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Top 40 Money Saving Blogs for Mums

As a mum, creating healthy financial habits that help you to save money, create a realistic and achievable budget, and even earn some extra money each month can be invaluable. To celebrate Mother’s Day 2021, we’ve put together the ultimate list of money-saving mum blogs to help inspire you to take full control of your family’s finances this year.

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Being a mum means taking on many different jobs: carer, teacher, chef, cleaner, nurse, chief budgeter...and that’s just to name a few! At times, keeping it all together can feel like an impossible mission, but thankfully, there are other mums all over the world ready to be a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, and even a source of advice and inspiration.

With the approach of Mother’s Day 2021, we wanted to give back to every single mother working hard to keep her family afloat. Below, we’ve featured our top money saving blogs for mums to check out for inspiration on the countless ways you could become financially free this year.

The money-saving mum blogs we’ve listed below cover a wide range of of personal finance topics:

  • Paying of debt

  • Finding the best coupons, deals, and freebies online

  • Budgeting and saving money

  • Managing your finances as a single parent on one income

  • Making more money

These personal finance blogs not only provide a litany of useful advice, tips, and tricks for saving money as a mum - they all come with incredibly inspiring stories from mum’s who have been on their own journey’s to become financially free.

Read on for our ultimate list of the top 40 money saving blogs for mums and get ready to feel empowered to take control of your finances today!

Becoming Debt Free

Living with a lot of debt to your name can feel like an invisible prison. It can feel impossible to ever save any significant amount because you’re constantly paying off your debts, or trying to make a dent into the interest you owe to banks and credit card providers.

The following blogs are all founded by mums with incredible debt-repayment stories - not only do these website’s share each person’s inspiring background, but they also provide practical and achievable tips for becoming debt free and managing your finances for the future.

Penny Pinchin Mom |

Penny Pinchin Mom was founded by Tracie Fobes, a former Pension Plan Manager turned serial online entrepreneur. Since 2009, Tracie has shared her and her family’s inspiring story of getting out of debt with simple money-management tricks and tips that anyone can implement for becoming debt free and financially independent. Penny Pinchin Mom was sold to The Motley Fool in 2019, and as of 2020, Tracie is no longer involved in the running of the site.

Happy Humble Home |

Happy Humble Home is run by Heather, a wife, mother, homeowner, and former teacher with the mission to help women take control of their finances. Heather’s blog is packed with fantastic money-saving resources and advice for becoming debt free: paying off over $90,000 in debt herself, Happy Humble Home is perfect for anyone done with living paycheck to paycheck.

Extravagantly Broke |

Extravagantly Broke seeks to empower women to become debt-free and financially independent, with hundreds of money-saving posts to help mum’s be more frugal with their spending. The blog is owned by DeShana, who paid off almost $52,000 in two and a half years and is now living her best life completely debt-free.

Jessi Fearon |

With resources teaching you how to budget and live debt-free, Jessi Fearon’s blog aims to coach other families on how to live a great life on a budget. Jessi and her husband paid off over $55,000 in just 17 months, finally becoming debt-free in 2019 - and her blog shares some invaluable insights into how they achieved this goal and are staying out of debt ever since.

Catherine Alford |

Catherine Alford teaches mums that there’s no need to choose between your career and your family. Centred around empowering other women, Cat is a personal finance expert who shares her best advice for earning more, pursuing your life’s passions, and taking on an active financial role in your family. Cat has been running her own website and contributing to other personal finance publications as a freelance writer since 2014, and also teaches other women how to launch their own self-employed business.

Coupons, Deals and Freebies

Being good at budgeting is all about making your money stretch further, and one of the best ways to do that is to develop a keen eye for deals, discounts and bargains that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

The following blogs are all focused on searching out incredible deals and stretching your budget to suit your lifestyle.

Money Saving Mom |

Money Saving Mom is a fantastic resource for the best coupons and bargains you can find online, and is constantly updated with the latest deals to help other mums make the most of your money. The blog was founded by Crystal Paine, a mum of four who first started sharing insights into how her family lived on such a small budget, with Money Saving Mom soon becoming one of the most popular personal finance blogs on the web.

Centsable Momma |

Centsable Momma is run by Corrie, a former financial professional who started sharing her own experiences budgeting and cutting her family's expenses in order to adjust to their income being cut in half after Corrie became a stay-at-home-mum to care for their two sons. Censtable Momma features great coupon deals, practical money-saving advice, and fantastic deals you can find online.

Savvy Mum UK |

Savvy Mum UK shares some of the latest deals, coupons and freebies to make life easier, as well as useful money-saving tips and frugal living advice for other busy mums looking to make their budget go further. The blog is run by Donna, a mum of two who uses all of the tips she shares online herself to help her money go a lot further.


Whether you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck every single month, or would simply like to free up some cash in your monthly budget to set aside for a rainy day, learning how to budget your money better can be an invaluable skill.

These blogs will teach you how to budget your finances, increase your income, save more money, all without making too many harsh sacrifices on the lifestyle you love.

Smart Money Mamas |

Smart Money Mamas helps other mums build a more positive relationship with their money. The blog includes a number of resources, worksheets, courses, and articles helping mothers reconnect with their money and get what they really want out of life, and is supported by a twice weekly podcast of the same name that discusses money, business, motherhood, and more.

The Budget Mom |

The Budget Mom provides easy-to-follow solutions to help other mums get out of debt, save money, and set bigger and better financial goals. At the root of The Budget Mom is a mission to help mums start doing more of what’s important to you on a budget you can afford. The site was founded by Kumiko Love, who shares her own inspiring transformational attitude towards money and the way she lives her life on the blog and now seeks to inspire other women to find that same success.

Handful of Thoughts |

Handful of Thoughts is run by Maria, who describes herself as a natural saver always trying to be more mindful with how she spends her money. Maria and her husband paid off their $342,000 mortgage in just five years with amazing discipline and clever money-saving habits that have enabled them to expand their real-estate portfolio to nine rental properties. Handful of Thoughts has some fantastic resources about becoming financially independent, mum life, and creating a better mindset towards spending for the future.

Katie Saves |

Katie Saves was initially started by Katie when she was on maternity leave, documenting how she and her husband were budgeting to get by on a reduced household income. The blog is full of money-saving and money-making advice focused on helping other mums make the most out of their budget.

Thrifty Frugal Mom |

Thrifty Frugal Mom is a fantastic resource for frugal recipes that all the family will love - from quick and easy recipes to budget meal plans for families of all different sizes, Lydia’s blog is primed to help make cooking more affordable. In addition to recipe planning, Thrifty Frugal Mom contains a number of frugal living guides and money-saving tips, as well as a section dedicated to homemaking and family for other frugally-minded mums!

Life and a Budget |

Life and a Budget was created to help women and their families create better finances. Founded by Latoya Scott, a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), Life and a Budget shares money-saving advice, guides to working from home and setting up your own business, as well as budgeting tips to help manage your money better.

Budgets Made Easy |

Budgets Made Easy was founded by Ashley Patrick, a personal finance expert who paid off $45,000 in 17 months using simple money-saving strategies that she now shares with her readers. Budgets Made Easy focuses on budgeting advice, debt-management, and tips for making and saving money for busy mums looking to reach their goals faster.

Mum’s Savvy Savings |

Mum’s Savvy Savings shares tips for budgeting, frugal family life, bargains and deals, and making money. Founded by Emma, a mother to three, writer, and editor for Tots 100, Mum’s Savvy Savings aims to document Emma and her family’s journey to saving more money while still doing more of what they love.

Frugal Family |

The Diary of a Frugal Family is a great resource for anyone looking for frugal living advice, creative saving money tips, and budget meal planning tips. The blog was started by Cass over six years ago now with an aim to document her memories as her family grows up, combined with a mission to share practical tips and advice for any other mum looking to make the most of their budget.

Baby Budgeting |

Baby Budgeting was founded by Becky Goddard-Hill, a mum of 2 and full-time blogger writing about money, food, parenting, fashion, and general lifestyle with the theme of saving money while still doing the things you love. Baby Budgeting is a useful all-round resource for parents interested in saving more money.

Much More with Less |

Much More with Less is focused on helping other people make the most of their money, with money-saving tips for food, family, fitness, and more. Faith has been writing about personal finance for more than 14 years, previously working as deputy personal finance editor at The Daily Telegraph before transitioning into life as a freelance personal finance journalist and working on her blog.

Tuppennys Fireplace |

Tuppennys Fireplace is a blog focused on helping readers find the best ways to make their money go further. Founded by Emma, a frugal living enthusiast, Tuppennys Fireplace is packed with tips on saving money, managing your finances, living frugally, and finding financial freedom.

Money Wise Moms |

Money Wise Moms, founded by Gina, a mother of three living in Northern Virginia with her husband, has countless fantastic budget-friendly recipes to help your food budget go further. The website has a huge index of family-friendly budget recipes to choose from, as well as more general financial tips to help make the most from your budget.

Money for the Mamas |

Money for the Mamas helps other mums plan and achieve their dream financial future. With saving money advice, budgeting tips, and financial strategies designed to help you pay off debt and achieve financial independence, this blog from Kari Lorz is a great resource for mums looking to save money and secure a better financial future for their family.

Savings 4 Savvy Mums |

This blog is for any mum looking to save more money on a daily basis, get a better handle on your weekly meal planning, and learn how to be savvier about saving money. Saving 4 Savvy Mums is run by Laura, a mother of two and avid saver who shares her best tips on how her family gets the most out of their money.

Thrifty Mum |

Thrifty Mum was founded by Hollie, who launched her blog in 2016 after starting maternity leave. The blog provides a growing community for parents looking to save money while still living their best life, with a range of money-management tips on food shopping, family days out, bargain hunting, and generally making your money stretch as far as possible while still living a lifestyle you enjoy.

Single Mums

Being a single mother comes with a number of additional responsibilities, especially when it comes to being solely responsible for the finances of yourself and your children. The following blogs prove that single mums really can have it all: more time at home with your children, a thriving business of your own, and achievable financial goals for the future.

Every blog featured below was founded by a single mother with an inspiring story to help empower others.

Single Moms Income |

Single Moms Income was created in 2012 by Alexa Mason to chronicle her attempts to stop living paycheck to paycheck as a single mother. Now, Alexa blogs full-time helping other single mums who are in the same shoes she was once in to save money, generate a self-employed and flexible income, and set realistic financial goals.

Money Boss Mama |

Money Boss Mama was started to help other mums ditch their debt, start saving more money, and feel confident in their finances. Dyana started her blog in 2016 when her journey to debt freedom began - now, she uses her own journey to empower and inspire other single mums looking for business and money resources to get better control over their finances.

Wealthy Single Mommy |

Wealthy Single Mommy was founded by Emma Johnson, a single professional mum who writes about a wide range of topics to help and inspire other single mothers - from dating and relationships to money, careers, and business tips. The blog has a wide range of content targeted specifically towards single mothers, and can be a great resource for educating yourself on your financial rights as well as planning better savings goals for the future.

Rich Single Momma |

Rich Single Momma was started in 2008, with the mission to encourage, empower, and inspire single mothers to create their own circumstances and thrive. The blog covers personal finance, parenting, affordable travel, and personal growth all targeted towards single mothers in particular - with a wide range of budget resources, tips and tricks to help you kickstart a money-saving journey.

Boss Single Mama |

Boss Single Mama was created for single mothers who are tired of being broke. The blog is full of great ideas for saving money, managing your finances, and earning an income from home or a side hustle in your spare time. Boss Single Mama was founded by Rebecca, a single mum and six-figure side hustler on a mission to help other mums get a handle on their finances so they can afford to stay at home with the kids.

Slummy Single Mummy |

Slummy Single Mummy was founded by Jo, a single mother of two and freelance writer based in Somerset. While the blog shares a number of useful money-saving tips for single mums, Jo also covers a wide range of topics, from personal essays to recipes and affordable travel with kids.

Making Extra Money

For many people interested in personal finance, making more money is a big part of the equation. Whether you’re a stay at home mum interested in starting up a small side hustle for a little extra cash, or you’d like advice on building your own 6-figure business (like some of the inspiring mums featured below!), the following blogs are a great place to start.

Moms Make Cents |

Moms Make Cents is a blog designed to help mothers get control of their finances and make more money. Founded by McKenzie in 2016, the site has plenty of resources to help you grow your income, start a business or side hustle working from home, and build a better budget for you and your family.

Mama Loves Money |

Mama Loves Money is a website focused on making money doing what you love. The website provides practical money-saving and money-making advice to help mums build healthier relationships with your money, live more frugally, and ultimately make your money work for you. The blog was founded by Frances Vidakovic, a mum of two, life coach, and author of 20 books(!).

Arts and Budgets |

Arts and Budgets helps creatives find financial freedom, with articles and courses to help other creative mums start a side hustle and launch their own self-employed business. Found in 2017, Arts and Budgets is designed to inspire, empower, and educate mothers interested in making more money and taking control of their money.

The Frugal Mom Guide |

The Frugal Mom Guide was founded by Amanda Ramkissoon, a mother of two helping her readers to save money, live more frugally, and make money outside of the typical 9 - 5. The blog features practical frugal living tips, budget-friendly recipes, cheap meal plans, and more to help families use their budget to their advantage.

Caroline Vencil |

Caroline’s blog is all about living your best life on a budget. As a frugal-living enthusiast, Caroline shares her own experiences budgeting for her family, as well as sharing some great tips on making money, maintaining a budget, starting a side hustle, and saving more money.

Miss Many Pennies |

Miss Many Pennies provides advice on making money, saving money, and paying off debt for families looking to gain better control of their finances. From frugal living tips to earning more money on the side, this blog is focused on turning pennies into pounds with small but effective money management habits.

Sarah Titus |

Sarah Titus started her blog after teaching herself how to live a good life on a small budget. Going from living in a homeless shelter to making 8-figures, Sarah’s inspirational story shows what savvy financial habits and a great work ethic can achieve. Now, Sarah blogs full-time and runs her business from home, allowing her to spend more time with her children while also teaching other mums how to save money and become financially independent.

Mrs Mummy Penny |

Mrs Mummy Penny - founded by Lynn Beattie - shares personal finance and lifestyle advice to help you save time and money. The website includes money-saving and budgeting tips, along with products and services to help you make the most of your money. Mrs Mummy Penny has been featured on ITV, BBC Radio, and Woman’s Own.

Mummy Saver Money Maker |

Mummy Saver Money Maker is a site dedicated to finding ways to make money from home, allowing mums to gain more financial independence without having to leave the kids to go back to work. The blog features simple tips to earning extra cash, as well as finding the best deals on items to stretch out your budget.

This Tiny Blue House |

This Tiny Blue House teaches readers how to save and make money, with topics focused on food, home DIY, the holidays, kids crafts, and more. The blog was founded by Jenn and Sam, who aim to deliver family-friendly food ideas, tips on blogging and side hustling, and creative DIY projects.

How we chose the top 40 money-saving mum blogs:

There are a lot of blogs on the internet trying to teach mums how to make money, save money, and budget their finances better. With so many to pick from, we wanted to provide some insight into how we selected our top 40 blogs for this list.

Every blog featured had a fit to the following criteria:

  • For mums, by mums: Every blog featured on our list provides personal finance advice specifically tailored towards mums, written by mums. The vast majority of bloggers on this list are mums with incredibly inspiring stories themselves, from paying off thousands in debt to establishing their own empire that allows more time spent at home with their children.

  • Relevant: Every blog featured continues to be updated with relevant, up-to-date content to this day. Many saving-money tips are evergreen, but there are always new ideas, products, and services to help you budget better.

  • Layout: The blogs featured all have excellent designs that are easy to navigate, with different topics and categories clearly broken down to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

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