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Monese vs Monzo

Monese Key Features

  • Low fees

Monzo Key Features

  • Fast transfers

Digital challenger banks are changing the face of international bank transfers as we know it, and Monese and Monzo are at the forefront of this revolution. We will be looking at how both companies approach cross-border payments, by reviewing the fees, exchange rates, speed, global coverage and online reputation of each.

About Monese and Monzo

Monese and Monzo are two challenger banks born in Britain, having been founded in London’s financial district; but the similarities don’t stop there. Both companies were launched in 2015 and have been making waves in the world of digital banking over the last six years, each taking on the task of enticing customers away from traditional methods of banking and converting them to online banking alternatives.

Monese was developed as a solution to the obstacles founder Norris Koppel experienced after relocating to the UK from Estonia. He decided to redesign the sign-up process, developing a more inclusive, on-demand banking service that enables all customers to open a fully licensed UK bank account in minutes. The Monese registration process bypasses the traditional banking requirements that request proof of a credit history, fixed income, utility bills and residential address. Instead, Monese is widely accessible to customers around Europe, with all features and services available via the mobile app. The company has since expanded its services to include EUR accounts as well as GBP.

By comparison, Monzo primary function is to provide a peer-to-peer payments platform which is currently only available to customers in the UK. As another cutting-edge app-based challenger bank, Monzo has evolved from an original prototype that served as a pay-as-you-go prepaid card, into an FCA regulated bank offering current accounts, overdrafts and loans, as well as international money transfer services. Monzo founder, Tom Blomfield, worked for competitor challenger bank Starling before deciding to start his own venture.

Having familiarised ourselves with the core characteristics of each brand, it is time for us to take a closer look at the finer details of their international money transfer services.

Which brand has lower fees?


Monese transfer fees are determined by the type of account the customer holds:

  • Classic Account: customers will be charged 0.5% of the transfer amount (or a minimum of £2.00 GBP or equivalent) when sending funds to a non-Monese account

  • Simple Account : customers will be charged 2% of the transfer amount (with a minimum of £2.00 GBP or equivalent) when sending money to a non-Monese account

  • Premium account: these customers benefit from a fee-free service

To ensure transparency Monese displays all fees throughout the transfer process.


Monzo has teamed up with Wise to provide low-cost international money transfers powered by experts in foreign exchange.

Wise transfer fees are based on the type of service the customer chooses from the following transfer options: Low Cost, Advanced or Fast.

Wise fees typically do not amount to more than 0.35 – 0.65% of the transfer amount.

Due to the fact Wise fees are figured out as a percentage of the overall amount, the larger the transfer, the higher the fees.

Monzo makes it easy to review all transfer fees in full, using the app, before making a payment: follow this link to find out more.

And the winner is

Monzo has partnered with money transfer giant Wise in a bid to guarantee the best possible price for their customers. Due to the very low fees charged by Wise, Monzo beats Monese in this department.

Which brand offers better exchange rates?


Monese claims to offer “money-saving exchange rates” at the wholesale mid-market rate.

Upon closer inspection – using the Monese money transfer tool – it would appear this is not entirely accurate, as most currency pairings incur a small markup. However, the amount of the markup will vary depending on the type of account you have with Monese.

The average markup amounts to 1 – 2% above the mid-market rate which is more competitive than the 4 – 6% markup applied to most other international bank transfers.


Due to their partnership, Monzo customers can take full advantage of the competitive and transparent exchange rates offered by Wise. This means, in most cases, customers will receive an exchange rate that is almost identical to the mid-market rate.

Our research indicates an average exchange rate spread of 0.05 – 0.5% is added to most foreign currency transfers.

And the winner is

Thanks to their savvy partnership with Wise, Monzo has won in this department too, proving to be the best value option out of the two brands.

Which brand covers more locations?


Monese accounts are available to customers in the following 9 European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK; with the bank striving to expand its reach to support additional international markets.

Sending currencies are limited to EUR, GBP and RON, but there are 34 different receiving currencies to choose from.


Monzo is exclusively available to customers in the UK. However, thanks to their partnership with Wise, it is possible for users to send money overseas to 34 countries. As a UK based entity, Monzo is included in the SEPA zone, making Euro transfers the easiest and most popular type of international transfer set up by customers.

And the winner is

Monese caters to multiple European markets as well as matching Monzo’s 34 sending countries. This means customers banking with Monese are able to send and receive money in more places around the world than Monzo customers.

Which is faster?


There are different transfer speeds available with Monese, these are as follows:

  • Money transfers made within the UK using the Faster Payments option will reach the recipient instantly

  • International money transfers sent to SEPA countries before 11 a.m. CET will be completed within the same day; after 11am the transfer will take approximately one business day to arrive

  • International money transfers outside of the SEPA zone will take around two to four business days to reach the recipient


International money transfers sent with Wise through Monzo will generally take 2 – 3 working days to arrive with the recipient.

Funds sent in the most popular, standard currencies can reportedly reach recipients within 1 working day.

And the winner is

It would appear customers sending funds abroad with Monzo (via Wise) are likely to experience a faster transfer speed than those sending money overseas with Monese.

Which brand offers more transfer & payment options?


Monese customers can choose from the following transfer options:

  • Sending funds between Monese accounts: instant transfer both ways including on weekends

  • Local transfers between two GBP accounts in the UK: instant transfer both ways including on weekends; BACS payments can take 3 business days to receive, and CHAPS payments are deposited on the same business day if sent before 2pm CET

  • SEPA transfers between two EUR Monese accounts: deposited on next business day both ways

  • Local transfers between two RON Monese accounts: deposited within 1 business day both ways

  • International transfers sent from outside the EEA between two Monese accounts: transfer speed will depend on the country customers send to and receive from

Monese supports payments via bank transfer only.


Wise handles international money transfers on behalf of Monzo and the transfer options available are as follows:

  • Fast and easy transfer: the quickest way to send money overseas, paid for using debit or credit card, or a digital wallet like Google Pay. Albeit fast, this option is the most expensive.

  • Low-cost transfer: this cost-effective option and is ideal for customers prioritising price over speed. This type takes the longest, due to payment via bank transfer.

  • Advanced transfer: this type of international money transfer utilises the SWIFT network, which typically incurs a fee.

The payment options available with Wise through Monzo are:

  • Credit card

  • Debit card

  • ACH direct debit

  • Bank transfer

And the winner is

Thanks to their partnership with Wise, it appears Monzo is able to offer more advantageous and straightforward transfer options for customers who need to move money from one country to another, regardless of budget and payment method.

What do users have to say about each brand?


On the Google Play Store, Android users have given the Monese app a respectable rating of 4.4 out of 5. Over on the App Store, it has received an impressive 4.8 out of 5. These high ratings indicate Monese lives up to expectations as a useful mobile banking app.

Elsewhere, Monese has achieved an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 on TrustPilot, with more than 20,000 customers scoring the company based on their experiences.

Despite their average Trustpilot ranking, Monese has received a number of awards from peers in the industry, including the coveted title of Best Challenger Bank at the 2016 European Fintech Awards.


Over 60,000 Android users have rated the app 4.7 out of 5 stars, while iOS users have given the app 4.9 out of 5. This suggests the app is well designed and considered reliable by all who use it.

Over on Trustpilot Monzo has been awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars by more than 17,000 users.

Positive feedback accounts for 86% of the reviews, many of which reference the easy to use mobile interface, quick cross-border payments, helpful real-time notifications and spending insights.

Around 12% of the reviews are categorised as Bad or Poor and they include comments about account freezes and closures, blocked funds and unsatisfactory customer service.

Monzo has also won a string of awards for their services in the challenger bank industry, including the title of Best Banking App at the British Banking Awards in 2020.

And the winner is

Monzo appears to have made a better impression on the challenger bank community than Monese has: having received praise from their peers in the banking industry as well as largely positive feedback from users across the UK.

What brand offers better ease of use, accessibility, transparency & security?


Accessibility: Accessibility is at the heart of the Monese brand, as a challenger bank that was borne out of the CEO’s frustrations with the accessibility of traditional legacy banks in the UK. As a result, Monese is specially designed to be user friendly, with a fast and easy sign-up process that supports multiple languages.

Transparency: When it comes to sending money overseas Monese ensures transparency throughout by displaying the fees and other costs associated with the transfer. However, a number of online reviews cite a lack of communication and failure to explain account closures and delayed payments.

Security: As far as security goes, Monese is a safe, fully licensed bank that is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. The company is also a registered electronic money institution (EMT) that adheres to electronic money and payment regulations. Further to this, Monese offers single-device access, secure login and multi-factor data encryption and authentication protocols.

Ease of use: Optimised for mobile use, the Monese app is said to be well designed and very intuitive, with customers rating the app highly online.


Accessibility: Only customers with a residential address in the UK can access Monzo services, and it is also only accessible in the English language.

Transparency: Monzo customers can benefit from the guaranteed transparency of Wise terms of service, with support accessible via in-app messaging, email or phone

Security: Monzo is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which means customers’ funds are protected (up to £85,000). In addition to this bank-level insurance, sophisticated data encryption and two-factor authentication is used to further protect customer details.

Ease of use: User consensus is that Monzo is quick and easy to sign up for, learn how to use and manage finances with. The clearly displayed categories make it easy to create tailor made budgets and savings pots, review spending habits and set up domestic or international money transfers.

And the winner is

This was a tough call, but it seems Monese excels in each of these four areas. From super easy to use, to accessibility for customers across Europe, to state-of-the-art security protocol and transparent terms of use; Monzo narrowly loses out on this win.

Additional features

  • Monese Multi-currency account: sign up for a prepaid multi-currency card for easy overseas spending

  • Monese Spending Overview Tool makes it easy for users to stay on top of their finances and set up daily, weekly or monthly spending budgets

  • Saving pots for customers who want to build their savings: create up to 10 pots at a time

  • Supports Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Joint accounts and business accounts available

  • PayPal integration: customers can merge their PayPal and Monese accounts

  • Avios integration: customers can collect and keep track of their Avios points when purchasing from select stores

  • Customers have access to overdraft and loan services

  • Customers can set budgets to monitor their daily, weekly or monthly spending

  • Saving is easy with Monzo Saving Pots; plus zero interest rates on free savings accounts (up to 1.5% AER on paid accounts)

  • Joint accounts are available for couples and Junior accounts for 16 – 17 year olds

  • Customers that choose to switch energy suppliers through Monzo will be rewarded with £50 credit

And the winner is

Monese offers slightly more unique and useful additional features than Monzo, all of which are designed to streamline customers’ spending and help them manage their finances better, both at home and abroad.

Final verdict: who is better?

In conclusion, it would appear that Monzo is the stronger challenger bank of the two, offering the more favourable options for those making an international money transfer. Although only available to UK residents – if you are based outside the UK, we suggest you check out our other company reviews – Monzo’s decision to team up with Wise, titans of the remittance industry, means the company is equipped with the best value deals on the market. Use our comparison engine to see for yourself how much money you can save when signing up with Wise.

Having said this, as this comparison has proven, Monese is a high performing company with a lot of promise as well as many fantastic features. Despite not winning this comparison, we would recommend Monese for anyone based in or travelling around Europe that may need to arrange euro transfers. We hope this comparison has provided greater insight into how these challenger banks handle international money transfers; you can find out more in our Guide to Challenger Banks.

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Digital challenger banks are changing the face of international bank transfers as we know it, and Monese and Monzo are at the forefront of this revolution. We will be looking at how both companies approach cross-border payments, by reviewing the fees, exchange rates, speed, global coverage and online reputation of each.
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