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Zelle® App Review

Zelle® App Review

Zelle is a peer-to-peer mobile app used for money transfers between trusted contacts. This US-based company is different to other money transfer providers functioning as a built-in service compatible with online and mobile banking platforms. Integrated with hundreds of banks and credit unions across the United States, Zelle has over 100 million users across the continent.

What is the Zelle app?

Zelle is a peer-to-peer money transfer app which was launched in the United States in 2017. Relatively new to the market, the Zelle app is fast, safe and easy to use, supporting US-only transactions. Any customers searching for a service which facilitates cross-border payments should check out our reviews of other companies to discover the best option for their needs.

Zelle is different to other money transfer apps because it also functions as an integrated service within customers’ existing online banking accounts. Depending on which US bank or credit union you hold an account with, Zelle makes it easy to transfer money: simply log into your online banking and select Send Money with Zelle. If your bank supports Zelle payments you will be able to utilise the service for free. In terms of features, Zelle is a basic service primarily used to send, request and receive money.

How do I get the Zelle app?

You can download the Zelle app for free; it is available from the Google Play Store and App Store and is compatible with iOS or Android.

Can I make international transfers with the Zelle app?

No, it is currently not possible to make international transfers using Zelle. At the time of writing - May 2021 - Zelle offers domestic money wire transfers only.

How does the Zelle app perform?

In this section we will review the overall performance of the Zelle app for those using the service to send money transfers, instead of using the built-in service accessible via their online banking.

User interface - The Zelle app is bright and colourful, and the user experience is very straightforward. Users will be prompted to verify and review data several times before submitting a transfer, as Zelle payments cannot be cancelled or retrieved.

Speed and bugs - The Zelle app is swift and efficient; it’s minimalist design will take up very little storage space on your device. The design is intuitive, with experienced users reporting money transfers can be set up in under a minute.

Zelle Pay Exchange rates and fees

Unfortunately, Zelle’s money transfers are only for the US domestic market. You can send money from one US bank to another. However, if the recipient is abroad and can access their US bank account there, you can get them the money they need.

Zelle is a free payments app, which makes it a bit different from most money transfer services. Essentially, Zelle Pay facilitates transactions between bank accounts. This makes their fee structure a bit different as well.

Exchange rate

All Zelle transactions are conducted in US Dollars. There is no possibility for currency exchange markups. It’s just one US Dollar for one US Dollar.

Transfer fees

Zelle Pay does not charge any fees for its service. However, you will need to check with your bank to see if they are charging any service fees.

How do Zelle Pay transfer fees compare to using other money transfer providers?

While Zelle lacks many of the features and transfer possibilities of other money transfer providers, most of those other providers aren’t free. If you just need to transfer money between US bank accounts, $0.00 is the best deal you’ll find.

Zelle Pay pros and cons


Free transfers between US bank accounts.
Strong security makes Zelle a safe option for US bank transfers.
Fast transfer speeds add even more to the free bank transfers Zelle offers.
For services you can’t get with Zelle, you can look at the list of integrations possible with the app. There are many banking apps that can be connected with Zelle.


While there is good security for transfers, there is no fraud support if something slides through the cracks. This is made worse by the fact that some transactions can’t be canceled.
You can only conduct bank transfers between US accounts. While Zelle offers a fast and free option, it’s the only option they offer.
Credit cards are not accepted.

How to open account, send and receive money with the Zelle app

Before arranging a money transfer, head to the Zelle website to check if your banking institution or credit union supports this money transfer provider. Alternatively, you can check your online banking account, to see if the Zelle payments option is available. Creating a Zelle account takes a matter of minutes and requires an email address or phone number.

Opening an account with Zelle

Zelle comes included with the main apps from many US banks. Because it’s already integrated, you don’t need to download it separately.

If your bank doesn’t come with Zelle, you can download one of their apps.

After you download the app, follow the instructions for sending money. Zelle’s separate apps are easy to use and intuitively designed.

Sending money with Zelle through your bank

Step 1. Log into your online banking account and tap the Send Money with Zelle option: this option will appear under the Quick Pay with Zelle option in some mobile banking apps.

Step 2. Next you will need to Select Recipient by clicking Add in the top right corner. At this point you will be asked to enter the personal details of your recipient; this includes their name, email address or phone number. It is also possible to import these details on mobile banking apps, by clicking Add From Contact List. This is the easier option if you already have your recipient's contact details saved on your device.

Step 3. Enter the amount you wish to send to your recipient, select the account you wish to send funds from, when you would like the payment to be sent and whether it will be a repeat payment. There is also the option to add a Memo: a note referring to the reason for payment. Once complete, tap Send Money.

Step 4. The final step will require you to review the data in full - an important step considering Zelle payments cannot be cancelled once sent - before submitting the money transfer by selecting Send.

Sending money with the Zelle app

Step 1. Open the Zelle app and connect your bank or credit union by entering the institution's name in the Find Your Bank search bar at the top. If your bank is found, you will be prompted to Go to Your Banking App: you will be able to follow the steps in the previous section to send your money transfer this way.

Step 2. If your financial institution isn’t found you can choose to send money with the Zelle app by entering your debit card information to fund the payment.

Step 3. The rest of the process is identical to the aforementioned Sending money with Zelle through your bank: add the recipient, enter the amount you wish to send to your recipient, choose when you would like the payment to be sent and whether it will be a repeat payment. There will also be the option to add a Memo: a note referring to the reason for payment. Once complete, tap Send Money.

Step 4. The final step will require you to review the data in full - Zelle payments cannot be cancelled once sent - before submitting the money transfer by selecting Send.

Receiving money with the Zelle app

Requesting money with Zelle follows the same process as sending money: add recipient, enter the amount and where you want the funds to be deposited. When receiving money with the Zelle app, funds will be deposited into the chosen account.

If your bank does not offer Zelle services, you will be given the option to download the Zelle app and enrol using email or mobile number, entering the debit card you would like the funds to be deposited to. Once enrolled, the funds will be sent directly to this account.

Other features

The Zelle Pay interface also allows you to request money or split purchases. All you need to do is click a few options on the Zelle interface. For splitting purchases, you just type in the full cost and choose who you’re splitting the cost with.

How long does it take to send through the Zelle app?

If your recipient banks with a financial institution that supports Zelle, they will receive the money transfer within minutes, the funds automatically deposited into their chosen account.

However, if your recipient does not bank with a support financial institution, they will receive the money within 1 - 2 days. These customers will receive an SMS or email with instructions on how to collect her money.

Can you add money directly to the Zelle app?

Some money transfer apps provide digital wallet features which include the ability to hold cash; funds are pulled directly from this balance when sending or receiving a money transfer. This is not the case with Zelle; funds are pulled directly from the bank or card connected to the users account.

Customer service details for users of Zelle Pay

You are supposed to call your financial institution for assistance with Zelle. Most banks’ mobile apps or online accounts offer support. Normally, you call the number on the back of your debit card that you use with Zelle.

If your bank or other financial institution doesn’t offer Zelle, you can call the company directly at:

+1 501-748-8506

Customer feedback and ratings of the Zelle app

At the time of writing (May 2021) the Zelle app is highly rated online: receiving 4.8 out of 5 on the App Store and 4.2 on the Google Play Store. Positive feedback includes praise for the instant delivery of money transfers, easy installation and sign up process, and convenient for everyday spending. Negative feedback includes criticism related to authentication issues, lack of customer support and limited features when compared to competitors like Cash App.

Other apps to send money abroad


After reviewing the basic features of this money transfer app we have come to the conclusion this is a service best suited to customers making payments among acquaintances. If you need to split a bill among friends, request funds from a family member or set up a recurring payment with your roommate, Zelle is a simple and safe way to go. If you are sending money to a foreign bank account or transferring a large sum of money overseas this is not the service provider for you.

We recommend customers with these financial requirements check out our comparison engine to find the best money transfer option. MoneyTransfers is a great resource for individuals and businesses across the world, and we provide in-depth reviews on leading global money transfer operators to make things easier for all our customers.

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