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Keith is a digital specialist with a background in the financial industry, both as a marketeer and a journalist. Keith joined MoneyTransfers.com in order to take the business to the next level and expand our offering in multiple international money transfer markets.

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Ant Group has 400% more funding than any other APAC fintech company

China accounts for 64% of APAC fintech funding India has the most companies funded, but at much lower rates Digital payments drive fintech investment Ant Group, part of the Alibaba group, has $22 billion in funding according to data compiled by MoneyTransfers.com. This is four times more funding than any other fintech company in the […]

Keith Hodges | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 16th March

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Keith Hodges | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 16th March

Half of Canadians want cybersecurity support for Ukraine

Half of Canadian’s think the Government should offer Ukraine cybersecurity and intelligence support to help fight it’s war against Russia. Data compiled by MoneyTransfers.com shows that whilst financial and humanitarian aid are top priority, the need for support in a potential cyber war is also paramount. Data shows that: 59% of Canadians think humanitarian aid […]

Keith Hodges | 2 minutes | Tuesday, 8th March

Owner-occupiers out buying investors in Australia

The value of investor mortgages has increased 61% in 10 years The value of owner-occupier mortgages has increased 77% in 10 years Owner-occupier mortgage market has seen greater increase following Covid-19 According to data compiled by MoneyTransfers.com, the overall value of the owner-occupier mortgage value is growing at a greater rate than investors, with faster […]

Keith Hodges | 2 minutes | Friday, 4th March

Russian SWIFT Removal May Not Impact Government Payments

The removal of Russia through SWIFT may not impact payments to the Government as much as hoped, due to how the Russian payment system works. Data shows just 5% of domestic payments are made through the system, with the majority of transactions carried out in the country coming through the Bank of Russia Payment System […]

Keith Hodges | 2 minutes | Thursday, 3rd March

Tally Money

About Tally Money Tally Money is not officially a bank, but the Financial Conduct Authority regulates it. Transparency and safety are cornerstones of their mission statement as they attempt to provide a fairer financial system. The setup means the funds you hold at Tally Money will not get devalued since they are no tied to […]

Keith Hodges | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 18th August


About Squirrel The app helps avoid going into overdraft and also it can connect with a variety of bank accounts. It’s an app based service that many users are successfully saving money with.  Can I use Squirrel for international bank transfers? Since Squirrel is a money saving app, there is no functionality to send and […]

Keith Hodges | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 18th August


About Soldo The company was founded in 2017 and follows a strict compliance process. They are regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Central Bank of Ireland (CBI).  Can I use Soldo for international bank transfers? Yes, it’s possible to send money internationally using Soldo. The details depend on where you are […]

Keith Hodges | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 18th August


About Osper Osper was founded in 2012 and has raised $11.2 million in funding. A few of the investors include Horizon Ventures, Index Ventures, Techstars and Right Side Capital Management.  Can I use Osper for international bank transfers? You cannot use Osper for international bank transfers. But you can make payments using the debit card. […]

Keith Hodges | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 18th August


About GoHenry Bank The app launched in 2012 and is offered for free during the first month in the UK and US. GoHenry is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can trust the legitimacy of the app.  Can I use GoHenry for international bank transfers? GoHenry is simply a debit card service without […]

Keith Hodges | 2 minutes | Wednesday, 18th August