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A leading force in the remittance industry, this UK-based money transfer app has been downloaded by thousands of customers around the world. In this review we will take a closer look at the Wise app, to learn more about the mobile version of this award-winning payments platform.

Updated: 06/07/2021
Read time: 6 minutes
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What is the Wise app? 

Wise, formerly Transferwise, started up in London just over a decade ago, the brainchild of founders Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus. Designed to provide more affordable, more convenient money transfer services than traditional banks and credit unions, the organisation has remained at the forefront of global payments since its inception. At the time of writing (May 2021) Wise has stated its service is on average 8x cheaper than leading UK high street banks.

The Wise money transfer app was launched in 2013, a few years after the company launched, becoming the world’s first peer-to-peer money transfer app. At the time of writing (May 2021) over 10 million users send money overseas with Wise, taking advantage of their  pledge to guarantee all foreign exchange rates matches the “real” mid-market rate.

How do I get the Wise app?

The app is free to download from the Google Play or App Store and is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Can I make international transfers with the Wise app?

Yes, the Wise business model has been developed to facilitate overseas payments to international bank accounts across the globe. Wise customers can send money to 71 destination countries, from 43 sending countries, offering over 1,000 transfer routes and country combinations.

How does the Wise app perform? 

In this section we will review the overall performance of the Wise app, looking at its accessibility and appearance to find out if the platform measures up to competitors’ offerings.

User interface – The Wise app is designed to be aesthetically identical to the website, therefore making the platform feel familiar and easy to navigate. Arranging a money transfer through the app is easily achievable for users of all ages; displayed in clear and concise steps.

Speed and bugs – Our experience of using the Wise app was swift and efficient, without any hiccups. However, some customer reviews mention bugs and issues with recent updates of the app. The company has responded to these reviews by stating: “we fixed some bugs and made improvements to make the app work better.” (May 2021)

How to send and receive money with the Wise app

Money transfers can be arranged with the tap of a few buttons thanks to this intuitive app. In this section we provide a step by step guide on how to move your money from A to B, using this convenient platform.

Sending money with the Wise app 

Step 1. Open up the Wise app, log into your account and tap the Send button on the home screen. Select from the International or Local options at the top of the screen. 

Step 2. Select the currencies you need for your money transfer: enter the amount in the You Send box at the top to find out how much your Recipient Gets in the box below. By clicking on See Details you will be able to view the exchange rate, estimated delivery time and total savings: Wise gives you the option to compare their price with other competitors. If you are happy with this information, click Continue to proceed. 

Step 3. The next step will ask you to Add A New Recipient and enter the Reason For Your Transfer; you can select a reason from the drop-down options, then click Continue. 

Step 4. You will be asked How do you want to Pay? With the following options available: bank transfer, debit card, credit card or using funds available in your Wise account. Fees will vary depending on the chosen payment type. 

Step 5. Once you have made your payment, you will be taken to the confirmation screen which will display the expected delivery time of your money transfer. Both parties will be notified via email once the funds have been deposited and are available in the recipient’s account. 

Receiving money with the Wise app

Step 1. Open the app and log into your Wise account. Your available funds will be categorised by currency and organised into different account balances: you will need open a balance in the currency you want to receive money in. Select this account and tap Account Details to view your personal details. 

Step 2. You will need to share these account details with the person who is sending you a money transfer. Make sure you double check the account details to ensure the funds will be deposited to the right account. 

Step 3. Once the money transfer request has been submitted, most Wise customers report the funds have been deposited into their account balance within 2 – 3 working days.

How long does it take to send money through the Wise app? 

For new customers, sending their first money transfer through the Wise app may take 5 – 10 minutes. After that, we expect most customers spend under 5 minutes arranging money transfers, due to the familiarity of the process. 

In terms of delivery speed, this will be determined by the type of money transfer, destination country, the size of the transfer and how it has been paid for. According to user feedback, most transfers made using the app take less than 2 days to arrive with the recipient. 

Can you add money directly to the Wise app? 

To add funds to your Wise account balance you will need to log into your online banking and arrange a bank transfer using your Wise account details. 

Click on the relevant currency balance you would like to add funds to, and take down the account details. You must ensure the same currency is used to top up your Wise currency balance. For example, if you want to add Australian Dollars to your AUD Wise currency balance, you will need to send money in AUD from a bank account.

Customer feedback and ratings of the Wise app

At the time of writing (May 2021) the Wise app has been reviewed by thousands of customers. On the Google Play Store over 121,000 reviews have been logged, resulting in an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5. Less iOS customers have provided feedback on the App Store, but from the 38,000 reviews the Wise app has been ranked 4.8 out of 5, which is an excellent rating. 

Positive feedback includes comments about huge savings, excellent design and quick and easy results. Negative reviews mention a disliking of updated versions of the app and a time-consuming security verification process. 


Sending and receiving money through the Wise app is deemed a fail safe option for anyone with cross-border finance needs or international banking. Wise has maintained the top spot in terms of reliability and safety for several years and the only customer criticisms of the mobile app relate to personal preferences in regards to how the app functions compared to previous versions of the app, and the multiple security procedures in place, which are seen as overly thorough by some.

Neither of these factors should discourage users from sending money overseas or receiving funds to their Wise account, as we have encountered nothing but good quality service when using this app and believe it offers some of the cheapest and fastest transfer deals on the market. If you are unsure about anything mentioned in this review, use our comparison tool to pit Wise against its biggest competitors.

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