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Man City Offers Best Value Cost Per Matches Won For Champions League

Man City Offers Best Value Cost Per Matches Won For Champions League

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The Champions League is one of the most hotly anticipated football competitions in the world, with the best clubs in Europe’s top leagues contesting to be crowned champions this year.

However, what team offers the best value to their supporters overall? Here, has analysed the cost per ticket and the overall performance of the UK’s and Germany’s top teams to see just who offers the best, and worst, value.

With prices for season tickets increasing almost every year, supporters understandably want to know they’re getting the best value for their money in return. When we compare the number of wins a team had in the last Champions League with the average cost of season tickets for each club, a clear picture can be painted of just how much each team’s fans are paying for the win.
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Best value UK team

Liverpool offers best value per win

Liverpool comes out on top for best value team per number of wins. This was calculated by taking the average cost of a season ticket for each team, and then dividing that cost by the number of wins and goals scored by each team for the last Champions League they played in.

A season ticket for Man City costs an average of £869 - making it the cheapest season ticket out of the four teams analysed. However, with an overall 13 matches won in the last Champions League, that means Liverpool actually offers the best value for money for matches won, at an average cost of £66.85 per win. In contrast, costing up to £2,045 per season ticket and with just 3 wins in the last League they played in, Tottenham averages a cost of £675 per win!

Man City and Liverpool give fans the best value per goals scored

Additionally, Man City and Liverpool offer the best overall value per goal scored, at a cost of £1.55 per goal for both. Liverpool scored more goals than Man City in the last Champions League (30 vs 29), but also charges slightly more per ticket (£46.50), so the cost averages out.

In contrast, Tottenham once again offers the least value for money. In the last Champions League the team played in (2019), they scored a total of 18 goals. This means the cost per goal averages out to around £2.50.

Chelsea has the highest annual payroll - but offers better value per win than Tottenham

Chelsea is the only team with an estimated annual payroll over £200 million - with Man City just behind at £194 million. The team’s highest-paid player is Raheem Sterling, with an estimated pay of £16.9 million per year, followed by Kalidou Koulibaly and N’Golo Kante, earning an estimated £15.3 million and £15.08 million respectively.

However, with 10 wins under their belt in the last Champions League, Chelsea’s estimated payroll per win comes to £20.2 million. In contrast, while Tottenham may have an estimated annual payroll of considerably less - £109 million - the team also won far less matches in their last Champions League (3 matches won in 2019), resulting in a payroll of £36.4 million per win.

At the other end of the scale, Liverpool offers the best value for payroll per win, at just £12.4 million. The team’s estimated annual payroll sits at £161 million, but with 13 matches won in last year’s tournament, the team has the best value per win overall.

Best value German team

Bayern Munich has highest ticket cost but best value for goals scored

Out of the four German teams reviewed, Wolfsburg has the lowest cost for match day tickets and season tickets (€20 and up to €440 respectively). In contrast, at the other end of the scale, a season ticket for Bayern Munich can cost up to €765 while a match day ticket costs an average of €50.

However, when we look at the cost of a single ticket in relation to the number of goals per team in the last Champions League, Bayern Munich actually offers the best value. Scoring an overall 31 goals during the tournament, this breaks down to an average of €1.61 per goal - whereas Wolfsburg has an average of €4 per goal considering they scored a total of 6 goals in last year’s Champions League.

Worst value for overall matches won

Dortmund had the worst value for matches won last year, costing an average of €126.50 per win (in comparison to €76.50 for Bayern Munich and €73.33 for Wolfsburg).

Wolfsburg won 6 matches in last year’s Champions League - on par with Dortmund and Leipzig. However, the team also charges considerably less for a season ticket (an average of €440), giving the team the best value per win out of the teams analysed.

Highest payroll per win

The best overall value German team for payroll per win is Wolfsburg, with an estimated payroll of €6.7million per win. In the 2021/22 Champions League, Wolfsburg won 6 matches - the same as both Dortmund and Leipzig. However, with an estimated annual payroll of €40 million - significantly lower than that of Leipzig and Dortmund, Wolfsburg arguably offers better value per match won.

Bayern Munich has the highest annual payroll out of all the teams we looked at here, with an overall estimated payroll of €268,350,000. Four of Bayern Munich’s players earn over €20 million per year - Leroy Sane, Thomas Muller, Manuel Neuer, Sadio Mane.

With 10 wins during the 2021/22 Champions League season, that means Bayern Munich has an estimated payroll of €26.8million per win. While Dortmund’s annual payroll is almost half that of Bayern Munichs at an estimated €19.9 million, the team's payroll per win is just €7 million less.

Top UK and German Teams Compared For Best & Worst Value

Cost of a ticket (EUR)Cost of season ticketMatches wonCost of a win (season ticket cost/# of wins)# of goalsCost of a goal (single ticket/# goals)Estimated total salaries 22-23Annual payroll/wins
Man City£45.00£980.0012£81.6729£1.55£194,740,000£16,228,333
Bayern Munich€50.00€765.0010€76.5031€1.61€268,350,000€26,835,000
RB Leipzig€48.00€740.006€123.3315€3.20€93,420,000€15,570,000

*Figures taken from 2019. Remaining figures taken from 2021/22.

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