The pandemic did affect the frequency of fintech and finance events, although most of them did keep online-based programs. Now that the event industry is making a strong comeback, it’s time to devise a list of events you shouldn’t miss. Our experts at tried to single out the most important fintech conferences in 2022 that finance and fintech professionals shouldn’t miss!

FinTech World Forum 2022

Date: May 23rd – May 24th, 2022 

Place: London, United Kingdom

The FinTech World Forum is among the biggest fintech conferences that will occur in the finance world in May. Many huge corporations will take part in the event, including Google, IBM, HSBC, Huawei, etc. Expert speakers and panelists will discuss various topics during the two days. Some topics are the importance of innovation and open banking, AI within financial services, and the future of money. The venue where the forum will be held is the Kensington Conference and Event Centre.

Reuters Events Investment USA 2022

Date: May 23rd – May 24th, 2022

Place: New York, United States

Reuters Events will hold this prestigious event that gathers over 150 Chief Investment officers and speakers that will present strategies for generating returns and mitigating risks in the current market. 

Visitors will listen about operational optimization and innovation, proven strategies for constructing portfolios and allocating assets, etc. Investment USA 2022 discusses sustainable investment strategies that will become a necessity. Many sponsors and leading financial experts attend this event.

LendIt FinTech USA

Date: May 25th – 26th, 2022

Place: New York, United States

The creators advertise this as one of the biggest finance conferences in 2022 hosted in New York City. LendIt FinTech USA gathers 350 speakers and more than 4,000 attendees. The conference attracts large sponsor interest since over 220 sponsors will be present. Notable speakers include Sarah Clark from MasterCard, Mike Cagney from Figure, Adrienne Harris from NYDFS, etc.

LendIt FinTech USA plans to launch a Cryptonexus workshop. It aims at empowering professionals who want to enrich their crypto knowledge. Apart from a rich agenda, parties and many opportunities to network and have fun are an integral part of this conference.

Seamless Middle East

Date: May 31st – June 1st, 2022

Place: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai World Trade Center will host this year’s Seamless Middle East conference. The event has a huge tradition that goes back over 20 years. Content themes vary from banking and fintech to e-commerce, credit and lending, payments, and retail. Visitors will have an opportunity to hear from over 300 speakers from different countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc.

The Seamless Middle East holds a multi-brand exhibition where over 350 exhibitors present their solutions. These exhibits have over 10,000 attendees, and the entrance is free. This fintech conference is an excellent chance for networking as the hosts provide a special lounge and an app that simplifies the process.


Date: May 31st – June 3rd, 2022

Place: Hollywood, Florida

WealthStack is a technology conference. However, it’s unique because of its dedication to brokers, financial advisors, and the fintech industry. The tagline of the conference is that this is a new era of advice and a place where wealth tech coverage and wealth management converge.

The agenda includes workshops, think tanks, and networking opportunities. Speakers come from different fields, including former NFL players, experts from top finance companies like Goldman and Sachs, etc.

Money 20/20 Europe

Date: June 7th – 9th, 2022

Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The European Money 20/20 event will occur in Amsterdam this year. The statistics indicate more than 1,900 companies and 4,000 participants visited the finance conference in 2021. It gathered promising startups and huge corporations, bringing together all important players in the fintech world.

Money 20/20 will last three days. During this time, you can visit interesting sessions focusing on different topics. That includes building a metaverse economy, discussing the adoption of crypto in banking, embedded finance, etc.

Digital Insurance DigIn

Date: June 8th – June 10th, 2022

Place: New Orleans, Louisiana

The attendee list at the DigIn event is usually impressive. It gathers 1,500+ professionals from senior leadership positions, startup leaders, insurance carriers, and even government pros. As the name suggests, the focus is on insurance, and the event is highly interactive.

DigIn offers workshops, tanks, roundtables and powerful networking chances. The conference will discuss transforming transactions and eliminating bottlenecks, critical upgrades to outdated systems, and innovative platforms suitable for use on multiple channels.

Consensus 2022 by CoinDesk

Date: June 9th – June 12th, 2022

Place: Austin, Texas, United States

CoinDesk is the main sponsor of Consensus 2022, and that gives some insight into what to expect from this fintech event. The hosts call it the festival for the decentralized world. It’s a DeFi event that celebrates the entire crypto world. It gathers thousands of fantastic minds and experts on crypto, blockchain, metaverse, and Web 3.

The agenda gathers over 20 speakers, with many debates and discussions on various topics. The expectations are there will be over 20 speakers at Consensus 2022. Over 250 sponsors and 15,000 attendees are a guarantee you’ll have many chances to attract investors and find business partners.

FiNext Conference

Date: July 13th – July 15th, 2022

Place: San Francisco, United States

FiNext Conference is a two-day event with a showcase of products and services on stage. Apart from that, you can listen to different speakers talking about fintech in 2022 and the future of blockchain and financial services. 

Panel discussions are an important part of the event, and FiNext also has an award ceremony. They recognize excellence in leaders, products, and companies and issue multiple awards. The best part is you can nominate yourself or anybody else.

American Banker Digital Banking

Date: June 13th – 15th, 2022

Place: Austin, Texas, United States

American Banker will be the host of an important digital banking conference for banking leaders. Over 700 senior executives and 1,000 banking professionals announced their arrival. Keynote speakers include Erik Qualman, the author of Socialnomics, and Tim Welsh from the US Bank.

Visitors can expect to learn about self-serving solutions offered by banks, customer data platform implementations, and how to attract next-gen clients to digital banking. Visitors can network with a pool of sponsors looking for talented minds and ideas to support.

Reuters Events Payments Summit Europe 2022

Date: June 28th – June 29th, 2022

Place: London, United Kingdom

Reuters Events’ programs will focus on Europe at the end of June, hosting one of the biggest fintech conferences in London. The two-day Payments Summit will occur in London, and the plan is to gather 30 speakers and 200 payment executives. This event connects government, ecommerce businesses and banks with fintechs. The speakers will discuss the latest payment solutions and methods to adjust your future strategy to the market needs.

Payments Summit Europe 2022 is a smart way of connecting with other businesses throughout Europe. You can visit roundtables and participate in discussion groups that help standardize and harmonize the payment industry.

Fintech Week London

Date: July 11th – 15th, 2022

Place: London, United Kingdom

Fintech Week in London will offer another exciting array of finance events throughout the week. The conference will occur during the first two days, with an industry party to offer networking opportunities. An Open Source in Finance Forum and Fintech Awards ceremony will also be a part of the weekly event.

In 2021, the ceremony occurred both online and offline. It had over 1,450 total attendees, 180 speakers, 500 partners, and 3,000 meeting requests. The program focuses on fintech concepts and evolution, such as open banking, digital sovereignty, crypto, and other trends. After the first edition was a huge success, this Fintech Week aims to take the entire experience to the next level.

Fintech Summit Latam

Date: August 24th – August 25th, 2022

Place: Mexico City, Mexico

Fintech Summit Latam enters its 14th edition as it focuses on the Latin American market. The event gathers all relevant companies in a fintech ecosystem and discusses the future of fintech in 2022, latest innovations and challenges that this region faces.

General workshops, expo stands, individual meetings, and even cocktail parties are all a part of this summit. The event is attractive for startups, mobile platform providers, payment system operators, banks, retailers, and other financial factors.

Finovate Fall 2022

Date: September 12th – September 14th, 2022

Place: New York, United States

FinovateFall is a major affair in the financial services events calendar. Companies and developers have the opportunity to present their products to decision-makers. The event is perfect for anyone in the finance field, ranging from open and digital banking to customer engagement, authentication, payments, etc.

It won’t be the first time for New York to host FinovateFall. The event has always been one of the best fintech conferences to make meaningful connections. Whether you are an advanced developer or a startup, you can benefit from networking with 275+ financial institutions and banks. The estimation is half of the attendees come from financial institutions, making FinovateFall a fine chance to look for new partners.

FTT Embedded Finance North America

Date: September 21st, 2022

Place: Online

FinTech Talents is behind this event, but compared to similar conferences, this one has a major difference. It’s 100% virtual, so guests from the entire world are welcome. It’s only a single-day event, but it has two stages. Strategy Stage features keynote speakers on market opportunities and other relevant topics. The Opportunity Stage is the place where case studies and panel discussions occur.

Marqeta is the headline sponsor, but Finastra, FusionFabric and Technisys also support the event. FTT Embedded Finance North America is famous for engaging content sessions. You get access to one-on-one clinics, a meeting scheduler, etc.

11th NextGen Payments & RegTech Forum

Date: September 21st – September 22nd, 2022

Place: Athens, Greece

Qube Event Network is behind this fintech summit. The event is entering its 11th edition, continuing its tradition of uniting great minds in the payments and regtech industries. According to announcements, the 11th NextGen Payments & Regtech Forum will have over 20 keynote speakers and offer content specialized to senior executives.

NPF is a hybrid event, indicating you can participate online. It’s an excellent chance to showcase expertise and boost your image while also generating reach and expanding the targeted audience for your business.

American Banker: Small Biz Banking

Date: October 3rd – October 4th, 2022

Place: Marriott, Nashville, United States

Meeting the expectations of small business clients is a huge challenge for the banking industry. This finance conference focuses on relevant areas, such as client engagement, credit risk, B2B tools, etc. American Banker hosts the Small Biz Banking event to enable leaders to talk and learn about changes and how to transform their businesses to suit the current market situation. The event will occur for two days in an exclusive location in Nashville, ensuring many networking opportunities for participants.

FinTech Surge

Date: October 10th – October 13th, 2022

Place: Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab Emirates

Surge is a vital event for regions of the Middle East, but also North Africa. It gathers fintech startups, leaders, and financial centers. The event doesn’t have a long tradition, but it gained instant credibility. That’s because it gathers leaders from the entire industry. The estimation is that over 100 startups and fintech companies will take part in the FinTech Surge event. The summit expects a high number of visitors, making the exhibit a great place to convert them into clients.

2nd Annual Financial Innovation Forum

Date: October 11th – October 12th, 2022

Place: Limassol, Cyprus

Innovations take any industry forward, so why would finance be any different? Staying up to date with the latest strategy and growth techniques is imperative for success. Qube Events will organize the second annual Financial Innovation Forum in October, following the great feedback from the first edition.

The venue is in Cyprus, but you can participate online. The agenda will cover new trends, developments, and practices. You’ll get to hear from leaders who successfully implemented innovative solutions and discover strategies that will help transform your business and take it to the next step.

Money 20/20 USA

Date: October 23rd – October 26th, 2022

Place: Las Vegas, United States

Money 20/20 shifts its focus to the United States in October. Last year’s fintech event was a huge success, with over 2,800 companies and 8,000 attendees. That includes “rockstars” of the industry. And while on the topic, let’s mention that Money 20/20 visitors will enjoy a rich party program during the event.

Experts from all areas of the money ecosystem will be present in Las Vegas. That includes payment gateways, card networks, lending, blockchain, venture capitalists, retailers, digital banks, and other relevant participants. This is a premium event, and the majority of attendees are decision-makers. That’s why Money 20/20 attracts so much attention in the fintech community.

EPay Summit GCC

Date: November 1st, 2022

Place: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This will be the fourth edition of the Epay Summit GCC. Its main focus is the digital payment future in the Gulf region. The area is moving forward toward an inclusive cashless society. Relevant industry players need to join together to shape the roadmap and speed up the process, and that’s where Epay comes into play.

EPay Summit GCC will occur in Dubai. However, it’s open to all visitors via the dedicated summit app. Each participant goes through a vetting process, ensuring you only speak with relevant representatives from tech providers, financial firms, telecommunication, and banking companies.

Web Summit 2022

Date: November 1st – November 4th, 2022

Place: Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit isn’t a strictly finance or fintech conference. It focuses on gathering companies that redefine the tech industry. But as the world’s premier tech conference, it can be an attractive opportunity for fintech businesses.

The 2022 edition of the Web Summit will occur in Lisbon in November. Last year’s event gathered over 70,000 attendees from 160 countries, including 1,200 investors and 2,300 startups. Speakers came from successful businesses like Amazon, Apple, and Discord. Even Serena Williams and Mark Cuban were on the list for the 2021 event.

Singapore Fintech Festival

Date: November 2nd – November 4th, 2022

Place: Singapore, Singapore

It’s still early to discuss this year’s event, but the last one was a huge success. Its sponsors included some of the biggest fintech brands including, MasterCard, FTX, Accenture, Microsoft, PayPal, etc. Singapore Fintech Festivals focuses on the collision of Web 3.0 with financial services. It focuses on decentralized finance expanding and reaching individuals and companies who aren’t a part of the traditional financial system.

The festival gathered a large number of exhibitors and sponsors. That includes companies from venture capital, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, financial analysis, and other profiles.

FinTech Live

Date: November 9th – November 10th, 2022

Place: London, United Kingdom

FinTech and InsurTech magazines are organizing a joint two-day event in November. It will occur in London, but visitors from around the world can attend online. The focus is on inspiring industry experts and supporting high-potential partnerships, and last year’s event was a huge success.

Kate Rosenshine from Microsoft and Scott Abrahams from MasterCard were notable speakers in 2021. FinTech Live will announce its agenda and speaker lineup for this year soon. 

AI in Finance Summit

Date: November 9th – November 10th, 2022

Place: Toronto, Canada

Re-Work is behind this event on how AI and machine learning can help the world of finance in the coming years. AI in Finance Summit is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest machine learning trends in the financial sector. 

Whether you are a venture capitalist, financial regulator, or data engineer, you can benefit from connecting to over 400 relevant experts. The companies that regularly attend the event include NVidia, Wells Fargo, Toyota, Barclays, etc. This year’s summit will focus on deep-dive sessions, enabling practical workshops and interactive discussions.

The Financial Brand Forum

Date: November 13th – November 16th, 2022 

Place: Las Vegas, United States

The conference focuses on the banking industry, but with a special priority put on customer experience, marketing, and digital strategies. According to the hosts, one in 15 retail banking US institutions attended this event. You find over $10 trillion in assets represented each year, which is impressive.

The Financial Brand Forum is a banking event where you can expect world-class speakers talking about big ideas. The sheer event size guarantees invaluable networking chances. The event lasts for four days, but it’s the middle two days where most business-related events occur.

Fintech Talents Festival 2022

Date: November 14th – 15th, 2022

Place: London, United Kingdom

Fintech Talents is a unique industry festival that has over 2,000 attendees plus a virtual audience. IBM, Google Cloud, Tribe, and Mambu, are among the fintech event’s sponsors. The venue features four stages, over 1,000 financial institution representatives, and the statistics indicate over 20,000 meetings occur.

Digital transformation, FinServ evolution, and mentoring opportunities in fintech are only some topics covered during the event. Cocktail parties and coffee breaks are excellent times to mingle with others and meet your next business associate.


Date: November 21st – November 23rd, 2022

Place: London, United Kingdom

The Finance Magnates London Summit is celebrating a 10-year existence in 2022. The special event will last for over three days, and its focus will be on online trading. It will gather all relevant industry participants, such as technology providers, institutional and retail brokers, banks, hedge funds, etc.

FMLS will begin with a day dedicated to networking and an opening party organized by the hosts. The second day will feature keynotes, panels, and exhibitor booths. The hosts promise surprises at the end of the event, so visitors can expect a memorable experience.

Finovate Europe

Date: March 14th – March 15th, 2023

Place: London, England

Finovate Europe is among the rare finance conferences with its schedule for 2023 already published. Over 70 reputable speakers will participate, and you can encounter over 300 representatives from major financial institutions.

Many product developers will present demos of their fintech solutions that can help boost your business today. You’ll hear many creative ideas and exchange thoughts about what the industry can expect tomorrow.