What are mass international payments for business?

This type of money transfer refers to the process of paying multiple contacts online simultaneously, albeit a one-off or recurring, automated payment. For businesses, this method of payment can be super convenient and cost-effective, as well as save company time in the long run. 

How do mass international payments work?

Rather than having to input individual details and sending out physical pay checks one by one, businesses can now use the application programming interfaces (API) or manually upload a spreadsheet containing the relevant payment data, the details of which will then be processed altogether. Recipients will then receive a notification via phone or email, prompting them to deposit the funds into a secure online account.

Do banks facilitate mass international payments for business?

In banking, mass international payments are typically referred to as bulk transactions, and some financial institutions may offer these services, but not all. Generally, we recommend business owners use a specialist money transfer company to arrange mass international payments.

What type of fees apply to mass international payments for business? 

As with all money transfers, the fee structure for these kinds of payments will be determined by the provider and international bank transfers are generally more expensive than outsourcing to a specialist service provider. 

While some service providers offer free money transfers for individual international payments, setting up multiple payments will likely result in additional transfer fees as well as an exchange rate spread for currency conversion. Overall, using a specialist company to  arrange mass international payment for business transactions will prove more cost-effective as the sender will be paying the company for one bulk payment.

What companies are the best for sending mass international payments for business?

XE Mass Global Payments

This money transfer service gives business owners the power to process multiple invoices and foreign currencies quickly and securely. Facilitating transactions to over 200 countries and 139 currencies – matching the mid-market rate – XE makes sending mass global payments simple and secure. Key features of this service includes tailored client support provided by XE customer advisors, consolidation of multiple currencies, automated payment verification and API integration. Find out more about XE Mass Global Payments here and read our full review of the company here.

Western Union Mass Payments

Customers who opt for this mass international payment service will be granted access Western Union’s vast global network and foreign exchange platform, which means fast and efficient transfers to recipients almost anywhere in the world. Western Union can send up to 10,000 payments in one batch, thanks to their innovative and flexible integration options. Get set up with WU Payments Hub today on desktop or by downloading the Western Union mobile app. Find out more about how your business can benefit from Western Union Mass Payments here and read our full review of the company here

PayPal Payouts

Corporate clients can take advantage of PayPal’s mass international Payouts service by opening a business account online and uploading their payment file. The process is straightforward and fast, taking the stress out of initiating several separate payments online. PayPal users will be able to view a log of all mass payments in the Payouts History section of their online account. Find out more details about PayPal Payouts here and read our review of the company here.

OFX Mass Payments

This highly rated money transfer company are well-equipped to arrange mass international payments for business, with great rates and low fees saving both the sender and recipient money. OFX Relationship Managers are on hand to help corporate clients set up bulk payments for up to 500 recipients; find out more here. Read our full review of OFX international money transfer services here.

Skrill Payouts

This long-standing EMI (electronic money institution) offers a selection of integrated payment solutions for businesses of every kind. Customers can set up mass payments quickly and easily, choosing from a wide variety of currencies and destination countries, with low-cost service fees and instant processing times. Find out more about mass international payments with Skrill here and check out our company review here.


When deciding on a mass payment provider we recommend looking out for companies that employ reliable and steadfast security practices that protect customers from potential data breaches or other security risks. The benefits of outsourcing for mass international payments for business are tenfold; it will speed up and streamline payments, saving the company time and money as well as eradicating the potential for human error. Before you get set up with a specific company, why not check out our comparison tool which lets customers gauge the best exchange rate and transfer fees for international money transfers.