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How to Send Money Internationally

In this helpful guide, we share the tips for sending money internationally. You will learn about the steps required to send money and what recipient details are required. We will also share tips for saving time and money on costly fees. Read the guide to the end to discover the top 3 money transfer services for transferring money internationally.

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Sending money internationally is easier now than ever before with so many money transfer companies that offer great deals. Each one offers multiple transfer methods, and you can even send funds using a mobile app.

There is a lot to consider, such as currency conversion, fees, processing time, and security features. Also, ease of use is another important factor for customers who want to send money within seconds of logging into their account.

This guide aims to simplify the process of sending money internationally, so you get the best deal and use a service that matches your requirements. We have researched the best way of sending money so you can get started today.

Top methods of sending money internationally

This section outlines the various methods available to you for transferring funds. It will help you select one that allows you to send money to the countries you require.

  • Balance transfer: money transfer companies allow you to send money using balance transfers. You will need to top up the digital balance before transferring funds. Also, recipients must have an account with the same specialist transfer provider. Some of the top companies that offer balance transfers include Wise.

  • Bank transfer: you can send money internationally to most countries using bank transfers. The sender needs to enter information such as the recipient’s name, bank name, bank address, account number, and Swift code for Swift transfers. However, most bank transfers are slow since they take 2-7 business days. Also, the fee for wire transfers is $20-$50, which is expensive compared to other ways of sending money.

  • Card: you can use a credit or debit card to send money. The commonly available card companies are MasterCard and VISA. It is likely that you already have a card linked to a bank account or e-wallet, so this transfer method is readily available. Also, the transfer speed of payments with a card is instant in most cases. The fee for this method is around 1.5-3%, which can be expensive when transferring large amounts of money.

  • Home delivery: you can send money straight to the recipient’s address if there is a home delivery service. The sender needs the recipient's home address and name. It typically takes 2 to 3 days for the home cash delivery service to arrive at the recipient’s door.

  • Cash pick up: this transfer method is suitable when the recipient does not have a bank account. The top companies that offer this service will have many branches in the destination country. This allows the recipient to collect money from a nearby location. The sender may need to share the transaction number with the recipient to collect the funds.

What information is required to send money internationally?

The sender needs to collect the recipient’s details before transferring money. It is essential to ensure that accurate details are collected and entered when sending money to avoid losing funds or facing extra fees. The details must be acquired depending on the transfer method.

Bank transfers require the most details, including the recipient name, account number, SWIFT code, bank name, and bank address. Also, some banks may require additional details based on the financial system of the country.

Home delivery and cash pickup require fewer details. You simply need the name and the address for home delivery. The sender may also need to share the transaction number for cash pickup.

When sending money via a balance transfer, you typically only need an email address. For example, Wise has a function that allows users to make their accounts searchable with just the email address. This is easy to remember and a convenient way of sending money abroad.

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Tips for choosing a money transfer service

To send money internationally, you need to find a top-tier company. Narrowing down the list of options can be time-consuming if you do not know what to consider. Here is a list of factors that you can use as a checklist when evaluating transfer providers:

  • Reputation: start by checking the company’s reputation to learn the general consensus. Overall, user review scores are a good place to start investigating. You can check social media websites and review portals like Trustpilot.

  • Fees: to save money on fees, you need to check the transfer company’s charges. Fees structures can be fixed or a percentage of the transfer amount. Find a company that offers the fees structure you are happy with.

  • Currency exchange: when sending money internationally, you may need to convert currencies. Find services that match the mid-market rate to get the best deal.

  • Transfer speeds: to access instant processing time, you need services that offer balance transfers. Note that the recipient must have an account with the same company to receive funds.

  • Worldwide coverage: some companies have a far-reaching network of 150-200+ countries. This enables customers to send funds to different countries without registering a new account with multiple transfer providers.

Top 3 money transfer services for sending money internationally

We understand that it can take a long time to narrow down the list of specialist transfer providers and choose a good option. Consider selecting one of the options from this list since they are industry leaders.

1. Wise

Wise offers multiple benefits that are perfect for sending money abroad. The transparent fee structure means you know exactly how much you are getting charged for transfers, and you can compare several payment options. Also, they match the mid-market rate for many currency pairs.

2. Azimo

Azimo is another industry leader that provides a global network of 200 countries, ideal for customers who want to send money to many countries. There is no minimum transfer amount, and multilingual support is provided. The flexible payout options can help users match their preferences, including cash, bank transfers, mobile wallet, and home delivery.

3. WorldRemit

WorldRemit provides a global network of over 150 countries across the world. The transfer fees are competitive, and there are flexible payment options. This allows users to send money abroad using their preferred method. However, there are transfer caps for many destinations, so WorldRemit is not ideal for sending large amounts of money.

Other top money transfer companies


Overall, there are many options to send money internationally. Choose the best transfer method for your needs and consider the top 3 specialist transfer providers mentioned above. Also, consider the important factors when choosing the best company for transferring funds overseas.

We recommend that you continue researching about sending money internationally by reading our guides on How to Send Cash Abroad and Sending Money Using a Credit Card. These guides will allow you to explore specific ways of transferring money in greater detail.


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