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The World’s Most Expensive Stock (All Time & Right Now)

The World’s Most Expensive Stock (All Time & Right Now)

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Searching for the most expensive stock can be an excellent insight into which companies are performing better than others in the ever-changing market. The companies with the highest stock price usually have a strong market value. However, the price of a stock also depends on various factors, such as the number of shares left outstanding.

Let’s look at some of the most expensive stocks as they stand today and some of the highest-selling stocks ever created.

10. Chipotle Mexican Grill ($1944.04 per share)

Chipotle hasn’t always had the most valuable stocks. In fact, negative reviews sent the company’s share price into a free fall a couple of years ago. However, in recent years, this food company has begun to turn things around. The highest price ever recorded for this stock was on September 23, 2021, when it hit $1944.04 per share.

9. AutoZone Inc. ($2254.03 per share)

AutoZone is one of the most expensive stocks in the world. Responsible for operating over 6,000 outlets across 49 states, it’s one of the biggest automotive repair brands. The highest stock price ever achieved by the company was on April 20, 2022, when it hit a closing price of $2254.03 per share.

8. Cable One ($2293.76 per share)

The new name for the US-based communications company Graham Holdings, Cable One is currently the seventh-largest cable business in the United States. It frequently appears in lists of the highest value stocks on the market. The company’s all-time highest value was recorded on December 29, 2020, at $2293.76 per share.

7. Booking Holdings ($2703.26 per share)

The parent company of, Booking Holdings is one of the companies most of us associate with travel. The company once managed a 52-week high stock price of $2715.66. However, the brand’s highest closing price was $2703.26 per share on February 16, 2022.

6. Alphabet Inc. ($3030.93 per share)

Alphabet is the parent company of Google, with a huge degree of success over the years. The brand is worth over $1.97 trillion and frequently appears in lists of valuable investments. The highest stock price ever recorded for Alphabet was on November 18, 2021, when it achieved an incredible closing price of around $3030.93 per share.

5. Amazon Inc. ($3057 per share)

Amazon, the world-renowned digital marketplace, achieved a phenomenal stock price on July 4, 2020, when the price climbed to $3057 per share . The company did receive some backlash during the pandemic, however, and its pricing has since dropped to much lower levels.

4. Seaboard Corporation ($4699 per share)

Seaboard is a diversified corporation with operations in the agricultural and transportation sectors. It’s mainly involved in pork production throughout the US. The company hit its most expensive stock price on April 23, 2019, achieving a massive $4699 per share.

3. NVR Inc. ($5959.33 per share)

NVR Incorporated is a company responsible for building houses and issuing mortgage loans, alongside other activities. The highest price ever achieved by NVR was a cost of $5959.33 per share, the closing price on December 29, 2021.

2. Lindt & Sprüngli AG ($122200 per share)

Lindt & Sprüngli AG is best known for creating luxury Swiss chocolate, with factories all around the globe. The company accelerated to a price of $122200 per share on 1 December, 2021. Prices have remained relatively high for the chocolate company since, giving it the title of one of the most expensive stocks in the world.

1. Berkshire Hathaway ($539180 per share)

Holding the title for by far the most expensive stock of all time, Berkshire Hathaway stocks are often priced in the hundreds of thousands. The highest closing price the company ever achieved was $539180 per share on March 28, 2022.

What Are the Most Expensive Stocks?

Berkshire Hathaway still tops the list of the most expensive stocks right now. This is also the most expensive stock of all time, thanks in large part to minimal stock splits. Berkshire’s stocks, known as “BRK.A” on the stock market, are currently trading at over $41000 per share. This is almost ten times the value of the second most expensive stock (NVR, Inc.).

The most expensive stocks trading today in the US market at the time of publishing are:

  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc.: $416448.99 per share

  • NVR, Inc.: $4363.02 per share

  • Seaboard Corporation: $3750.02 per share

  • Alphabet Inc.: $2296.99 per share

  • AutoZone, Inc.: $2158.60 per share

  • Booking Holdings Inc.: $1738.25 per share

  • Texas Pacific Land Corporation: $1548.49 per share

  • Cable One, Inc.: $1342.14 per share

  • Markel Corp: $1305.96 per share

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.: $1261.46 per share


The price of stocks can vary drastically from one moment to the next. Everything from a change in the marketplace to a shift in brand perception can alter stock prices drastically. Keeping an eye on the most expensive stock price can still give you an insight into which companies are most valuable today.

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