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Sending money to Greece is very easy. There are plenty of great money transfer options available to you for in Greece. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a method to send money to Greece, you should be able to find a service which you think is agreeable.

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How to Send Money to Greece

If you’re looking to send money to Greece, here’s how you can get started:

Step 1
Find a trusted provider

Use our comparison table to compare providers so you can see who offers the best all-round service

Step 2
Register your details

Once you’ve chosen your provider, enter a few details and you’ll be signed up in minutes

Step 3
Transfer money

When you’re registered, you’ll be able to start sending money to Greece as soon as you’re ready

What Ways Can I Send and Receive Money in Greece?

You’ll be able to make a money transfer to or from Greece in the following ways.

Sending money
Receiving money

Ways to Send Money to Greece

You can send money to Greece by:

  1. Money transfer provider: The cheapest and quickest way to send money is usually to use a money transfer provider

  2. Direct wire transfer: You’ll also be able to send it directly via wire bank transfer, but this way can take longer and cost more

  3. International money order: You may choose to send an international money order, but these aren’t always available and they often come with limitations

Current Exchange Rates For Greece

The current exchange rate for the Euro (EUR) is 1.000455 EUR per American Dollar (USD) as of the time this was written. The EUR reached a high of 1.0257 EUR per USD and a low of 0.9982 EUR per USD during the last 90 days. The 90-day average exchange rate for the EUR was 1.0082 EUR per USD.

The average volatility rate of the EUR against the USD was 0.26% for the last 90 days. This is a normal volatility rate, and the EUR has been fairly stable for a long time now. You can reasonably expect moderate fluctuations in exchange rates to continue going forward, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

What’s The Fastest Way To Send Money To Greece?

The fastest way to send money to Greece is through Ria Money Transfer’s fast option. With Ria Money Transfer’s fast option, your money should reach its Greek destination in a matter of minutes. Their rates are quite good as well, as sending money through Ria Money Transfer’s fast option is cheaper than using most of their slower competition.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Send Money To Greece?

The cheapest way to send money to Greece is through OFX. OFX is an international currency conversion service which also allows users to send money overseas. OFX doesn’t charge any upfront, stated fees, but they instead charge a small percentage of each transaction. The percentage they charge you depends on how much money you are sending at once.

OFX does carry minimum transaction size requirements, but if used wisely you can save more with OFX. OFX charges you on a sliding scale where the more money you send through them at once, the lower their fees become.

What’s The Easiest Way To Send Money To Greece?

Wise is the easiest way to send money to Greece. With Wise, sending money just takes a few simple steps after your account is all set up. First, you need to tap in the amount of money you want to send. Second, you tap in the money’s destination. After that, all you need to do is pay Wise for the transaction and wait a day or two for your money to reach its Greek destination.

Wise also offers very low rates which can serve as a substitute for OFX if you find minimum transaction size requirements unacceptable.

What’s The Overall Best Way To Send Money To Greece?

The overall best way to send money to Greece is through Wise. Wise provides the best-rounded option of all the companies that send money to Greece. With Wise you can expect an intuitive service and very low rates. Their waiting times could be better at 1-2 days, but this is faster than the majority of the competition, which mostly charges far more than Wise.

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