Ekantor Money Transfer Review

This review will evaluate the international money transfer services provided by Polish remittance company, Ekantor. We will assess the full scope of the operator and investigate how it compares to other specialist services. The objective here is to help our users save money on their next international transfer.

About Ekantor

Ekantor is a currency exchange service that is part of Port 200 Group, which was founded in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. The company has been operating since 2014 and caters to both everyday consumers and business-orientated clientele. Ekantor operates exclusively as a currency exchange service and does not offer international money transfers. Therefore, this review will examine the different aspects of this service provider, with help and advice about how to arrange a fast, affordable and secure cross-border transfer.

Ekantor exchange rates, fees & costs

When evaluating an international money transfer service it is important to analyse the exchange rates and transfer fees to determine how competitive the operator is.

Transfer fees: Most operators use one of two types of fee structures: either a fixed, flat-fee is applied or a percentage of the transaction amount is added on top. Most competitive international money transfer services such as Wise charge a small percentage of the transfer amount. Ekantor charges 1 – 10 PLN (USD 0.22 – 2.15) for their currency exchange service: the exact fee will depend on the chosen currency and destination.

Exchange rates: most services will not offer customers the true market value for foreign currency transfers because they want to make a profit by applying their own margins to the transaction. Ekantor is one of these companies, but the rates are not bad compared to traditional banks. Only 5 currencies are available for foreign currency transfers: these are PLN, EUR, GBP, CHF and USD.

Other fees: There are no other fees to note when it comes to transferring money internationally with Ekantor. However, additional fees often include charges for opening an account, ordering a debit card and yearly or monthly maintenance fees. It is a smart idea to learn about all fees before signing up for an account.

Top destinations for sending money with Ekantor

With Ekantor you can sign up for a free account anywhere in the world and use it to exchange money; but you cannot use this account to send money internationally. When choosing an international money transfer company to send and receive money with, consider what countries are available, making sure the destinations you need are on the list.

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Pros & Cons of using Ekantor

We will now assess the key positives and negatives of Ekantor to provide a quick rundown of the company’s key characteristics.


Good exchange rates: the exchange rates are competitive for the service that they provide and it is a reliable service that you can use for different currencies
Free account: there is no cost for opening and maintaining an account which is great if you simply want to give Ekantor a try without financial investment. However, you must have a Polish bank account


Not a money transfer provider: it is not possible to transfer money using Ekantor as it is an online currency exchange platform only
Limited currencies: Only 5 currencies are available with Ekantor - PLN, EUR, CHF, USD and GBP - which means only some customers can be catered to
Polish bank account: While it’s free to open an account, you will need a Polish bank account when exchanging money, this will ostracise any customers outside of Poland

What type of transfers can you make with Ekantor?

Ekantor does not offer international money transfers, only currency exchange services. However, it is worth taking a look at some of the ways you can expect to send money when using alternative services. Popular money transfers include:

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How long will it take to receive money using Ekantor?

The currency exchange service at Ekantor is instant. However, when sending money internationally, the transfer time ranges from a few seconds to days, depending on the method used. Traditional banks that rely on the SWIFT system since it takes several days to process these transactions.

What payment methods can I use when sending money with Ekantor?

This is not relevant for customers using Ekantor as it does not facilitate money transfers.

The accepted forms of payment that can be used to pay for international money transfers differ, depending on the company: bank transfer, debit and credit card, and airtime top up are all common options. Some services allow you to deposit cash and use debit cards at specific merchant locations which are helpful options for some customers.

What are the best reasons to use Ekantor?

The best reason to use Ekantor is for their competitive currency exchange services for CHF, GBP, USD, EUR and PLN. Ekantor offers desirable foreign exchange, better than the rate offered by most banks. Ekantor is also a helpful option for those based in Poland, who have a Polish bank account.

Can I trust Ekantor?

When evaluating if you can trust an international money transfer provider you need to ask yourself a few vital questions. These will allow you to determine if the service is legitimate and allows you to transfer money without potentially getting scammed. A few things to consider:

  • Security: take note of the security protocols used for the website and mobile app, such as two-factor authentication to prevent unwanted users from logging in and security codes that are sent via email or text message

  • Transparency: consider if the brand is being transparent about their fees as hidden fees can quickly accumulate and change the final cost of your transfer

  • Insurance coverage: it is important to ensure the company you use can insure users’ funds; ideally, it will be backed by a big financial organization or governing body to ensure you will receive a payout if things go south

What do users have to say about Ekantor?

We encourage users to take a peek at customer reviews to determine if a company has a good reputation. Big problems will become evident after looking at a few user reviews; the more positive experiences reported by existing users, the more likely you will have less to worry about. Leading companies such as TorFX, OFX, and WorldRemit all have excellent customer reviews which prove their trustworthiness.

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Does Ekantor have a mobile app?

Ekantor does not have a mobile app, and this is something you should always consider when using an international money transfer service. You will find that the best money transfer apps offer the following features:

  • Ability to send money internationally with autofill for previous recipients or one-click mechanisms to simplify the transfer process

  • Pay bills and set up scheduled payments

  • Access customer service to receive help via live chat

  • Learn about new services and promotions

  • Access investment options with a great return

Most mobile apps can be downloaded via the Google Play and Apple Store. However, you need to look at the average review scores to figure out if you’ll have a good experience. Also, look at the features available for the app. You’ll find this list on the app download page.

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