Post Office Money International Transfer Review

Since 1986 the Post Office has played a pivotal role in connecting people across the UK via their delivery services. When it comes to delivering international payments, customers are always looking for the fastest transfer times, most convenient services, and safest options. In 2015 Post Office Money was launched, and through this umbrella brand, the Post Office offers insurance, banking, travel money, and personal loan services.

In this review, we will be focusing on Post Office International Money Transfers: the exchange rates, fees, payment processes, and everything else you need to know about arranging international remittances through the Post Office.

Post Office Money has a wide branch network benefiting from over 11,638 Post Office branches across the United Kingdom, as well as Western Union’s massive disbursement network of more than 200 countries and territories. Post Office brought Western Union on board in July 2019, as a way to expand their cheap money transfer services to all corporate customers.

Post Office International Money Transfer exchange rates and fees

If you are thinking of making an international money transfer using Post Office Money, we recommend taking the time to compare their exchange rate margins and fees against other companies in order to understand the total cost of your payment.

Exchange rates

With Post Office International Money Transfers, the payment destination will determine the exchange rate spread applied to the transfer. For example, at the time of writing, customers sending £200 to the United States will be charged 2.08% above the mid-market rate, and comparatively, customers sending £200 to Australia will be charged 0.53% above the mid-market rate.

Your currency route will determine the exchange rate spread you are levied. However, for some transfer routes, such as the United Kingdom to Spain, cash pick-ups attract a much higher margin than direct-to-bank transfers.


The fees charged by the Post Office depend on the transfer payment method and how the beneficiary receives the money. For example, at the time of writing, customers sending money to Spain, for cash pick-up, the transfer fee will be£1.90: this is the flat-rate. Sending funds directly to a recipient’s bank account is a fee-free.

Additional costs

Aside from the transaction fees and exchange rate margins, you may also be subject to other fees. For instance, if you pay for your transfer using a credit card, the issuer may charge you a cash advance fee. Your recipient may also be charged bank landing fees and intermediary fees if they choose to have the transfer deposited in their account: check with your bank before making the transfer to avoid surprise charges.

Post Office International Money Transfer pros and cons

Post Office Money provide efficient ways to make international money transfers but before you jump in, there are some pros and cons to consider.


Wide sending and disbursing network: Post Office Money's online network covers 200 countries and territories
Variety of payment and pay-out options: Pay for your transfer using cash, debit or credit card, or bank transfer. Recipients can receive funds via cash pickup, bank deposit or mobile transfer
Quick account signup: Customers report an easy and efficient onboarding process with Western Union
Upfront exchange rates and fees: The rates charged are clearly displayed and customers can decide whether to transfer or wait for a better rate of exchange


No mobile or in-person services: Online only service which can be accessed via the Post Office Money website
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What kind of payments can I make with Post Office International Money Transfer?

Post Office Money has a variety of transfer payment options and pay-out methods you can choose. Here is a breakdown of what’s available.

Payment methods available

You can pay for your transfer using any of the following methods:

  • Bank transfer: Payment can be made directly from your bank account for onward transfer to the recipient

  • Klarna transfer: Payment can be made via bank transfer using Klarna's services

  • Debit/credit card: You can link your card and pay for your transfer this way too

Please note bank transfers can take 1 - 3 working days to be processed: for more information check out guide How Long Do International Bank Transfers Take?

Withdrawal options available

There are two main withdrawal options available for the Post Office Money's online services:

  • Bank deposit: If you choose bank transfer, the funds will be deposited directly into your recipient’s account

  • Mobile transfer: If the recipient you are sending to has access to mobile money services, Post Office Money may be able to send funds directly to their account

How to send and receive money with Post Office International Money Transfer

In this section, we will provide information about how to initiate an international money transfer using this online service.

How to send money with Post Office International Money Transfer

1.Step 1 Sign up for an account
2.Step 2 Choose your transfer destination
3.Step 3 Enter transfer amount
4.Step 4 Choose payment details
5.Step 5 Enter your recipient details
6.Step 6 Review and confirm
7.Step 7 Pay for your transfer
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How to receive money with Post Office International Money Transfer

If you choose bank transfer or mobile transfer as the pay-out method, the recipient is not required to provide any documentation.

1.Step 1 Confirm the reference number
2.Step 2 Collect the money
3.Step 3 Review and sign the receipt

Does Post Office International Money Transfer have a mobile app?

Post Office Money does not currently have a mobile app, however, their platform is optimised for mobile viewing.

How fast is a Post Office International Money Transfer?

Cash pick-ups and mobile transfers are delivered in minutes. Bank transfers, on the other hand, may be delivered the same day but can take 1-2 business days to arrive depending on the destination and intermediaries involved.

Are there maximum and minimum transfer amounts?

The amounts you can send vary depending on the transfer route and pay-out method. Cash transfers usually have lower limits compared to bank transfers. For instance, let's assume you need to send money to the United States and South Africa from the United Kingdom:

  • Sending money to the United States: At the time of writing - July 2021 - customers can transfer a minimum of £1 to a maximum of £8,000 for cash pickup and up to £50,000 for bank transfers

  • Sending money to South Africa: At the time of writing - July 2021 - customers can transfer a minimum of £1 to a maximum of £8,000 through cash pickup

Can I trust Post Office International Money Transfer?

Post Office Limited has had an unrivalled run since its inception in 1987. Bringing together a total of 11,638 branches in its network, there are no high street banks that can match the Post Office for their number of locations in the UK.

Over the years, the Post Office has offered financial products to its customers in conjunction with the Bank of Ireland. However, in January 2015, it decided to launch a new entity called Post Office Money which would take over their financial services.

Here is a look at how the provider has managed to carve a niche for itself, built on the trust and customer loyalty of the Post Office brand.


Post Office Money is the umbrella brand for the UK Post Office Limited which houses all its multi-award-winning financial products. The provider also carries the Post Office’s vision of becoming a major player in the financial services sector.

Leveraging the wide branch network of the Post Office, the provider has positioned its services in convenient locations and high streets across the UK. When it was registered in 2015, Post Office Money onboarded over 3 million customers who had subscribed to the insurance and banking products offered by the Post Office, and a further 9 million from foreign currency trading.

Regulatory compliance

Post Office Money is a registered trademark of Post Office Limited. Customers' personal details are safeguarded by industry-leading technology, with the same high quality security policies, rules and measures in place as used across all Post Office goods and services.

Encryption and customer data

Post Office Ltd and their trusted partners have detailed privacy policies that stipulate how data is collected, stored, and used. Post Office is well known in the market for their strict adherence to customer information privacy. They use advanced SSL technologies to encrypt customer data and browser interactions.

Investors and Awards

Post Office Money is a registered trademark of the Post Office Ltd which in turn is owned by Uk Government Investments. In terms of awards, here are some of the notable achievements the provider has had.

  • Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2020: Post Office Money was shortlisted in the following categories

    • First-Time Mortgage Buyers’ Choice

    • High Street Mortgage Provider of the Year

    • High Street Savings Provider of the Year

    • Online Banking Provider of the Year

  • Personal Finance Awards 2015/6: Post Office Money was the winner in the Best Online Savings Provider, Best Credit Card for Use Abroad, and Best Travel Money Provider categories.

  • Awards 2019: Post Office Money won in the following categories

    • Best Direct Home & Contents Insurance Provider

    • Best Online Life Insurance Provider

    • Best Online Travel Insurance Provider

    • Best Online Car Insurance Provider

    • Best Overall Online Provider

Since Post Office Money Offers more than just international money transfers, its recognition in the financial services industry spans far and wide.

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Can I cancel my transfer?

Yes, you can cancel a transfer if it hasn’t been picked up. For cash pickups, the transfers are delivered in minutes which makes it almost impossible to cancel. If you want to cancel, you should call the Post Office Money customer line on 0800 026 5756.

Top destinations for Post Office International Money Transfers

Post Office Money allows you to transfer funds to more than 200 countries and territories. At the time of writing - July 2021 - the following countries are the top destinations for international money transfers:

Customer support

In case you want to follow up on your transaction or you have any other query, you can always reach the customer support team on the following platforms:


Post Office Money is a registered trademark and financial services umbrella brand under the Post office Ltd: a trusted UK brand with a long history. It was registered in 2015 and immediately took over all the financial services under the Post Office including international money transfer services.

Post Office Money International Money Transfers can be sent to more than 200 countries and territories, and with a variety of transfer payment and pay-out options, customers can choose what’s appropriate for them based on the requirements of their remittance.

One particularly attractive aspect of this international money transfer provider is the wide disbursement network they offer for cash pick-up transfers. Conversely, Post Office Money may not be the ideal provider for customers sending large amounts as the transfer limits vary depending on the destination. For this reason, those transferring large amounts abroad may want to consider other alternatives.

Users can conduct a quick analysis with the help of our money transfer comparison tool, as well as discover whether Post Office International Money Transfer is the right option for their international payment.

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