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Whether you are an avid adventurer, sent abroad with work every so often, or simply look forward to jetting off overseas every few years, you still deserve to secure the best foreign exchange rates for your trip. Use our comparison engine to discover the best exchange rate for your travel money.

Updated: 26/01/2022
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Travel Money
On this hub page, you will learn about the considerations needed when organizing travel money before a trip. We will compare banks and specialist money transfer companies for travel. Finally, we provide three money transfer services that you can use on your next trip.
Best Ways to Take Money to the USA
There are numerous options to choose from when taking money abroad, and determining the best ways can be based on several factors, including the exchange rate, how much time is taken to transfer, the security, as well as the amount and the location from where you send your money.  Every country has different guidelines that […]
A Guide to Travellers Cheques
What are travellers cheques? The history of the travellers cheque spans as far back as 1772 when the first of its kind was issued by the London Credit Exchange Company, in the UK. Over the coming centuries the concept became popularised on a global scale, with major banks and financial institutions adopting this form of […]
A Guide to Travel Money Cards
What are travel money cards?  Travel money cards are a popular payment method for individuals headed abroad. Customers will load funds onto the card, using the money as foreign currency when overseas, much like a debit card is used at home. Also known as travel money prepaid cards or currency cards, they facilitate free foreign transactions […]
Travel Money
Cheapest European city breaks on the British government’s exemption list
Vilnius, Lithuania, tops the list ahead of Prague and Krakow as the cheapest city break for Brits looking for a short, European trip to a country that’s safe on the government’s exemption list.
Millennial Guide For Baby Boomers & Generation X
The Boomers Travel Guide Millennial Guide For Baby Boomers and Generation X When we think about travelling, a holiday is one of the top reasons that pop into our heads, but holidays come at a high expense. National research has found that UK residents spent £45.4 billion on visits abroad in 2018. We looked over […]
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