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Money Transfer Provider Rates Feb 2020

Mid-Market Rates

Currency PairRate Date of Collection
GBP to USD1.288928/02/20
GBP to EUR1.168628/02/20
GBP to USD1.282001.03.2020
GBP to EUR1.162901.03.2020
GBP to USD1.277103.03.2020
GBP to EUR1.149103.03.2020

Provider Rates

BankCurrency PairAmountMarginFeeRateLast Updated
Lloyds BankGBP -> USD10,0003.47%£9.501.232803.03.2020
NatWestGBP -> USD10,0002.32%£23.501.252316201.03.2020
Barclays UKGBP -> USD10,0002.75%£01.253528.02.2020
HSBC BankGBP -> USD10,0003.52%£01.23699701.03.2020
XEGBP -> USD10,0000.88%£01.2659503.03.2020
Jonathan Merry

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