our site. Rest assured, these partnerships will not affect your fees when using a money transfer provider, and we guarantee all affiliate providers are trusted and regulated.

We will never ask you for money or charge any subscription fee: all MoneyTransfers content is free and available to anyone who needs it.

How can I contact the editorial team?

To contact our editorial team, you can email us at - find more details on our contact page.

Jonathan Merry
Jonathan Merry
Jonathan is the founder and editor of Jonathan is highly experienced in the currency transfer market, having previously worked in the FX trading industry, alongside being an avid traveller. Using his knowledge he identified a need for transparency and further education to help people save money on their money transfers, leading to the creation of