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We focus on finding the most important topics for expats living in different countries around the world and turn them into simple, digestible and informative guides for our users. We provide impartial advice on a range of issues and challenges expats face regularly and cover everything from cost of living through to tax implications.

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Expats – Getting Married
Why get married abroad? If you are looking to exchange vows surrounded by your closest family and friends in a private stunning location, getting married abroad can give you an unforgettable experience. Many people dream about the most stunning and romantic locations for years and living out the fantasy is the perfect way to start […]
Top 20 Italy Expat Blogs
Italy is a nation-state in Southern Europe where many expatriated people choose to settle, whether it be to study, work or retire. The country is known for its iconic historical sites, globally revered gastronomy and favourable Mediterranean weather; but there is a lot more to Italy than these well-known attributes. In our Top 20 guide to Italy Expat Blogs we will be exploring the different types of lives led by expats who have chosen to emigrate to Italy. 
Top 35 Blogs for Remittance Advice
In this list we have picked out the very best online resources for free remittance advice; regardless of the purpose, size or destination of your transfer.
Top 10 International Car Shipping Companies
Moving abroad can be costly and complicated, and if you are taking your car with you, the costs and complications can feel like they’re multiplying. In the interest of simplifying the process of relocating overseas, car in tow, we have put together this list of the Top 10 International Car Shipping Companies.
Top 10 International Removals Companies
Organising a move can be stressful enough, so uprooting to an entirely new country altogether comes with its own unique obstacles. Whether you are moving your family, your business or on your own, there are a lot of things to consider. To make matters easier we have put together a comprehensive list of the Top 10 International Removals Companies, in the hope we can alleviate some of the stress.
Top 30 Asia Expat Blogs
Many of our readers discover MoneyTransfers.com during the research phase of planning a trip or move overseas. For this reason, we write our expat guides with our readers in mind, providing as much useful information as possible on areas relating to not only finances – such as international money transfers and foreign exchange – but also practical advice relating to overseas adventures. Here we have carefully hand-picked 30 Asia travel blogs written by a string of worldly expats, in the hopes that they will prove insightful, educational and entertaining for our readers.
Top 15 Germany Expat Blogs
Have you been thinking about making the move to Germany recently? Known as a modern, diverse country with a strong economy, excellent public infrastructure, and home to so much more great food than just Bratwurst and beer (although there’s nothing wrong with either of those!), Germany is an increasingly popular destination for expats.
Top 10 Latin America Expat Blogs
The countries that make up Latin America are a natural choice for would-be expats. With low costs of living, pleasant climates, and diverse landscapes, expats of all backgrounds are guaranteed to find a way of life that suits them – but where to even begin?
Top 20 France Expat Blogs
Life as an expat can be an exciting adventure, offering up new life experiences and opportunities that you would never encounter at home. However, it can also be difficult to adjust to life in a country where you don’t speak the local language and aren’t completely sure where to go and what to see. The […]
Guide to Moving to and Living in Japan as an Expat
Moving to Japan Expat Guide Japan has a population of over 126 million people, the vast majority of whom live in urban areas creating densely populated cities that mean space is at a real premium (and therefore expensive!).  Despite the higher living costs, Japan offers an exciting and fascinating experience for expats from all over […]
Guide to Moving to and Living in Germany as an Expat
Moving to Germany Expat Guide Germany is an exciting and affordable place to live, with many expats from the EU and the rest of the world choosing to settle down here either for a couple of years for employment, or to simply enjoy living in one of Europe’s most populous countries. Germany is known for […]
Guide to Moving to and Living in the USA as an Expat
Moving to USA Expat Guide The USA is a popular destination for expats to move to and, as the land of opportunities, it lives up to its name as really offering something for everyone. Roughly the size of Europe, the USA is home to a vast array of different landscapes, climates, cultures, and cities.  Moving […]
Living in China: A Guide to Moving to and Living in China as an Expat
Moving to China Expat Guide Moving to China as a foreigner can present a number of challenges for expats. The country is known for having a long and proud cultural history spanning thousands of years, and the cultural differences expats experience when living in China can be a huge shock at first and difficult to […]
A Guide to Moving and Living Abroad in Bahrain as an Expat
Moving to Bahrain Expat Guide Bahrain is an archipelago of over 30 islands, the main three of which are linked by bridges and causeways. The largest island, Bahrain Island, can be driven across in around half an hour, so this small country is easy to get familiar with quickly. Bahrain is known to be one […]
A Guide to International Bank Transfers for Expats
How do I make an international bank transfer? An international bank transfer refers to the process of sending money from a bank account in one country, to another bank account in a different country. A wire transfer is something slightly different; read our Guide to Wire Transfers to learn more.  An international bank transfer will […]
Guide to Living and Moving to Costa Rica as an Expat
Moving to Costa Rica Expat Guide Located in Central America, Costa Rica borders Nicaragua and Panama and connects North and South America. The country has is known for having no army and a stable, democratic government and solid economy, with a generally positive and easy-going way of life. Whether you’re seeking adventure, city life, or […]
Guide to Living and Moving To Indonesia as an Expat
Moving to Indonesia Expat Guide Indonesia consists of more than seventeen thousand islands, including Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, and Bali – a tourist and expat favourite for it’s laid-back way of life, beautiful beaches, and trendy eateries. Indonesia remains a popular destination for expats looking to work or retire abroad, offering a diverse range of cultures […]
How to Transfer Money Online as an Expat
What you need to know Different types of financial services are set up to solve different customer problems. Some are designed for individuals, while others focus on the requirements of business owners. Some are the best fit for those making domestic money transfers, while others offer better rates for international transfers in exotic currencies. Some […]
A Guide to Buying Property In Spain
Spain is an extremely popular destination for expats, with thousands of Brits opting to move overseas for the sunny weather, laid back way of life, and beautiful landscapes Spain offers. One of the biggest appeals Spain has to offer is that there really is something for everyone: whether you’re looking for a chic apartment in […]
A Guide to Moving and Living Abroad as an Expat in Spain
Spain’s popularity with expats is largely due to its warm climate, low cost of living, and laid-back lifestyle, while others like the abundance of restaurants, bars, and activities to be found amongst tourist hotspots. If you’re thinking about moving to Spain, there are a number of factors to consider. From making sure you have the […]
Top 25 Blogs from US Expats
There are an estimated 9 million Americans living abroad, with people from all different backgrounds leaving their US roots behind to build a new life overseas. As a result, you can find American expatriates all over the world, with thriving expat communities who can help you through those first daunting steps as an international traveller. […]
A Guide To Moving And Living Abroad in Mexico as an Expat
Moving to Mexico Expat Guide Types of Visas When Moving to Mexico The type of visa you will need to move to Mexico really depends on how long you are planning on staying, and whether you are working in the country or not. A standard tourist ‘visa’ permits you to stay in the country for […]
A Guide To Moving And Living Abroad As An Expat In France
Moving to France Expat Guide France has a population of approximately 67 million, with the Île-de-France Greater Paris region accounting for over 18% of France’s total population. Of that population, there are estimated to be over 6 million foreign residents living in France, many of whom come from elsewhere within the EU.  Of course, Paris […]
Top 20 Blogs From UK Expats
An estimated 5.5 million British people live abroad permanently, creating hubs of UK expats all over the world. While COVID-19 and fears over freedom of movement being impacted due to Brexit may have slowed down the emigration of Brits in the past year or so, moving abroad to seek greener pastures is certainly still on […]
Receiving Inheritance Money From Overseas
In this article, we’ll cover the best way to transfer an inheritance from overseas, tax regulations you need to be aware of (which vary depending on where you are located), and what paperwork you may need to file to avoid double taxation. What’s the best way to receive inheritance money from overseas? When transferring a […]
Thai Expat’s Guide to Living in the UK
If you've moved to the UK from Thailand, we help you save money in your everyday life and when transferring money home.
Money Transfers for Expats
We explore why sending money overseas can be costly and the different money transfer options for expats to save money.

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