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Cash Takes The Top-Spot As Most Wanted Christmas Gift Worldwide

Cash Takes The Top-Spot As Most Wanted Christmas Gift Worldwide

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The cost of living crisis experienced across the globe in 2022 has undeniably leaked into Christmas gift-lists, as finds that the number one most-desired gift in numerous countries is cash or money transfers.

Gone are the days where loved ones ask for DVDs, a new shirt, or the latest perfume; in 2022, hard cash seems to be what’s valued most. Here, we take a look into the most-wanted gifts in 2022 across the globe.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of, comments:

It may be surprising to some that across the countries reviewed here, every single one lists money transfers as their number one most-wanted Christmas gift. 

Clearly, there has been a shift this year from material possessions, with more people placing value on either the independence to buy what they want – or, a need for cash to hand in  a world of rising costs across the board.”

Most Desired Gifts in the UK

In the UK, it seems that having the freedom to choose one’s own gift is most highly valued, with 44% of respondents selecting cash or bank transfers as their most-desired gift.

There are some clear differences between genders, however. Out of the male respondents, the majority (40%) said they wanted money more than anything else for Christmas, followed by clothing or shoes (36%), and gift cards (33%). Women, however, said they wanted cosmetics, perfume, or body care the most (55%), followed by money (48%), and clothing/shoes (45%).

Most Desired Gifts in the US

There is a similar story in the US. 40% of US respondents surveyed said they most wanted cash or money transfers (40%), followed by gift cards (36%), and clothing or shoes (33%).

Interestingly, however, a separate survey found that clothing is listed amongst the most difficult gifts to find. Taking the top spots as hardest gifts to source were gaming consoles (31%), video games, and smartphones. 

Finally, new data from the US reveals the least desired Christmas gifts in 2022. Overall, it seems a green-fingered gift is not so valued this year, with plants and flowers taking the top spot as least wanted gifts (42.2%). Again, however, opinions differ slightly amongst men and women. Amongst the male respondents, more than half (51%) stated that beauty products would be their least desired gift, followed by plants (48%). Women, on the other hand, would be most disappointed to receive liquor or drinks (40%), and plants or flowers (36%).


Data for the most desired Christmas gifts in Italy was last released in 2021. At that time, clothing, shoes, and accessories were far-and-away the most desired gift, with 44% of respondents selecting this item.

Second most-desired were the gift of a trip or flights (31%), followed by a preference for technology – with 25% selecting the option of smartphones as their most-desired gift.

The most popular Christmas gifts in Germany as of 2022 are also vouchers, giftcards, or money, with 44% of respondents selecting this option. Next up, toys (35%) were the most desired gift, followed by food and confectionery (34%).

Most Wanted Christmas Gifts in Poland

In Poland, the effects of the cost of living crisis continue to be seen. 1 in 3 respondents said they wanted money or shopping vouchers more than anything else for Christmas this year when surveyed. At the bottom of the list, just 8% of respondents said they wanted jewellery.

Most Desired Christmas Gifts in 2022 Around The World

CountryMost Desired Gift #1Most Desired Gift #2Most Desired Gift #3
UKCash or bank transfers (44%)Clothing or shoes (40%)Cosmetics, perfume, body care (39%)
USCash or money transfers (40%)Vouchers/gift cards (36%)Clothing, textiles, shoes (33%)
GermanyVouchers or money (44%)Toys (35%)Food/ confectionary (34%)
ItalyClothing, shoes, accessories (44%)Trips/ flights (31%)Smartphones (25%)
PolandMoney or shopping vouchers (27.3%)Cosmetics and perfume (15.5%)Clothing, apparel, footwear (9.9%)
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