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Having operated for over 250 years, Lloyds is one of the “Big 4” banks in the UK, and also available to EU customers. Renowned for being a major player in the global currency market, we want to dissect how well the Lloyds Bank mobile app performs international money transfers and other global transactions.

Updated: 06/10/2021
Read time: 3 minutes
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What is the Lloyds Bank app?

Lloyds is a long-standing high street staple in the UK banking world and in order to keep up with the rapid digitalisation of traditional bank services, the company has developed a secure mobile application for its customer base of over 10 million people. 

As with the Lloyds Internet Banking platform, the mobile app can be used to pay bills, send money transfers to contacts, deposit cheques online, move money between accounts, set up and manage direct debits or standing orders, as well as useful account management services like updating contact details or resetting PIN number.

How do I get the Lloyds Bank app?

The Lloyds Bank app is compatible with all recent versions of iOS or Android devices. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or App Store. 

As a product of Lloyds Bank, existing customers can set up the mobile app using the same details used for their Internet Banking. Biometric technology such as facial and fingerprint recognition is used to guarantee total safety during the login process. 

Can I make international transfers with the Lloyds Bank app?

Yes, the Lloyds Bank app facilitates overseas payments in more than 30 foreign currencies. Plus, as a UK based bank, Lloyds customers can take advantage of fast, fee-free Euro transfers within the SEPA zone.

Although it is possible to make international transfers through this banking app, it is important to fully understand the various bank transfer fees that will be added to all foreign exchange transfers arranged through Lloyds Bank: find out more about the bank’s fee structure here.

How does the Lloyds Bank app perform?

We will now take a look at how the Lloyds Bank app performs, to find out if it is a worthy competitor of the leading money transfer apps.

User interface: the formatting is largely similar to the Internet Banking, green and white design with clearly displayed prompts, familiar enough for customers to easily navigate. It is very secure due to multiple layers of security: fingerprint and facial recognition, time-out screen settings, requests for PIN number and memorable data, as well as sophisticated encryption. 

Speed and bugs: according to user feedback online, any bugs encountered by customers are quickly fixed and the software improved upon. From our testing, this app functions quickly and efficiently, without any glitches.

How to Send Money with the Lloyds Bank App

Once you have downloaded the app and registered/logged into your account, follow these 3 steps to send money quickly and securely with Lloyds Bank:

Step 1. Log into your Lloyds account using the credentials used during registration; click on Make a Transfer once logged in

Step 2. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and select the account from which the funds should be transferred

Step 3. Enter the recipient’s account details, being careful to ensure the information is correct; clicking Transfer once complete

How long does it take to send through the Lloyds Bank app?

  • SEPA Direct Debit transfers: within the same working day (unless it is a public holiday in either sending or receiving countries) 
  • Euro transfers to countries within the EEA: within 1 working day
  • Non-Euro transfers to countries within the EEA: within 4 working days
  • Any currency to North America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and the Far East: within 4 working days
  • Any currency to any other country: within 14 working days

Can you add money directly to the Lloyds Bank App?

As a mobile banking app, users will have full access to funds held in their Lloyds Bank account(s). 

Ratings and Feedback for the Lloyds Bank app

Android users have rated the Lloyds Bank app 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 over on the Google Play Store; and iPhone owners have given it 4.8 stars, indicating this mobile app is reliable and convenient across all devices.


Designed as a dependable and convenient banking app for existing Lloyds customers, this is a great digital platform for managing everyday finances. We would not specifically recommend this app for the purpose of sending money internationally, however, as the bank cannot guarantee competitive exchange rates, transfer fees or delivery speeds. Fear not, there are plenty of online alternatives for customers looking to make instant international money transfers: head over to our companies page to browse our range of reviews of the leading international money transfer providers.

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