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Top Personal Finance Blogs In Canada

When giving advice to our customers, we are always looking for ways to be impartial and clear on how to save money, plan for the future, and create healthier spending habits to enjoy a more financially stable life. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular personal finance blogs in Canada, helping Canadians make their money stretch further.

Some of these blogs are entertaining; others are more informative. However, they are all worth your time. So keep on reading for some of our favourite Canadian personal finance blogs.

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The Best Canadian Personal Finance Blogs

Mint Worthy

Mint Worthy is a Canadian personal finance blog which is aimed at women who are looking for advice on how to better manage their personal finances. Created by Vanessa Bowen (who has worked as a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and CPA), the blog shares her vast financial knowledge with Canadian women and aims to coach them in various financial strategies and positive mindsets.

Vanessa covers numerous topics, including budgeting (her primary focus), building an emergency savings fund, reducing debt, and establishing short-term and long-term money goals.

Bowen uses a “holistic” approach to financial advice, blending complex financial concepts into easily digestible, and enjoyable articles.


MapleMoney is a blog created by Alberta-based financial analyst Tom Drake, who shares his experience and knowledge to help you save, invest, make, and spend money safely.

Tom refers to his insights as “money experiments”, covering numerous helpful money management topics, including how to start a side gig, how to reduce your utility and energy bills, how to enjoy tax advantages, and where to find the best promo codes.


Created by Kerry K. Taylor, a personal finance journalist who boasts an impressive ten-year career in money management, Squawkfox offers a refreshing perspective on organizing your finances. She looks at how our emotions affect our spending habits and how behavioural science can help Canadians get rid of their debt and save money faster.

Taylor doesn’t just bombard her readers with facts and figures, though you’ll get plenty of both on this blog. She also looks at how real issues can impact personal finance, making Squawkfox very relatable to most Canadians who’ve experienced any financial hardship.

So, if you want to know how your everyday decisions affect your finances and what you can do to make things better, Squawkfox may be the blog for you.

Money After Graduation

Money After Graduation was created by finance expert Bridget Casey, who has an MBA from the University of Calgary and is regarded as one of Alberta’s top millennial innovators.

She started publishing blog posts to help Canadians get ahead financially without giving up Starbucks coffees or relying on grocery store coupons. She provides valuable advice and encouragement to become a self-made entrepreneur, highlighting the benefits of going into business for yourself rather than being an employee.

My Own Advisor

If you’ve always wanted to start investing, My Own Advisor is the blog for you. Blog creator Mark Seed started investing in his 20s after seeing how much money he was losing in fees to banks. Reading everything he could find, he set a goal of creating a $1 million investment portfolio (spoiler: did it by the time he turned 40).

Seed gives fantastic advice on anything from investment basics to more centred trading and stock insights. So if you are looking to build a portfolio, learn investment strategies, or simply have a passing interest in the stock market, this is the blog for you.

Half Banked

Half Banked is one of the better blogs for millennials in Canada, helping you with finances, setting financial goals, and saving money without sacrificing fun and adventure.

Set up by Desirae Odjick, Half Banked boasts that you can save money and still enjoy all your favourite indulgences. The blog uses a four pillars approach to money management (invest, spend well, make a budget, save money). Odjick and her other writers provide simple strategies for each pillar, leveraging tech, tools, and your own willpower to acquire wealth.

Savvy New Canadians

Savvy New Canadians, the final stop on our list, was created by Enoch Omololu. Enoch describes himself as a “new Canadian”, having arrived in the country in 2011. Interestingly, Enoch is a veterinarian by trade, but he’s passionate about finance management and passing on his knowledge to other Canadians. He also has the qualifications to back up his blog - receiving a Master’s Degree in Finance and Investment at the University of Aberdeen.

His blog started as an outlet to chronicle his understanding of financial issues concerning his new home in the Great White North. However, since settling in the country, he has covered numerous topics for Canadians, including frugal living, DIY investment strategies, and more.

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Final Thoughts

These are only a handful of popular personal finance blogs in Canada. There are over 100 other blogs to sink your teeth into, all of which take a different approach to money management. So whether you are looking to build an investment portfolio, live frugally, spend wisely, or save money for your retirement, you’ll find plenty of helpful information in our recommended blogs and further afield.

Choosing The Best Finance Blogs in Canada

Although it was not easy to pick our favourites, we have carefully curated this list of the best Canadian finance blogs as we believe they provide the most insightful guides to saving and investing money. In order to select the best blogs, we paid special attention to the following areas:


We made sure each blog that appears in this list, has been written and curated by real people who has experience in their field. Many of the blogs mentioned above have been set up by people who have spent a lot of time saving and investing money themselves.


In order to provide something for everyone, we wanted to make sure different angles were considered when compiling this list of the best finance blogs. There is no one-size-fits-all template, and people are looking for different kind of advice when it comes to personal finance blogs, and we wanted our selection of Canadian finance blogs to reflect that.


Each of these blogs provide unique insight into various areas of saving or investing money, in one way or another. We looked closely at presenting both sides, and more niche, specialist websites because we feel the bigger the range of insight available, the better!

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