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Alternatives to Zelle for International Money Transfers & Payments

Zelle is a money transfer provider used for peer-to-peer payments in the United States. While the service can be used in different situations and for multiple purposes, Zelle should really only be used to send money to friends, family or other trusted contacts. These terms of use restrict a number of potential clients, therefore, we have created this guide which presents a number of alternatives for anyone who needs to make international money transfers and payments to recipients outside of their circle of contacts.

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What is Zelle?

Zelle is a money transfer operator that deals exclusively with transactions sent between US-based customers. It functions as both an app and integrated service within compatible online bank accounts; thus making it different from other mobile money apps. Users are able to send, receive and manage their financial transactions through the Zelle app, or by accessing Zelle services through their online banking.

Despite launching less than 5 years ago, Zelle reported a customer base of over 100 million users in 2021. The mobile app is highly rated on both the Google Play and App Store, with iOS and Android users agreeing on its straightforward functionality and simple user navigation.

What is Zelle used for?

Developed as a way to streamline peer-to-peer payments, Zelle simplifies the process of moving money, making transfers faster and more convenient for everyone involved. The service is primarily used to send, request and receive funds between friends, family and close contacts.

The company puts special emphasis on the fact that customers should only send money to contacts they trust and know, who are based in the United States. This is because, once a Zelle payment has been sent, it cannot be easily cancelled. If a customer sends money to someone they do not know or enter the wrong details but the recipient is already enrolled with Zelle, the funds will be deposited directly into the connected bank account and are therefore irretrievable.

Can I use Zelle to make an International Transfer?

As previously stated, Zelle can currently only be used to make domestic transfers to contacts in the United States. (May 2021)

What are the alternatives?

Whether you are a Zelle customer who is disappointed to learn that their money transfer services do not include cross-border payments, or you are generally interested in finding the best alternative to this peer-to-peer payment service: look no further.

We recommend the following 3 money transfer operators as great international money transfer alternatives to Zelle:


WorldRemit is an all-encompassing money transfer provider that facilitates payments in 70 currencies, to over 130 countries, with thousands of tactically placed agent locations. Key features of this specialist service include:

  • Money transfers can be delivered as a cash pick-up, home delivery, bank deposit or mobile airtime top-up - to name a few.

  • Multiple payment methods are accepted, including bank transfer, debit or credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Trustly - to name a few. WorldRemit is popular with customers in countries such as Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines and Zambia


Catering to the millions of immigrants living overseas in the US, who regularly send money home to other parts of the world. Remitly is ideal for any expats or those with cross-border finances, offering favourable rates and fees for remittances sent between common US transfer corridors such as Mexico, India and the Philippines. Key features of this specialist service include:

  • The ability to lock in a favourable exchange rate to avoid currency fluctuations

  • Flexible delivery: Options include Economy (low-cost service) and Express (super speedy delivery)

  • Customers save 2 - 5% on average when comparing Remitly transfer to the services offered by traditional banks


Xoom is owned by PayPal and functions in much the same way, but with the added benefit of supporting fast, wide-reaching international transfers and payments. Key features of this specialist service include;

  • A vast disbursing network: With access to PayPal services, Xoom customers have access to a global network of 159 countries

  • Well established and reliable customer support including phone and email services. Trustworthy security procedures that mirror the same high standards as PayPal


If you were worried about finding a decent alternative to Zelle, we hope this guide has enlightened and reassured you. There are many different money transfer providers available and we strive to present the best options in a helpful and transparent manner, in order to guarantee our customers the best possible price. It is important to us that our customers’ money is not jeopardized or spent on excessive fees and hidden charges.

Find out more about the different types of money transfer options available, by checking out our useful comparison engine.

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