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Sports Fans Could Be Paying 117% More for Sports Tickets in the Next 25 Years

Sports Fans Could Be Paying 117% More for Sports Tickets in the Next 25 Years

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, in the past 10 years, prices for admission to sporting events increased by 19.42%. More shockingly, perhaps, is that in the past 25 years (1997 to 2022), ticket prices increased by 117.54% in total. When these increases are compared to the overall inflation rate during the same period, inflation for sporting events was much higher.

That means that a ticket costing $100 in 1997 would cost $217.54 in 2022 for an equivalent purchase. Using these rates of inflation, has calculated how much more tickets in the next 10 and 25 years are likely to cost based on the price of major sports events in 2022. Of course, ticket prices may be subject to change in the future due to differences in inflation and extenuating circumstances.

Tickets topping $1,000

In 2022, category 1 tickets for the final match of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar cost an estimated $1,607 – which is already a 46% increase on the cost of tickets in 2018. We calculated that assuming admission prices continue to rise on the same line in the next 10 years, the cost of the same tickets would be $1,919 by 2032 – and a whopping $3,495 by 2047!

In the same eye-wateringly expensive category is NFL Super Bowl tickets. In 2022, tickets for the NFL Super Bowl cost $6,469. Using the same calculations as above, by 2032 we could see the same tickets costing an enormous $7,725 per ticket. 

Sports tickets costs: 2022 vs 2032 vs 2047

Sport Event2022 Cost (Highest)2032 Cost*2047 Cost**
World Darts Championship final$90$107.47$195.78
Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics$200$238.84$435.09
Six Nations rugby championship$170$203.01$369.8
NFL Super Bowl LVI$6,697$7,725$14,568
ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup$17$20.30$36.98
Cheltenham Festival$53$63$115.29
Uefa Champions League final$718.3$857$1561.93
24 Hours of Le Mans$80$95.53$174.03
The Championships, Wimbledon$292$348.70$184.9
Rugby World Cup (womens)$1000$1194$2175.4
Uefa Women’s Euro 2022$60$72$130.52
150th Open Championship (Golf)$131$156$284.97
World Athletics Championships$20$23.88$43.5
Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games$18$21$39.15
London Marathon$59$70.45$128.34
Rugby League World Cup$60$71.65$130.52
World Gymnastics Championships$42$50.15$91.36
Fifa World Cup Qatar$1,607$1,919$3495.86

*Based on the 19.54% increase in prices from 2012 – 2022

**Based on the 117.54% increase on prices from 1997 – 2022 (past 25 years)

Fans are happy to pay top dollar

Across the world, prices are rising, and many families are scrambling to adjust their spending habits to keep up with the cost of living crisis. However, as CNBC reports, fans are still happy to pay big bucks for sporting events – with many prioritising experiences like these over other expenses.

Provided ticket costs don’t totally out-price their fans, then, it seems that the steady upward climb of sports tickets prices is readily accepted and, even, embraced.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of, comments: “For the past two years, people have been pent up inside working hard, without much else to do. Now more than ever, people are embracing the opportunity to get out and enjoy the experiences life has to offer – even with rising costs.

If ticket prices go up, there is always going to be someone who can afford them. While this may not be for the benefit of all, it seems only inevitable that the price to attend high-profile sporting events is only going up.”

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