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Top 15 Charities in Poland

Providing invaluable services to the population of Poland, the work of these vital charities helps improve the wellbeing of the nation. From improving human rights to boosting the education sector, these charities are making an important difference to the country.

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Despite the growth of Poland’s GDP over the last few decades, poverty is still a significant issue across the country and data from 2019 indicates 4.2% of Poles were living in extreme poverty. While the government has launched programs to offer assistance to Polish citizens, it’s the work of the country’s best charities that make a real difference. Many of our customers use our service to send money to Poland for charitable reasons, as well as family.

We have researched Poland’s best charities and called for input from our users, to compile a list of the Top 15 Charities in Poland. These not-for-profit organisations will receive our badge of honour for their extraordinary contribution to the wellbeing of Poland.

Human rights

In Poland, human rights are somewhat restricted with a lack of free expression and assembly. Historically this has led to a great number of protests initiated by those seeking reform: from fighting for women's rights to backing the LGBT free zones ruling. Many Polish charities are working to ensure that human rights issues are heard, to ensure all Poles are granted a dignified, respected and free existence. These charities are also helping those living in poverty acquire housing and a prosperous future.

Amnesty International |

Working to ensure the same human rights are granted to everyone, Amnesty International is an independent organisation fighting for injustice. The key areas Amnesty International focus on are holding companies, authorities and governments to account and educating individuals on their rights. The organisation was founded in 1961 in response to two Portuguese students being jailed for raising a toast to freedom. Their imprisonment was discovered by British lawyer Peter Benenson and Amnesty International was born. Since it began, the charity has expanded globally and now offers essential support to activists around the world.

Habitat for Humanity Poland |

This charity works with impoverished Polish people who are searching for a place to call home. Habitat for Humanity helps to improve housing situations by creating affordable properties, in a bid to reduce homelessness and educate individuals. Since starting the organisation in 1992, Habitat for Humanity Poland has helped people in life-threatening situations, such as refugees and children who have escaped slavery. They have helped 4,000 people so far and built 120 apartments in Poland.

Fundacja dla Polski |

The Foundation of Poland works to improve attitudes among Polish society and has been around for over 25 years, making it one of the longest standing non-profit organisations in Poland. The charity played a significant part in rebuilding and supporting the civic movement in the country. From establishing public institutions to organising new social initiatives, The Foundation of Poland has helped to improve the towns across the country by offering education, culture and social assistance. The organisation works to improve social attitudes by working with both young and old people.

Physical health

Physical health is so important for the wellbeing of the nation yet there is a large percentage of people in Poland who do not have access to adequate physical activity. According to a study from 2014, only 18.5% of adults were actually meeting basic physical activity recommendations outlined by the World Health Organisation (WHO). To combat this, several charities have been set up to ensure physical health is prioritised and helping those suffering with health issues.

Polish Society for Fighting Cystic Fibrosis (PTWM) |

This charity helps those suffering from cystic fibrosis and is one of the oldest non-profit organisations of its kind in the country. PTWM was founded in 1987 to provide assistance to doctors treating the disease as well as parents of children suffering with the condition. The organisation helps patients with their daily lives, assisting with any problems that occur during their battle with the disease.

Synapsis |

Working with those who are autistic, the charity Synapsis aims to provide a better understanding of the condition. With over 30 years of experience, the organisation has worked with communities across Poland on over 498 projects, helping over 4560 children diagnosed with the condition. Synapsis offers professional help to families dealing with the condition, in a bid to lighten the load and help to ensure a good quality of life is guaranteed to all patients.

Podaj Dalej |

This medical foundation works to help those living with various disabilities around the country, ensuring patients enjoy a fulfilling life. Inspired by Doctor Piotr Janaszek, who implemented solutions in rehabilitation, the organisation began in 2004 working with disabled individuals and training them for jobs to create independence and build self confidence. The ultimate objective of the foundation is for patients to be able to live independently in their own homes and motivate them by developing their practical cooperation skills.

Various purposes

There are many non-profit organisations out there who work for a wide range of causes. These hard-working charities find unique and effective ways to raise money to help those suffering in Poland.

Polmaraton Warszawski |

A unique way to raise money for essential causes in Poland, Polmaraton Warszawski facilitates participants who want to run the Warsaw marathon to raise money. The company organises the event and encourages runners to raise money for essential causes such as Premature Parents to Parents Foundation and UNICEF. Funds raised are donated to vital charities around the country.


Ensuring the implementation of widespread, high quality education is crucial for guaranteeing the success of future generations in Poland. There are a number of great charities in the country who are working hard to ensure children in poorer areas still have access to a full education during their formative years. These charities work with children to ensure they have a fulfilling childhood, overseeing their healthy transition into adulthood.

Young Life Europe |

Young Life Europe began in America in 1941 and now works in Poland offering opportunities to children and teens who require safe environments for making new friends and taking part in educational and skill-building activities. Young Life Europe clubs are attended by around 348,000 young people across the globe, working closely with children and young adults from different backgrounds and circumstances to ensure they are enjoying fulfilling and happy lives.

Fundacja Dzieciom (Help on time) |

Established in 1998, this organisation has helped over 39,000 ill and disabled children in Poland. Under the patronage of Zbigniew Religa, this charity raises money for children who require various treatment, surgery or rehabilitation. Over the last two decades, Fundacja Dzieciom have opened several rehabilitation centres in Poland, becoming one of the largest organisations in the nation helping handicapped or unwell children living with various ailments.

Fundacja Nasza Ziemia |

Started in 1994 by Mira Stanisławska-Meysztowicz, this organisation educates Polish citizens on environmental issues. Fundacja Nasza Ziemia translates to Our Earth in English, an appropriate name for a charity working hard to protect the environment. The foundation has successfully launched a number of projects including the ‘Clean Up The World’ campaign and ‘My Strong Tree’: the latter of which saw the planting of more than 2 million trees. This eco-conscious organisation educates individuals on subjects related to sustainable development, to promote a healthier, greener future for Poland.

Zywiecka Fundacja Rozwoju |

This non-profit organisation was started in 2006 by Gabriela Gibas-Psuturi and works to improve the life of residents in the city of Żywiec and Żywiecczyzna. From helping to educate individuals on subjects such as creativity and health, the organisation runs a number of programs which boost professional and social development among communities The organisation’s core mission is to ensure the development and education of all residents.

Kresy Siberia Virtual Museum |

Started back in 2001 by Stefan Wisniowski, this virtual museum began life as an internet forum. Since then, the Kresy Siberia Virtual Museum has gone on to preserve various collections including the work of different historians and research institutes around the world. The foundation helps to teach children and young adults all about the history of Kresy provinces. This organisation has also managed to collect archived information, enticing 700 yearly members from around the world.

Fundacja Robinson|

This foundation helps young people in care access a thorough, well-rounded education, enabling them to develop the skills required to lead a fulfilling and independent life. The Fubdacja Robinson foundation works with youths from a range of different backgrounds, educating them on areas of economic and social independence to help them in the future.

Wildlife conservation

Poland boasts an array of wildlife so it is no surprise that there are a number of charities who help to protect various Polish fauna. From ensuring the survival of environments important to the local ecosystem to educating future generations on local wildlife, these charities go to extraordinary lengths to ensure nature conservation.

Fundacja Dziedzictwo Przyrodnicze |

The organisation focuses on preserving and promoting Polish wildlife such as wolves, lynxes and bears. As a team of naturalists and foresters, FDP work hard together with Ukraine and Slovakia to preserve natural areas popular with native animals. They also help to protect the most extinct animals in Poland, conducting interventions when and where necessary.

Stowarzyszenie Masurian Lakes Legacy |

Created to protect the Land of Great Masurian Lakes, this organisation works to highlight the natural beauty of Polish landscapes for tourist, cultural and natural values. They organise sporting events and offer training projects. The organisation also works to protect the plants and animals who live in this area of Poland. The team works hard to connect nations associated with the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes to ensure it remains a unique landscape quintessentially associated with Poland.

Choosing the best charities in Poland

These charities have achieved amazing accomplishments, working hard to maintain a better quality of life in Poland. Each charity deservedly qualifies for our Top 15 Charities in Poland badge due to their commitment and drive and the significant impact they have had on the lives of people in Poland. Every organisation in this list offers an essential service in some capacity, albeit related to the health system, the education system, the ecosystem and human rights.

Our list was compiled by considering various criteria which included the impact on the area, the philanthropic responsibility and the difference each charity has made to communities in Poland.

As a company, we respect and support the organisation mentioned in our Top 15 Charities in Poland and we value the life-changing work they are committed to on a daily basis. We highly recommend you check out the ground-breaking work carried out by each charity.

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