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Top Personal Finance Blogs In The UK

In 2022, the UK government announced substantial increases in energy prices and National Insurance. As such, many UK natives are looking to save money wherever they can, managing their finances to ensure they can live comfortably and save for their future.

We’ve put together a handy guide to some of the best personal finance blogs currently available, whether you are looking to relocate, start investing, or simply live frugally.

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The Best Personal Finance Blogs In The UK

Be Clever With Your Cash

Be Clever With Your Cash is a humble blog with a substantial readership, covering how people can enjoy their life while saving money. This blog updates every week with helpful tips on being smarter with your money without sacrificing the more fun things in life.Readers can enjoy regular insights into the hottest persona finance topics that UK spenders most likely care about. If you want to find a healthy balance between spending money and treating yourself occasionally, Be Clever With Your Cash is an excellent place to start.

Finance Girl

Finance Girl is a fascinating personal finance blog that makes it onto many best financial advice blog lists. This blog was created by Julie Cheung, who regularly publishes articles on all sorts of financial solutions. Content is divided into numerous channels: Green, Business, Student, Home, Shopping, Investing, Money Advice, Travelling, Retirement, Life, and Property. As you can see, Finance Girl covers everything you need to know about saving money and being financially responsible.


DumbFunded is popular with many UK blog readers thanks to its personal finance advice and valuable small business tips. The blog posts handy guides on how to handle your everyday finances and navigate the competitive world of start-ups and self-employed entrepreneurs.

DumbFunded also shares banking deals and offers to readers, which sets it apart from many other personal finance blogs in the country. So if you are a sole trader or looking to get rid of some debt, DumbFunded should provide plenty of reading material.

Mum’s Savvy Savings

Another mainstay on personal finance blog lists, Mum’s Savvy Savings is a popular blog run by a former teacher who swapped educating children for running her own business. The blog is a nice mix of personal experience and actionable tips to save money, limit extravagance, and still have fun with your cash.

The blog appeals to entrepreneurs and self-employed sole traders who run businesses from their homes while dealing with the financial struggles of raising a family.


MoneyNuggets may not have as many regular posts as the other personal finance blogs in this article. Still, it is an excellent resource for female businesswomen and professionals who want to earn more money and spend less.

MoneyNuggets appeals to plenty of women and has enormous potential to grow into the number one blog for female entrepreneurs, sole traders, and other professionals; keep an eye on MoneyNuggets over the next year.

Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is one of the older blogs on our list, having been around for more than a decade. The blog was created by JD Roth and aimed at people looking to recover after falling into financial difficulty, offering advice to take more control of their finances.

Get Rich Slowly has lots of helpful resources, including debt-planning spreadsheets and plenty of content from knowledgeable writers who struggled with their finances in the past and know how to change their fortunes.


Frugalwoods is run by a couple who have freed themselves from the constrictions of money. The blog advocates frugality, which may not appeal to some readers, but the blog owners look like they are enjoying their lifestyle. Frugalwoods is inspirational and offers plenty of advice for people who want to build up their savings from nothing.

If you enjoy personal stories and relatable journeys, you’ll enjoy Frugalwoods on some level - even if you only stick around to see what happens with this money-saving couple.


If you are new to investing and want to know where you should begin, Monevator is the personal finance blog for you. While many other websites on this list tackle frugality and saving tips, this blog targets UK investors.

Whether you are a casual investor or a long-time trader, you’ll find plenty of information on Monevator that will inform your investment strategy and let you know how you should be conducting business right now.

Much More With Less

Much More With Less centres around one simple concept: dropping your life in the city and relocating to the countryside. The blog is regularly updated to help regular people make their money stretch further, as well as focussing on financial fundamentals in layman's terms.

If you are thinking about simplifying your spending or would like to uproot and move away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Much More With Less offers essential reading material.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the top personal finance blogs in the United Kingdom, covering various topics for everyday people and casual investors. If you are looking to save money and make a positive financial change, these blogs are an excellent place to start.

Choosing The Best Finance Blogs in the UK

We know that many of our users visit our website to learn how to save money. For this reason, we take our responsibility of providingmoney guides very seriously, and ensure only the most reputable sources are included in our list of the Top Personal Finance Blogs in the UK.

To provide insight into our selection criteria, we will reveal how we picked the blogs included in this list:

Diverse knowledge

We were on the lookout for authentic, lived experiences covering specific topics in saving and investing money.

Well written and well researched

It was important for us to find entertaining and engaging blogs, but we also wanted to ensure the information presented was clear and concise, so anyone with personal finance ambitions would find each website useful.

Plenty of information

As well as quality content, we also wanted to ensure there was a substantial quantity of content on each blog, with lots of helpful tips, tricks, advice and recommendations for future saving or investing experts to learn from.

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