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Elizabeth is a financial journalist working in global markets across the world. Specialisms include personal finance and property.

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Only 6.6% Of US Wealth Is in the Hands of Millenials

If you’re a millennial (people born between 1981 and 1996), the epidemic may have made you considerably wealthier than you were previously. According to MoneyTransfers.com, millennials account for only 6.6% of America’s wealth. However, they are catching up to other generations as their total net worth has doubled since the first quarter of 2020. Since […]

Elizabeth | 2 minutes | Friday, 12th August

Almost Two-Thirds of Europe’s High Net Worth Individuals Intend to Spend More on Leisure and Hotels in 2022

Europe’s high net worth individuals (HNWI) intend to splash on leisure and hotels in 2022. According to MoneyTransfers’ data analysis, 62% of HNWIs plan to spend more on those two things. The main drivers of this increase in spending are a desire for better quality leisure experiences and the expanding global travel market. MoneyTransfers CEO […]

Elizabeth | 2 minutes | Thursday, 11th August

Individual Stocks Were Q2’s Go-to Investments For 69% of Traders

When you invest in a stock, you essentially buy a piece of a company. You become a shareholder, and your goal is to make money by selling your shares for more than you paid. Individual stocks are just one of the many different types of investments that you can make with your money. According to […]

Elizabeth | 2 minutes | Monday, 8th August

Electric Cars Now Account For 10% Of All Passenger Car Registrations in the EU in Q2’22

Electric vehicles (EV) are taking over the transport sector in Europe. According to MoneyTransfers.com, battery electric cars (BEV) now account for 10% of all European Union (EU) passenger car registrations in Q2’22. MoneyTransfers.com finds this interesting as it shows how Europe is working to reduce its carbon emissions by transitioning to electric vehicles. That will […]

Elizabeth | 2 minutes | Thursday, 28th July

Fintech Funding Fell 33% QoQ and 46% YoY to $20.4B in Q2’22

Financial Technology (Fintech) is an umbrella term describing the various innovative technologies and services emerging in the financial sector. It provides new opportunities for people to access financial services, save money, and make investment decisions. The industry has seen a decline in funding in the second quarter of 2022, raising concerns about its future. According […]

Elizabeth | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 27th July

US Bankruptcies Among Companies Have Fallen by 43.1% Since 2020

According to a MoneyTransfers analysis, the number of American companies filing for bankruptcy has declined since 2020. The site has presented data showing the number of American companies filing for chapter 11 in Q1 2020 was 23,114. These have shrunk to 13,160 by the end of Q1 2022. That’s a 43.1% decrease in the number […]

Elizabeth | 2 minutes | Friday, 22nd July

TikTok App’s Lifetime Consumer Spending Surpasses the $3.7B Mark

The restrictions of the epidemic have resulted in an increase in demand for social media applications today. Businesses are investing heavily in social apps to understand their consumers better to improve sales and presence. TikTok is one of the most well-known social media applications with a massive user base. Due to the pandemic, TikTok saw […]

Elizabeth | 2 minutes | Thursday, 21st July

Meta Platforms’ Profit per Employee of $497,338 Highest Among the Big Techs

A company’s profit per employee ratio is a key metric that can give insight into the business’s overall health. One can use it to compare different companies in the same industry. A high profit per employee ratio indicates that a company is efficient and effective in its use of labor. In contrast, a low ratio […]

Elizabeth | 2 minutes | Monday, 18th July

Over 70 Million Global Citizens are Staring at Poverty

The Russia-Ukraine war has led to several serious repercussions, not least of which is the rising energy and food prices. That’s a problem affecting people across the income spectrum, but it hits those at the lower end particularly hard. According to a MoneyTransfers analysis, over 70M people globally are staring at unprecedented personal hardships. The […]

Elizabeth | 2 minutes | Tuesday, 12th July

UBS Bank Records the Highest Return on Equity in Europe at 12.96%

UBS bank is the highest-performing European bank in terms of return on equity. According to a MoneyTransfers analysis, the bank’s ROE was 12.96% for Q1 2022. That figure is almost 3% higher than the second-best bank, BBVA. UBS owes this high performance to its strategy of focusing on its core competencies and selective expansion into […]

Elizabeth | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 6th July