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53 Best Student Discounts in the UK

As a student, one of the best ways to save money when spending is to take advantage of the many student discounts on offer to you. The vast majority of students are on a tight budget - after all, studying full-time doesn’t leave much room to generate an income to cover accommodation, tuition fees, textbooks, and daily living expenses.

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Thankfully, the many student deals on offer do make spending that bit more manageable. Here, we’ve rounded up over 50 of the best student discounts in 2022 available to students in the UK.

Who qualifies for a student discount?

If you are over the age of 16 and are in part-time or full-time further education, you will be eligible for student discounts. Stores with student discounts available will typically require you to have a student card to verify your identity. These cards usually cost around £12 a year.

How do I get a student card?

You may have been automatically issued a student card when you enrolled at the institution you are a student at. However, if you do not already have a card and are considered a student, you should be able to apply for your student card via your institution’s website or via

What student cards are available in the UK?

Many students simply use their university issued student card at stores that offer student discounts. However, another of the most popular student cards is the NUS card (also known as TOTUM), which is issued by the National Union of Students and costs £12 for 12-months.

Other cards and apps available to students include:

  • UniDays discounts (free app)

  • International student identity card (ISIC)

  • 16-25 railcard


From online powerhouses such as ASOS and In The Style, to highstreet staples such as H&M, students can enjoy a wide range of discounts when shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Below are a few of the top student discounts in 2022 available for fashion.


Online fashion powerhouse ASOS offers students 10% off when checking out - the perfect way to score a bargain on a new outfit for going out.

Find out more about the ASOS student discounts on offer.

2. Boohoo

Boohoo is a much loved fashion label amongst students, known for their trend-setting outfits and budget-friendly prices. Depending on the app or website you use, students can find student deals with BooHoo via Student Beans for up to 10% off.

Find out more about BooHoo discounts for students.

3. H&M

H&M gives students a discount of up to 10 - 20% on clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Read more about the H&M student discounts available to you.

4. In The Style

Made popular through reality TV show Love Island and Instagram influencers, online retailer In the Style offers discounts for students of up to 25% off.

More about In The Style student discounts.

5. I Saw It First

Customers shopping from I Saw It First with a student card can get huge discounts of up to 35%! This online retailer is popular for women’s fashion in particular and has a strong presence on Instagram.

Find out more about I Saw It First student deals now.

6. Look Fantastic

A great site for getting all your skincare and beauty products. Look Fantastic offers students up to 22% off all purchases.

Read more about Look Fantastic student discounts online.

7. Missguided

Another popular fashion brand with students. Missguided offers a student discount between 10 - 25% when shopping online.

Read more about the student discounts you can get more Missguided.

8. Urban Outfitters

Students shopping in Urban Outfitters can take advantage of 15% off their shopping via Unidays.

Find out more about Urban Outfitters student deals.

Electronics and Technology

Technology is essential for the vast majority of students to complete their coursework, conduct research, and advance their studies. Many brands in this sector offer student deals on software, electronics, and devices.

9. Adobe

Students (and teachers) can get a 65% discount on the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan, which gives you access to Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premier Pro, and InDesign.

Read more about Adobe student deals.

10. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime can be a great help to students, providing speedy next-day deliveries of essential studying supplies and groceries, whilst the streaming service offers a great supply of films and TV series to catch up on in your downtime.

Amazon Prime currently offers a free 6-month trial to students, followed by 50% off your subscription.

You can find out more about Amazon's student offers on this page.

11. Amazon

Amazon also gives discounts for students on general orders in addition to their Prime deals. Students can get 10 - 20% off orders from the global online retailer.

You can find out more about Amazon's student offers on this page.

12. Apple

Apple needs no real introduction - and many students will already find their MacBook, iPhone, and AirPods invaluable. Apple enables students to save up to 10% off of most Apple products.

Read more about Apple student offers now.

13. Carphone Warehouse

Students can get a £50 voucher off selected purchases from Carphone Warehouse. Carphone Warehouse sells phones and tariffs from a wide range of networks in the UK, so could be a good option if you’re in the market for a new phone.

Find out more about the Carphone Warehouse student deals now.

14. Currys

Currys sell a wide range of laptops, mobile phones, cameras, and other electronics and accessories. Students can get a discount of 10% off in stores and online.

Read more about Currys student discounts here.

15. Dell

Students can get up to 20% off Dell products, such as laptops, desktops, monitors and accessories.

Find out more about Dell's student offers.

16. Microsoft

Microsoft offers student deals of up to 10% off of selected items, from laptops to software that students may find helpful for coursework and assignments.

Read about Microsoft student offers now.

17. Norton

Norton is an anti-virus software product that provides security for your laptop. Considering the amount of time students spend on laptops doing coursework and other studies, protecting your software is an essential investment. Students can get up to 50% off Norton products.

You can read more about how to access Norton student deals here.

18. Samsung

From phones to smart TVs, Samsung sells a wide range of high-quality electronics. Students can get up to 15 - 25% off purchases with the South Korean brand.

Find out more about Samsung's student offers.


Students work hard, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play hard too! The following companies offer great student benefits on accommodation, flights, and other travel-related services.

19. Airbnb

For students wishing to travel between term times, you may want to take advantage of the 20% student discount Airbnb offers.

More about Airbnb student deals and offers.


Expedia is another site where students can get discounts on hotels, receiving up to 12% off bookings at a time.

Read more about Expedia student deals and discounts.

21. Groupon

Groupon has a wide range of deals at all times, but the site promises discounts of up to 70% off for students - although this depends on the deal you are booking.

Groupon student deals and offers can be found here.


Another site with student offers when booking accommodation for a holiday or short breaks is Students can get up to 10% off via this website.

Read more about student offers now.

23. National Express

Students can receive a discount of up to 33% off National Express tickets, which can make all the difference when booking a trip home to visit mum and dad at the weekend.

Read more about National Express offers for students.

24. Travelodge

Travelodge offers students 25% off their stays when booking. The hotel chain has over 560 hotels across the UK and Ireland, so can be a great choice to consider for staycations within the country.

You can find out more about Travelodge student offers here.

25. Safe Store

As one of the largest self storage companies in the UK, students may find the 50% discount Safe Store offer useful when storing furniture and other possessions between term times or to keep your items safe while travelling or studying abroad.

More about Safe Store student offers here.

26. Virgin

Virgin provides student discounts off selected contracts and offers including flights, SIM-only phone contracts, and fibre broadband.

Read more about Virgin student deals and discounts.

Restaurants & Food

With busy study schedules, finding the time to cook at home isn’t always feasible, which is why it’s great to discover which restaurants and takeaway apps offer discounts for students. Here are a few highlights of restaurants and apps where you can get money off your order.

27. Dominos

Perfect for a takeaway after a busy study session (or late night out!) Domino's has a 35% discount for students.

Read more about Dominos student offers.

28. Hello Fresh

Students can get a 40% discount off your first 4 boxes from Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh sends fresh ingredients to your doorstep in meal kits, providing a great way for students to eat healthy with step-by-step recipes.

Read more about Hello Fresh student discounts here.

29. McDonald’s

McDonald’s offers students free selected items such as a free cheeseburger or mayo chicken when purchasing an extra value meal or wrap meal.

Here's where you can grab your McDonald's student discounts.

30. Pizza Express

Students can take advantage of a discount of 30% off their bill with popular high street pizza chain, Pizza Express.

Read more on Pizza Express student deals.

31. Papa Johns

Students can enjoy 33% off orders from Papa John’s Pizza.

Get your Papa John's student discount on their website here.

32. Uber Eats

Great for easy takeaways and restaurant meals delivered to your door, students can get £15 off their order when shopping via Uber Eats.

Read more about Uber Eats student discounts here.

33. Wagamama

Wagamama, a popular Japanese high street restaurant, offers students a 25% discount off the bill.

Find out all about Wagamama student offers and deals available.

34. Yo Sushi

Yo Sushi provides student card holders with a discount of 20% when dining at the restaurant.

Read more about Yo Sushi student discounts here.


Making the most of your downtime is just as important as studying hard. The following student deals are from cinemas, theme parks, and other forms of entertainment available to full-time students at a discounted rate.

36. Alton Towers

Alton Towers is based in Staffordshire, England, incorporating a theme park, water park, three hotels, and more. Students looking for a fun day-trip out of campus can get £20 tickets to visit via the Student Beans website.

Read more about Alton Towers student offers now.

37. Audible

Students may not always have the time to sit down with a good book when there’s countless textbooks and academic studies to read through, but you may be pleased to know that Audible offers 50% off or a free trial on their audiobooks. Perfect company for the walk into campus or a long train ride back home.

Read more about Audible student offers here.

38. Cineworld

Cinema lovers will be happy to discover that Cineworld offers students a 10 - 20% discount off of tickets.

Here's where you can find more about Cineworld student deals.

39. Disney+

With hundreds of films and TV series to dive into, including the entire Marvel collection and Star Wars franchise, students can currently get 15% off an annual subscription to Disney+.

Read more about Disney+ student deals and offers.

40. Odeon

Students can receive 25% off ticket prices at all Odeon Cinemas when using the promo code provided by Student Beans.

Here's where you can find out about Odeon's student deals and offers.


These gyms are all places with student discounts on your membership, be it a daily pass, monthly, or annually.

41. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is another gym with a number of locations across the UK, offering students up to 20% off memberships.

Read more about Anytime Fitness student offers now.

42. First Fitness

Students can get a 50% discount off of monthly memberships at First Fitness, which has over 40 locations across the country.

Read what you need to know about First Fitness student deals and discounts.

43. Pure Gym

Pure Gym provides a 10% discount to students when signing up for a gym membership. Pure Gym has over 300 locations across the country, with most gyms open 24 hours a day - ideal for students with unusual study schedules!

Find out more about Pure Gym student deals.

44. The Gym

The Gym has locations all over the UK, and offers students a 20% discount off of monthly memberships.

Read what you need to know about The Gym student deals and discounts.

Retail stores

The following supermarkets and high-street shops have the best student discount offers for anyone in full-time education in the UK.

45. Asda

Asda don’t offer a set student discount, but do have a range of discounts on offer each week for various items, including food, drink, and clothing. Students can check student discounts websites for voucher codes, or look at the Asda website directly.

Read more about Asda student deals and offers.

46. Boots

Boots offers students a discount of up to 10% when shopping in-store or online. Selling a huge range of cosmetics, skincare, toiletries, and more, Boots is a great store to stock up on those daily essentials as a student.

More about Boots student deals and offers.

47. Benefit

Benefit gives students a 10% discount on their beauty products - as the number one brow brand in the UK, this is a great bargain for stocking up on makeup for nights out.

You can find out more about student offers from Benefit now.

48. The Body Shop

Another high street shop offering student deals on their products is The Body Shop. Students can get up to 15% off when shopping here. The Body Shop sells ethically-made skincare, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Read more about student deals and offers from The Body Shop now.

49. Co-op

Students can get up to 10% off purchases with the Co-op, which may prove useful for saving money on your weekly food shops!

Read more about student deals from the Co-Op now.

50. Hobby Craft

Students with a creative streak may be pleased to learn that you can get a 10% discount on all purchases from Hobby Craft. Hobby Craft sells everything from arts and crafts supplies to baking equipment and decorations.

Read more about Hobby Craft student deals and discounts here.

52. Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett provides students with a 25% discount on all purchases. From nut butters and muesli to organic and vegan beauty products, students can find some great bargains here and also shop more ethically.

More about Holland and Barrett student offers.

53. Iceland

Iceland offers students a 10% discount on all goods - another ideal shop for saving money on your weekly food shopping!

Read more about the deals and discounts found at Iceland.

54. Sainsbury’s

You can get a range of student deals when shopping with Sainsbury’s, from groceries and drinks to clothing and shoes. The discounts vary depending on which items are on offer, so students are best to take a look at what’s on offer each week.

Find out more about Sainsbury's student deals and offers here.

55. Tesco

Students shopping with Tesco can typically find a discount of some sort, although these seem to vary depending on when you look. Discounts vary depending on the item, and can range from 10% to 50%.

Read more about student discounts from Tesco here.

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