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Most international money transfers require a currency conversion. This process is typically automated by the money transfer service or bank. However, you need to know where to find the best FX rates to get the best deal. This hub page is an excellent resource for understanding currency conversions. Read to the end to learn about the top 3 companies you can use today to send money with competitive currency conversion rates.
Guide to Business Currency Exchange for International Transfers
At a glance…  Exchange rates dictate the amount of foreign currency that one currency can buy or sell; for example, the current exchange rate of GBP to USD at the time of writing is 1:1.3853799. The value of a currency will therefore affect the amount of money it can be exchanged for and this means […]
Top 5 FX Partners for International Business Transfers
What exactly is an FX partner? The term FX partner, or forex partner, is used to describe a company’s affiliation with a third-party trader that specialises in foreign exchange. How does an international business transfer work? An international business transfer is the process of moving money from one account to another account in a different […]
Euro Transfers
Making euro transfers is easier than ever before, with international money transfer providers offering multiple payment options, prices and delivery methods. For those who have never sent an international money transfer to Europe, this type of transaction might feel like a foreign concept. In this guide, we will provide an overview of what to expect when sending Euro transfers, including information on the financial systems which have been designed to make things easier.
Currency Transfer
We take our role as money transfer advisors very seriously and we want to equip our customers with as much insider knowledge as possible, so they know what to expect. Here you will find out all about currency transfers, how to find the best deal and the most commonly transferred currency pairings. 
Forward Contract
This guide discuss all you need to know when using a Forward Contract.
How to find the best money transfer rates
This guide will show you the factors that determine money transfer rates, and what you need to know before sending money abroad.
Provider Rates
Money Transfer Provider Rates Feb 2020 Mid-Market Rates Currency Pair Rate Date of Collection GBP to USD 1.2889 28/02/20 GBP to EUR 1.1686 28/02/20 GBP to USD 1.2820 01.03.2020 GBP to EUR 1.1629 01.03.2020 GBP to USD 1.2771 03.03.2020 GBP to EUR 1.1491 03.03.2020 Provider Rates Bank Currency Pair Amount Margin Fee Rate Last Updated […]
What is the Mid Market Rate?
We present ideas as to why the mid market rate matters, and how an understanding of it can help save you money in the future.
How to Find the Best Exchange Rate
This guide will take you through how to find and secure the best exchange rates, when sending money abroad.
How the Economy Affects Money Transfers
The economy can heavily affect money transfers. We present an explanation why and how to manage risks in economic events.
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Currency transfer guides
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