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Top Personal Finance Blogs In Australia

Blogs are an excellent way to find financial advice if you want new strategies, tips, and insights on saving money, investing, or spending wisely. Often created by industry experts or regular Aussies with some tried-and-tested saving knowledge, you can use personal finance blogs to learn budgeting, business management, retirement planning, and many other things; you can also find blogs on international relations, the stock exchange, and other more complex topics.

Here, we have compiled a list of Australia's best personal finance blogs to help you improve your life and become more financially stable down under. Read on for more information.

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Our Selection of Personal Finance Blogs

Financial Autonomy

Financial Autonomy aims to help you make more intelligent financial choices, so you don’t have to adhere to the daily grind of “eat, sleep, work, repeat”. Whether you want to choose how many hours you work in a week, what age you’ll retire, where to live, or how to make money - there are various types of advice available.

This blog offers helpful information and advice so you can set actionable financial goals, optimize your income and cash flow, develop investment strategies that use real life case studies as insight, and advice on how to start your own business (either part or full time).

Money Magazine

Money Magazine is Australia's longest-running personal finance magazine, featuring easy-to-understand articles, insights, advice, reviews, and more. The magazine was first published in 1999, providing workable and independent financial advice to Australians looking to save money and make wiser investments as they plan for retirement. Since then it has developed into a regularly used online portal for financial advice.

If you are looking for a trusted financial resource with many knowledgeable writers and expert insight, this is the one for you.

Frugal And Thriving

If you want to find a way to live a frugal lifestyle and still get the most out of your life, Frugal and Thriving is a great place to start. This blog, created by Queensland’s Melissa Goodwin, takes a positive approach to saving money as you build rewarding habits that in long term can help you save money. So whether you are looking to save money on groceries, cook delicious food on a budget, or plan your finances properly, Frugal and Thriving is one of the top online resources for all things budgeting.

Aussie Finance Blog

The Aussie Finance Blog is an excellent all-round personal finance blog containing many financial tips, insurance options, real estate advice, investment information, career advice, and more. You’ll also find handy information on how to work more efficiently (at the time of writing, the latest post was titled “What to Wear When You Work at Home”), and get the most of a post-pandemic world.

Based in Sydney, Aussie Finance Blog is a reliable source of information that has been flying the flag for financial advice for a very long time.

Simple Savings

Simple Savings is a personal finance blog with a paid membership scheme, that offers additional articles and advice. This means the blog can be ad-free and makes the reading experience much cleaner. Set up by Fiona Lippey, this blog provides all sorts of information, tips, strategies, printable downloads, and regular updates on how to save money, reduce debt, and plan for the future. In addition, Simple Savings also has a thriving forum where you can access support and share your own money-saving tips with other members of an active online community.

John Treadgold Blog

John Treadgold’s blog is an excellent read for anybody interested in the economy and global finance. John is a researcher and writer specializing in international relations and impact investing, with more than a decade of knowledge in content strategy and economic analysis. The content is denser than other blogs on this list, but you’ll find plenty of engaging and well-written blog posts here.

The Savings Room

The Savings Room is an all-encompassing personal finance blog that focuses on saving money and spending wisely in all areas of your life. The blog provides saving tips for cars, holidays, shopping advice, and how to stretch your money further. Set up by Penina Petersen, who managed to feed her family on a meager $42 per week, The Savings Room is home to more than 40,000 actionable saving tips, so you’ll find something to pique your interest here.

Final Thoughts

These are just a small collection of Australia's top personal finance blogs, covering everything from investment strategies to saving for cars. So if you are looking to increase your wealth or just save money on your weekly grocery bill, you’ll find all the information you need in one of the suggestions above.

Choosing The Best Finance Blogs in Australia

There are a lot of personal finance blogs in Australia, and picking the best of the bunch was no easy feat. We wanted to ensure we had selected the blogs making a real difference, and we did this by considering the following criteria:


These finance blogs have made the cut due to the quality of content available across each blog. Although each blog differs in writing style, aesthetic and subject matter, the quality content shines through and provides useful information for anyone who wants to save money, learn investing or start budgeting.


We have selected these blogs due to the reputation they uphold as money guides. Each blogger has established themselves as experienced and knowledgeable money experts in Australia, making these blogs excellent resources for expats as well.


We wanted to cover a diverse range of topics and interests by providing a range of money/finance blogs. The ones listed in this article are all unique in their own way, offering up different perspectives and experiences depending on their audience.

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