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Top Personal Finance Blogs In South Africa

Personal finance blogs are an excellent tool for understanding complex financial concepts, learning tips and tricks for managing your funds, and becoming more financially aware. If you need help budgeting, investing, spending, or saving, you’ll find all the information you need in some of the many dedicated blogs in South Africa.

Here, we’ll be looking at some of the top personal finance blogs, covering a broad spectrum of finance-related topics.

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The Best Personal Finance Blogs In South Africa

Take Charge Of Your Money

Take Charge of your Money is run by software developer Brendan, who works his usually 9-5 job and strives to empower South Africans to reach financial independence with him. The blog follows his journey as he collects his ideas, thoughts, tips, and valuable videos that have helped him save and make money. So if you are looking for good advice on paying back loans, saving wisely, or spending within your means, this is the blog for you.


JustOneLap is a good resource for anybody who wants to understand how the stock market works or dive into the competitive investment world. This blog is run by Kristia van Heerden and Simon Brown, who’ve put together many informative blog posts that make otherwise complex concepts accessible and understandable for everyday South Africans. As well as the blog, you can also check out their Fat Wallet Show podcast, which is essential listening for any locals earning a salary.

Stealthy Wealth

Stealthy Wealth details the journey of a blogger who wants to retire when he turns 45. His blog posts cover his plan to make his dreams become a reality, his financial decisions, investment strategies, and cost-cutting choices he’s making to increase his wealth and save for retirement. You’ll also find plenty of tips and tricks about financial disciplines that you can adapt to your own life.

Maya On Money

Maya on Money is one of the most popular South African personal finance journalists, brought to you by Maya Fisher-French, a well-known personal finance journalist. She shares posts on many different money management topics, including budgeting, saving, investing, insurance, and banking. So whether you are taking your first steps into the financial world or looking to change up your spending habits, you’ll find plenty of actionable information here.

Holborn Assets Blog

Holborn Assets’ blog gives readers the latest updates from the global markets and in-depth, easy-to-understand articles about personal finance. Holborn Assets is one of the leaders in international financial services, specializing in financial advice to expatriates. Their blog is full of helpful information, whether you are looking to save money, find the right bank or insurance plan, or get into investing.

Woman and Finance Blog

Woman and Finance is an online platform built to inspire and educate South African women to take charge of their finances. The blog covers everything from budgeting, investment, insurance, and even adopting a healthier mindset to work and money. The rest of the platform has additional financial tools, workshops, webinars, and more.

Once A Week

If you struggle to keep track of your finances, Once A Week is an excellent place to start. Created by entrepreneur and marketer Brad Taylor in 2020, this blog helps you budget, make smart investment decisions, and covers various personal finance topics.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, South Africa’s personal finance blogs cover a wide variety of money management topics that can be adapted to most lives. Whether you are looking for information on the global financial market, wondering which bank or insurance plans suits your financial situation, or just looking to tighten your belt and still enjoy life, you’ll find a blog to suit you.

Choosing the best South African Personal Finance Blogs

To select our top South African finance blogs, we used a set criteria of looking for relevant websites that are regularly updated, with great writing and good quality photos. Using these blogs can be a great way to get inspired to start managing your finances better, and provide some useful information on what you need to do to get financially independent.

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