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Top Personal Finance Blogs In The United States

Understanding your finances and saving money can be difficult, especially if you have a family or a low-income job. However, there are many personal finance blogs that you can use to find actionable advice on all things money. Whether you need to reduce debt, save for your first home, or learn how to spend wisely, these blogs offer free information, tips, and explanations for complex money-related concepts.

Here, we’ll be looking at some of the top American personal finance blogs to improve your money skills.

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The Best Personal Finance Blogs In The United States

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache is a very inspiring personal finance blog. The blogger is Pete Adeney (yes, he has a mustache!). He has plenty of help, financial advice, and interesting stories. For example, he and his wife retired comfortably at 30. Six years later, he created his blog, developing a loyal fanbase of “Mustachians”.

The blog focuses on his story and has tons of content about financial independence. His posts focus on stock market index funds. In addition, readers can also ask their own questions on the website’s forums. The blog also has its own native mobile app so that you can browse content on the go and access different financial calculators.

Money Smart Latina

Money Smart Latina was created by Athena Valentine, a recognized youth development expert who has experienced homelessness during her time in high school. Her blog details how she overcame adversity to achieve success in her career and finances.

The blog focuses on budgeting, mental health, spending, healthy attitudes towards money, and other business-related topics. While anybody can read Money Smart Latina, there is an additional focus on financial literacy for Latino people.

Debt Free Guys

Debt Free Guys is a fantastic financial resource intended to help gay men manage their finances wisely. Created by married couple John Schneider and David Auten, Debt Free Guys covers how they overcame a considerable credit card debt and features tons of advice and step-by-step guides on managing your money effectively, getting out of debt, and budgeting without sacrificing your favourite luxuries, and more.

The pair also have their own product, Queer Money, which focuses on LGBTQ + financial issues.

Rich & Regular

Rich & Regular is a blog that details how a married couple (Julien and Kirsten) paid off their $200K debt in just five years while increasing their net worth simultaneously. The blog, launched in 2015, encourages other families to become financially independent.

If you require a blog that gives honest advice on how to take control of your finances via simple concepts, this is the one for you. Do not expect get-rich-quick schemes - just actionable advice that you can adapt to your everyday life.

Marriage, Kids, and Money

As you may expect, Marriage, Kids, and Money is another personal finance blog aimed at helping families with their money management. Launched by Andy Hill, the blog also has a matching podcast that covers the same topics.

The blog started as a creative hustle and side project, but it has now become Andy’s full-time job. You’ll find plenty of information on paying off debt, retiring early, and becoming financially independent. In addition, you’ll also find strips on how to improve your relationships with your loved ones.

Inspired Budget

Inspired Budget is an excellent resource if you are looking for a new budgeting system that actually saves money. Allison Baggerly is an experienced blogger who created her website to share her story.

In 2011, she was newly married and struggling with six-figure debt bills. However, she managed to pay off her debt within five years. This blog collects all the lessons she learned when making better financial decisions and aims to help women achieve financial freedom and budget wisely.

You’ll find plenty of free resources, including tops and other debt-free stories. Inspired Budget also has an Instagram account for even more debt-reduction and budgeting tips.

The Fioneers

The Fioneers is one of the most recent blogs on our list. Created in 2018 by Jess and Corey, the blog details their journey towards financial independence. However, this married couple doesn’t adhere to extreme frugality, instead of enjoying their financial journey.

The blog teaches many financial concepts and offers tips on how to manage money better. The couple also created the popular Slow Fi series, which is the term that describes their individual approach to money management.

Brave Saver

Financial writer Elyssa Kirkham started Brave Saver to empower people with financial difficulties to enjoy a better life. Readers can access tips on daily money management, making decisions based on their values rather than their fears.

Brave Saver is a refreshing approach to financial independence, offering money management advice for messy situations rather than unrealistic “easy tips”. Instead, Kirkham takes a holistic approach to managing her finances, asking “why” you should do something rather than just “how”.

Final Thoughts

Personal finance blogs are one of the best ways to learn new financial principles, break down difficult money management concepts, and change your perspective on budgeting and saving. Check out the blogs above to learn how to manage your money, become financially savvy, and make better decisions for your future.

Choosing the Top Personal Finance Blogs in the US

Choosing our Top Personal Finance Blogs in the US was no easy feat. We searched for specific criteria when compiling this list; focusing on websites that are regularly updated, employ accessible and interesting tone of voice, and high quality media.

To provide insight into our selection criteria, we will reveal how we picked the blogs included in this list:

Diverse knowledge: We were on the lookout for authentic, lived experiences covering specific topics and areas of saving/making money. In particular, we wanted to include bloggers who presented contrasting experiences of managing their finances.

Well written and well researched: It was important for us to find entertaining and engaging blogs, but we also wanted to ensure the information presented was clear and concise, so anyone with financial ambitions would find each website useful.

Plenty of information: As well as quality content, we also wanted to ensure there was a substantial quantity of content on each blog, with lots of helpful tips, tricks, advice and recommendations for readers to learn from.

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