72% of Brits Still Prefer Staycations in 2023, Despite Travel Opening Up

More than half of Brits are planning to holiday in the UK in 2023, according to research analysed by, even though global travel restrictions are lifting post-pandemic.

As the travel industry stretches its wings in preparation for post-Covid flight, it is revealed that almost three quarters of people in the UK say they will take a trip in the next 12 months, whether international or domestic.

And while the worldwide travel industry continues to recover, having grown by 60% in 2022, it appears that people in the UK are still leaning towards staycations as their holiday of choice.

What is the perfect UK staycation?

The UK isn’t short of holiday destinations either - from Cornish beaches to Scottish highlands, there’s plenty to see and do. And looking at the numbers, we can reveal that the North West is the most popular destination for a winter staycation in the UK with almost one in five choosing it as their top pick.

It was followed by Scotland (15%), Yorkshire and the Humber (14%), with London surprisingly only clocking in at fourth (13%).

When it comes to deciding where to go, studies show that hotels and dining experiences (57%), local attractions (50%), and beaches (40%) were the most important factors for Brits considering a holiday.

Staycations are still the most popular option for the moment. But the gap between domestic and international travel is closing, with just under half of people in the UK saying they’ll travel abroad in the next year.

Europe remains the favourite for overseas travellers

Despite leaving the European Union, the continent still appeals more than anywhere else to holidaying Brits. According to statistics analysed by the team, Spain topped the charts as the most popular destination since 2019 - followed by France, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

The top non-European nation to make the list was the United States - and the only other was Barbados. Looking outside of the top 15, Japan, Australia, and Thailand were the most popular locations in Asia.

While plenty of Brits may be looking forward to holidaying - more than Australia (69%), Canada (59%), and the USA (55%) - they’re a way behind the poll leaders, the UAE (82%).

Cost of living stunting travel growth

With the wallets and bank accounts stretched for many across the country, it appears that some of the most significant factors preventing people from travelling are the increased cost of travel (59%), the cost of living (56%), and energy prices at home (52%).

Likewise half of Brits are planning more holidays in the UK as a way to reduce the cost of travel and make savings on their trips.

It shouldn’t be that surprising that many people want to holiday in the UK this year. While times are tough for many, people still deserve to enjoy their time off and get away from the every-day. Our island is full of incredible places to visit, beautiful sights to see, and exciting things to do, so it’s always worth considering a staycation.
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