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How to apply for a Statrys Business Account

In this guide we'll take you through the process of opening a Statrys Business Account.

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Who are Statrys

Statrys is a Hong Kong-based local and international payment services provider founded in 2018. Currently, it’s located in Hong Kong, London, and Bangkok. The platform is designed solely for business customers, therefore does not provide transfer money services to individuals

Note: Statrys is not a bank; rather, they are a financial institution that has a Hong Kong Money Service Operator license (19-02-02726) and a United Kingdom Small Payment Institution license (12031334). They are controlled by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department and the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.

How do I apply for a Statrys Business Account?

To apply for a Statrys Business Account, you’ll first need to create an online account with Statrys, before adding information about your company and its employees.

1.Step 1 Step 1: Creating an account with Statrys
2.Step 2 Step 2: Adding company information
3.Step 3 Step 3: Adding business details
4.Step 4 Step 4: Adding company structure
5.Step 5 Step 5: Review your application

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